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Saturday, March 17, 2018

“The case of the prosecutorial areas” require to make an example of

Senior prosecutors are owners of elite suburban areas, inherited them for free from the land belonging to the defense Ministry. At least these are the materials of the case, which is investigating now, coincidentally, just after the Prosecutor’s office. Experts require to make this process as “exemplary”.

At the moment, both authorities – Transactions and prosecution will not officially comment on the circumstances “of the Krasnogorsk things,” but editorials in the media already are full of details obtained from “reliable sources” who asked from time to time to remain anonymous.

“The process you need to make a demonstration, to continue this not occurred”

In particular, as reported by RIA “Novosti”, the decision GVSU (Main military investigation Department) refer the matter under the control of the Prosecutor General is due to the fact that among the owners of land, illegally cut from the “lands of defense and security,” including current and retired high-ranking officials of the Main military Prosecutor’s office. Therefore, the investigators rightly fear that if the investigation will deal with representatives of this Department will inevitably arise a “conflict of interests” (it should be noted that high-ranking owners of the suburban land is held in the case only as witnesses).

A conflict, according to the investigation the invoice is for what. Thus, in 2006-2009 the unknown on the basis of false documents expanded the territory of SNT Ivushka almost 20 hectares of land being in the Federal property. After that one was given its own SNT “Estate” whose members were the 95 people who received plots of 20 acres. And this land, again with the help of fictitious papers were received these people for free, although its market value is about 400 million rubles. To survive the territories of the newly minted masters started to cut wood, thereby inflicting area damage, estimated at 35 million rubles.

It is very interesting on this background, according to information TASS, it is the position of the former head of the Krasnogorsk district, at the time, signed the resolution on the issuance of documents granting the right of ownership passed into private hands the lands of the defense Ministry. According to him, he was just “misled”.

“To be honest, that wording makes me wonder. As a man occupying such a responsible position, could not understand the papers he was given? he shared his vision of the situation with the newspaper LOOK the head of information-analytical Department of the Russian ecological party “Green” Alexander Astavin. – I understand that the felled trees did not return, but unlawfully taken from state land to return just need. Despite the fact that they already built some buildings. Do not be afraid to endure, must be a precedent, shows an example of resolute action to restore law to continue to teach it to anyone to do such a thing. I know that similar problems exist in the Irkutsk region, Transbaikalia, Krasnoyarsk Krai, but if this process will begin with the suburbs, it will be symbolic because it is the center of the country. And the perpetrators should certainly be punished to the fullest extent of the law, because in society there is a demand for social justice.”

In turn, in conversation with the correspondent of the newspaper LOOK Deputy Chairman of the Commission on public control, Public chamber of Dmitry Galochkin believes that “KRASNOGORSKOE business” was started it is now in the framework of the state anti-corruption:

“It is no accident Vladimir Putin acknowledged that corruption is one of the main dangers facing our society. And these words of the President were said not just as they apply to everyone, responsible people in their places are obliged to combat this scourge. I know what’s up regarding SNT Usadba. I think that those responsible, which caused serious damage to the state, should be punished to the fullest extent of the law, despite of ranks and regalia. This process is necessary to make a demonstration, to continue this not occurred. In the first place – because our citizens want justice”.

The situation in the Krasnogorsk district, in General, characteristic of suburbs. So, in the summer and autumn of 2012 led by Anatoly Serdyukov, the defence Ministry has put on sale approximately 800 hectares located in the area subordinated to the forest. According to the information RAPSI, in 2011-2012, more than 144 hectares of forests were illegally sold companies “Promresurs” and “Partner-capital”. Subsequently, the city military Prosecutor has filed three lawsuits on the recognition of these transactions in excess of 2.5 billion roubles was illegal. In the end, the Supreme court in dismissing the respective appeal, confirmed the illegality of the transaction.


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