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Friday, January 19, 2018

The ban of the Russian payment systems — another political PR Poroshenko

Unpleasant financial news for Ukrainian migrants and migrant workers. Wednesday 19 October, Ukraine has banned the Russian payment systems, through which was carried out quick transfer of money in the Square. The corresponding decree was signed by Poroshenko.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

In expert community, this step is regarded as the ongoing war of sanctions. In Kiev have long wanted to introduce a visa regime between the two countries. But not yet solved. But to prohibit the transfer at preferential rates of money from Russia much easier. As the saying goes, by hook or by crook.

This measure, of course, will strike first of all on the Ukrainian migrant workers and their families. If they had no problem sending earned money in Russia at any convenient time, now will be forced to seek opportunity or to go personally .

According to the Central Bank, the volume of cash transferred from Russia to Ukraine in 2015 amounted to almost a trillion dollars, and if, 988 million. Believe it or not, but from there to Russia, remittances flowing! During the same period — less than 5 times.

– I don’t know how I’m supposed to be, says a visitor from Donetsk (the).- I sent money once or twice in a month via “Unistream”, a lot of them in Moscow, convenient. However, in Donetsk is not always the site worked, and the queue is huge, there are such points of times-two and obchelsya. Just first call relatives, they learned whether their “Unistream”… But now to send money and did not work.

For comments, we turned to the Director of the Institute of contemporary economy of the Russian Federation Nikita Isaev.

– I don’t think this ban, any serious impact on remittances from Russia to Ukraine,- the expert believes.- First, all these payment system, though “spin” and promoted by our authorities, but they do not work even in many Russian shops. Wedge light they are not converged quite enough, alternative payment systems, first international. By the way, on these channels, primarily, and send money to our Ukrainian brothers. As individuals and businesses. President Poroshenko, by signing his decree, most likely understood this. Just once again went for populist measures, “raised wave” reminded the world about the confrontation between Moscow and Kiev.

And we are with you especially should trust the information that pours from our TV screens about the profound contradictions between our countries. We are not so delimited, is still quite a business relationship. And I hope that they will develop and strengthen.

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