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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Teenage pimples is recognized by the symptom of centenarians

Skin problems in his youth indicates future longevity. An interesting experiment to test the hypothesis of dermatologists on the communication of acne (acne) in adolescence and total duration of human life conducted by scientists at king’s College, London.

photo: pixabay.com

For the study dermatologist Simon Ribero colleagues used a British database on 1205 women twins. They were questioned. 293 ladies lived to a ripe old age, remembered that in his youth had troubled skin. Scientists took blood from these subjects and have the same number of women, who had young problems with acne. The purpose of the analysis was to test the length of telomeres – the end parts of chromosomes responsible for cell division. If the telomeres are longer, then longer and the life of cells, and the life of their owner. Telomeres of leukocytes of the representatives of the first group (suffering from acne) was indeed much longer than the control group, which allowed scientists to conclude the relationship youth issues with longevity.

Review of candidate of biological Sciences, leading researcher of the biological faculty of Moscow state University. Maxim SKULACHEV Lomonosov:

– At first glance it seems that the work is done with good statistical tricks (for example, among the control group was women who did not remember, they suffered from acne in his youth or not). Besides, I wonder why, studying the features of the skin of the patients, experts took on the analysis blood cells, not the skin… on the other hand, experience shows that doctors (and the impetus for this study served precisely the belief of dermatologists) are good predictors of empirically the versions that are often confirmed. There is also in reference to the work of American scientists, have noticed at the time, the relationship of acne with skin cancer (cancer cells have an Association with long telomeres). In General, the authors are right that the relationship of acne and life expectancy is not proven, this assumption requires more research.


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