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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Rogozin and aircraft market with the bureaucratic face of the aviation industry will not save

“We will no longer support the policy of encouraging the purchase of foreign aircraft, if such aircraft can be produced in Russia”, — said Tuesday the Vice-Premier Dmitry Rogozin at a meeting at the industrial complex “MiG”.

If he said the same thing 15-20 years ago, many aircraft manufacturers with delight directly into this meeting, fell to the ground and kissed his Deputy Prime Minister. But today, I think enthusiasm was less…

No, who argues that the words good, right. Late.

Will not buy in the West, if “this kind of aircraft can be produced in Russia”. But the fact of the matter is that in Russia “such aircraft” are no longer manufactured. We fully resets its aviation industry. We have been in the production of Il-96. Its production was stopped. Tu-204 — also do not do, Tu-214 was useless. Tu-334 — his production was even mastered — was abandoned in favor of “Superjet”, which at that time was only in the drawings. Now one with great exertion do.

With the copper in the voice at any convenient and inconvenient case of spoken beautiful words about Russia — great aviation power, forgetting that “great aircraft” can only be considered a power, which is building a large wide-body Airliners, not single rivet regional airplanes.

The reality of our aviation industry is that until the orders of the Supreme — all Russian airlines should fly only aeroplanes! — nothing will change, and money for specific projects of the aviation industry will not go. And if I had, and these projects received real state support, then it would, you see, and there was a demand for domestic aircraft.

But such orders from the Supreme, I think today wait no longer: time has changed. Such an order is not a market mechanism. The Soviet aviation industry for a long time in the past, and the conditions in the Russian aviation industry somehow, but still dictates the market. However, the market is a kind of national characteristics, I would say: a market with a bureaucratic face.

The picture is roughly this: your aircraft is our “great aviation power” makes the piece, and only regional, so basically the whole fleet has to buy abroad (what’s wrong with the market?). However, 10% of each transaction goes to whom? Mediator. A broker who? The Russian official. And while this “market” our officials will be beneficial, nothing in these “market” arrangements will not change.

In addition, there is another objective problem: Russia, having refused from own production of civil aircraft, practically turned into a raw materials appendage to the global aviation industry. Today, we have had very close contacts with American “Boeing” and European “Airbus”. And so dense that no sanctions, about which so much screaming Barack Obama, they are hardly touched.

For Boeing, as before, we deliver your titanium and aircraft aluminium. Is it bad? No, of course. Accordingly, the “Boeing” Russia has already ordered his new aircraft which the Americans are going to be done by 2018. First, 32 pieces, then another and another… Made pre-orders and buying a new “Airbus”. And we are not talking about a piece purchases, even about tens and hundreds of vehicles.

While these orders hung in the air. About them and the West, and our officials are silent: we have to wait… And there, staring, for the years 2018-2019 and sanctions will resolve.

Surely dissolve. But together with the Russian aviation industry. Finally. After this time, the production of wide-body aircraft Russia will certainly not have time to set up and to fly on something we need. Like it or not, the liners will have to buy in the West.

And nobody can accuse for failure to fulfill their promises Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, who today so angrily declares: “We will no longer support the policy of encouraging the purchase of foreign aircraft, if such aircraft can be produced in Russia”.

Right. Case this will not happen for a long time.

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