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Monday, March 19, 2018

Institute of physics of the atmosphere: we are a “ball” does not spin

Weather once again validates the Russians on strength. If before repeatedly beating temperature records, now it came to atmospheric pressure. On Saturday it will be extraordinary, above normal (normal) by as much as 18 mm Hg.

photo: pixabay.com

Already heard the recommendations of doctors on how to behave and meteodependent people suffering from cardio-vascular diseases, how to protect yourself from the next “record” older… But this will agree, is a consequence.

And the reason? Why, since 1975, it was not such high pressure, but today — please?…

Older people remember that in those ancient times, in the school years wonderful, normal atmospheric pressure was considered to be 760 mm Hg. Winter was then winter, summer and summer — in calendar, among other things, terms. And snowdrops bloomed in April and not before.

In recent years, is considered to be normal atmospheric pressure of 750 mm Where 10 mm Hg? And not because we have the weather doesn’t get any, now even Indian summer was not?

Alexander Galich is a song about the painter, the stokers and the theory of relativity. Back in the 60s, he wrote that “this vermin-physics-a bet spins the ball the opposite”

So everything is okay with our ball, that is the Earth? To this question we asked the Deputy Director of the Institute of atmospheric physics of RAS, Professor, doctor of physico-mathematical Sciences Sergey Kulichkova.

Better harsh but true. Hyped or not?

– Any anomalies does not occur,- he said.- 760 mm or 750 – all to a certain extent conditional concepts. And atmospheric pressure on these values it decreases with the cyclones, it increases in the anticyclone.

– But Galich sang that the pole shift that snow in the Sahara a great deal… you Know, poets are sometimes prophets akin to Nostradamus…

– Galich wrote a lot of things. Go global climatic changes on the planet increases the average temperature.

– Readers ask: will this lead to the end of the world?

The end of the world when the Angels will play their trumpets…

– And when?

– This question is certainly not to our Institute for physics of the atmosphere!


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