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Thursday, March 15, 2018

In the new film Alla Surikova starred a 9-year-old daughter of Alexander Abdulov

The Director Alla Surikova anniversary on 6 November. But she was far from superstition and not afraid to note the date of the circular in advance. It happened in Tula in the days of the XVII festival “smile, Russia!” (in Tula it is held for the fifth time). Surikov — its President.

photo: Boris Kremer

From Alla ilinichny has a theory: “Normal people are born at the beginning of the year and then the whole year is celebrated an anniversary. I was born in November. But I want to walk in jubilees longer. So we decided to hold a recital during the festival”. Called it “a little More”. Came on stage at the concert dress and sports trousers and casual shoes. In one hand – a radio for communication with staff, in the other a pen to sign the documents right during the evening, and a glass of brandy. Her master was George Danelia. His book “Totemy drink to the bottom” Alla Ilinichna loves to read. On their own tonight and she was testoval, and its guests raised their glasses. And the celebrant poured the brandy performing in her honor. Someone pretended to drink, because the performance, and someone drank to the bottom. For starters Surikov baked signature cookies “Buriki”. In General, came to Tula with his samovar, and all were treated and recalled how prepared a “Buriki” for the Minister of foreign Affairs Sergei Lavrov, to help him “to fight for the prestige of the country”.

photo: Boris Kremer

Emmanuel Vitorgan sang for the hero of the day, together with his wife Irina, who felt on stage so freely, as if his whole life has been conducted on. “Your warmth will long remain in our bodies!” commented on your output and consumption of cognac “most charismatic entertainer” and owner of the mysterious smile. This title assigned to the senior Vitorgan at the festival. Mikhail politseymako recalled his first meeting with Alla Surikova on the set of her movie “the Man from Boulevard des Capucines”, which starred his father Semyon Farada. Himself Mike was then 10 years old. Next year this iconic painting will be 30.

Alla Surikov was born in Kiev. There are the graves of her ancestors. And one of the three men of hero of the day was a true Ukrainian. She said and spoke the Ukrainian language. Tula came to congratulate her daughter Kira. In Moscow, they are rare, often talking on the phone.

On the evening of Alla Surikova showed a snippet of her new movie “Love and sax”. Working on it for a long time. The first time almost started, and after four days it turned out that the investor was scared of something. Had to stop the process. Then the sponsor came out of the bushes, says Surikov, he was ready to work, but the actor — famous saxophonist — has taken another Director. Had to look for a new sax.

In the end, the main role was played by Maxim Averin, and does not know. In Tula, he received the prize “For contribution to the sense of humour of the country” and the title of conqueror of hearts, whose smile is able to disarm anyone. But in the new film he played a musician with no existing fate, who gave the tribute to the alcohol. He has a natural nature, so that some actions lead to conflict. The main female role of the harpist in the Symphony orchestra went to Ekaterina Klimova. When Alla Surikova filming the movie “go to prison” in Holland, where prisoners live in much better conditions than many of our compatriots. In the film “Love and sax” we will see a native jail. There’s the hero Maxim Averin will perform pieces by George Gershwin on the comb. Attracted to business and professional — the saxophonist Veronica Kozhucharova. She made a special trip to Tula to speak at the creative evening of Alla Surikova. One of the roles in the film played by nine-year-old daughter of Alexander Abdulov — Jack. She is a very pretty girl and like daddy, which Surikov loved and was filmed. But Nicholas Trumpeter Alla Ilinichna was forced to drink a bucket of water, replaced on the screen vodka, and eat 2 kg of fat. The trumpeter said: “I am Ukrainian, but after the shoot I hated this product.”

Showed Surikov and the short film “the Queen”. At the time, the producers put her “under the bed”. The heroine of Maria Mironova makes herself presentable while going through the city, right behind the wheel of a car. “I made this film myself. When I go to work, to meet with men, wear makeup behind the wheel” – said Alla Surikova. But the producers have Surikova eternal “Roman”. One of them said to her, “so what am I a filmmaker? I have 9 years of education. And anyway, I traded bananas”. But Alla Ilinichna to any person will find the approach. Her students prefer a three-minute film of his master “Lady Hamilton,” where the young and Groovy Nikolai Karachentsov dancing and singing. As you say she Surikov, under this movie is good to eat and drink, you five times to scroll.

If your signature cookie she called “Buriki”, her dog Avairos bears the name of the hostess on the contrary. It is only necessary to read her name at the end. Whatever did not sign it at the Tul the evening, replied to the Manifesto of the festival, which recorded: “a Day without smile is a day wasted”. The second key word for Surikova — love. She declared a personal creative Manifesto: “I always take about love. My films about love and human dignity. It is important that the audience came out after the session with a smile.”


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