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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Former deputies hinted at the possibility of staying in the state Duma

Vyacheslav Volodin “extends the hand of friendship of the socialist party and the Communist party.” So the scientists took the statement of the Chairman of the state Duma, who suggested that the chamber may receive a new position – the advisers to the leaders of Duma factions. What would be of particular importance this office and who would it occupy?

In the state Duma there can be a new post – advisers to the leaders of Duma factions, confirmed on Tuesday, Duma speaker Vyacheslav Volodin, noting that funding in this regard will not increase.

“The CPRF and SR are the biggest problem. The people who really kept the party has not got to the Duma”

According to the speaker, such a proposal was voiced at the meeting with the President – it was that of faction must be the position of adviser to the head. “As a rule, is a former member, a person occupying a status position as an expert, a professional in this or that issue,” Volodin quoted by RIA “Novosti”.

“It is not improbable, we are working in this direction. In order to to solve this issue, you need to finish optimization of the committees of the State Duma, because the decisions on many of the committees accepted and they started work. Along with this you know that there is a procedure for the Association of offices of committees, and it is due to the released resources, it is possible to solve this problem”, – said Volodin.

As previously reported, still in the state Duma were a little less than a thousand people, including the staff of the Duma factions and deputies ‘ assistants. But after the elections on September 18 by the decision of the new leadership of the chamber began an active transformation of the apparatus. In particular, merge two key Committee on constitutional legislation and state building, which was previously headed by Vladimir Pligin, and the criminal law Committee, which still directs Pavel Krasheninnikov. Thanks to such measures the number of apparatus can be reduced, and free up financial resources diverted to other tasks within the framework of the previous budget.

“If it introduced such a norm that the leaders of the factions will get a quota of five counselors or assistants,” suggested followed Volodin, the leader eserov Sergey Mironov, assuming that these positions can occupy the former deputies of the state Duma.

“Many of my colleagues have not received, unfortunately, the mandate of the Deputy of the state Duma again. Experienced, competent statesmen. I think you need to use the potential of such people,” – Mironov said, mentioning, for example, ex-Deputy Victor Shudegov. “I like this person could use as an Advisor or instructor for education and science, who would work on bills. The same social, international destinations. There are very experienced people, such as Alexander Romanovich. Why would I not take his adviser or assistant on international Affairs” – quoted Mironov TASS.

The head of “Political expert group” Konstantin Kalachev considers that the advisors will help the leaders of the factions to strengthen their positions. According to him, the right to use the experience, skills, abilities of a number of people who have the most direct attitude to the party, but did not get into the Duma. For example, for the “United Russia”, including advisers, in principle, would, in his opinion, to become Vladimir Pligin and Alexander Khinshtein. If the first was the work of a Committee (on legislation and state construction), the second could be useful in building relations with faction media.

Kalachev did not exclude that for the post of advisors could start a fight. First of all we are talking about just Russia and the Communists, whose fraction decreased sharply after the election.

“Vadim Solovyov (Communist party) – a very reputable and respected person, he may well find himself as the Advisor to the head of the faction. The CPRF and SR are the biggest problem. The people who really kept the party has not got to the Duma – said Kalachev the newspaper VIEW, adding: – Vyacheslav Volodin thus holds out the hand of friendship to the Communist party and CP who need such advisers.”

The former head of the Committee of the lower house of the state building Vladimir Pligin has refused to speak with the newspaper VIEW about his chances to become the Advisor to the head of the faction. But former state Duma Deputy from the Communist party Vadim Solovyov in conversation with the newspaper OPINION recognized that used to work there, where the “direct party”, so I agreed to be the Advisor to the leader of fraction Gennady Zyuganov. “If I am offered the position, I will work and try to put all your knowledge and experience,” – said Solovyov.

The former MP explained that the head of the faction receives a significant amount of information, including legal. “I could take some work to process this information, to prepare relevant proposals, projects that the leader can make decisions,” he said, Recalling that together with the lawyers of the party in the past he processed this information. Recall, the factions in the state Duma have four parties. For the Federal circuit the five-percent barrier overcome the “United Russia”, KPRF, LDPR and “Fair Russia”.

Speaking on the results of Duma Council, Volodin also urged to wait until Thursday, when asked to declare the main candidate on a post of the head of the state Duma apparatus. He said this on the results of Duma Council, answering the question of whether to head the Tatiana Voronova or Timur Prokopenko from the presidential administration. Before that, Volodin said that the Duma will discuss the issue of financial responsibility of deputies for absenteeism.


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