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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Expert: Mosul can be taken to the American elections

Launched on Monday large-scale attack on held by the group “Islamic state” (a terrorist organization banned in Russia) the Iraqi city of Mosul, advancing forces took a pause to coordinate the various groups. But overall, despite the current loss, the mood on the attacking side looks optimistic.

photo: youtube.com

The representative of the US-led anti-terrorist coalition Colonel John Dorrian said in turn that the operation goes according to plan and that Iraqi forces had reached “brilliant progress”: “Troops are moving in various directions to the city. Some commanders performed their tasks ahead of schedule, he met with little resistance.” If somewhere coming really met serious resistance to the jihadists, in other places they had to face attacks by suicide bombers.

According to the leader of Iraqi Kurdistan Massoud Barzani, the Kurdish forces by the end of Monday I managed to win about 200 sq km But it is estimated that the operation to liberate Mosul from is militants could last a long time – from several weeks to several months.

In the attack on Mosul attended by Iraqi government forces and the formation of the Iraqi Kurds, a different kind of militia (represented there and the Sunni tribes and Shia militia). Support operations provide air Americans (present in Iraq and a contingent of American ground forces, which technically are called to help the Iraqi military to support them). It is reported that the number of the advancing forces is more than 25 thousand people. The forces of ISIS in the Mosul area is estimated at 6 thousand soldiers.

“This battle is going bloody confrontation in the city full of bombs, burning oil fields and a network of tunnels,” predicts channel “al Arabiya”, referring to the absence of the element of surprise in the operation to retake Mosul and a high level of preparedness of all parties (including ISIS). Talk about the liberation of Iraq began last spring, when President Obama told si-bi-es that hoped that by the end of CBS will create the conditions for the fall of Mosul.

– At the moment, all taking part in the offensive power quite competently drawn, – says “MK” military expert Anton Mardas. To the East are the Kurds, Iraqi Turkmen, the East is are the Iraqi police in Ninawa province and the 9th Iraqi division. Coming up from the South, Iraqi government forces, the Federal police. North also operates the Kurdish “Peshmerga”.The West is still bare. And it should be borne in mind that the militants “Islamic state” is not concentrated only in Mosul, as thousands of Islamists are walking around Iraq in small groups attacking the enemy. Of course, between participating in offensive forces, there are certain differences. However, I believe that November 8 – that is, to the American presidential elections – will reach Mosul and maybe there will hoist the winning flag. But even if Mosul is freed, that’s when the fun begins: the carve-up and disputes who will control the city’s oil fields.

According to the expert, the Americans have made another very “proper thing”: on the part of Shiite militias into the coming from the South government army to avoid ethnic cleansing. Indeed, human rights organizations, have expressed concerns that the drop in the area populated mainly by Sunnis of Mosul could lead to acts of retaliation by Shiite fighters. In particular, Amnesty International called on Iraqi authorities to prevent Shiite militias in this city, warning that the Baghdad government will be responsible for the activities of these militias. And the Americans do not rule out that holding the city, the militants of the “Islamic state” can use civilians as “human shields” to protect from air strikes. The UN suggests in turn that the humanitarian consequences of the operation to liberate Mosul may affect up to 1.2 million people.

Recall that Mosul, the second largest city of Iraq, was captured by ISIL in 2014. Perhaps this was the event that had drawn attention of all world media on this jihadist group operating in Syria.

Watch the video on “Iraq in the night began the assault on Mosul by the terrorists of ISIS”



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