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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Conscripts will check all vaccinations

October 19, in edition “MK” held an online conference of the military Commissioner of Moscow Victor Shepilova, military Prosecutor of the 231 military Prosecutor Sergei Luskan and the head of the second division of the Moscow city military Prosecutor (MGVP) Alexander Pavlov. The questions our guests asked readers. A “MK” talked to them about the draft campaign, its trends and characteristics.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Victor Shipilov.

As told Victor Shipilov, 42% of recruits have already passed all the necessary arrangements and just October 19 became the first send to the troops. The Commissar said that this time the health of recruits is given unprecedented attention.

In particular, before sending it to service, each recruit will be made all the necessary vaccinations. The vaccine is in full, so long as you do not put vaccinated, recruit to the service will not leave, — assured Victor Shipilov, noting that with the exception of those who refuses to get vaccinated.

Alexander Pavlov noted that in the MGVP, which is controlled by the progress of the recruiting campaign, already found an interesting new trend:

For the first time a guys ask you to send them to serve far from Moscow. I want to get to the far East, in Crimea, the Kaliningrad region, he said, suggesting that therefore young people seem to sell their thirst of knowledge.

Another, but the steady trend noted and Sergey Luskan:

— In 2011, started to operate our Prosecutor’s office of garrison, which oversees including the activities of the military Commissariat of Moscow. And I will give the following statistics: in 2011 we received over 400 different cases associated with a call, in 2012, there were 238, and since the beginning of this, 2016 we received only 69 cases. In particular, the results of the spring draft, we have not received any treatment associated with the so-called raids and sweeps — when the police came with guns, and then the call took place in one day. Now such military actions to ensure the plan of an appeal is reduced to zero.

According to Luskan, the capital is in principle no problem with providing recruitment plan: list of military call 8 thousand Muscovites, but the troops will receive about 6 thousand. Besides, the “terms of service has changed — the state of law and order in the army is satisfactory, the soldiers are now focused on execution of combat tasks, that is engaged in a real man’s job. The number of people willing to serve increases.”

Our guests gave advice to those who is afraid of the army — for example if a guy has grown now, still soft after, in a word, absolutely not ready for service. According to Victor Shepilova, so absolutely no need to hide: “in the military with each case will be dealt with individually”.

And the common belief that alternative civilian service (ACS) can be reached only by those who serve in the military does not allow religion, dispelled: “the law States that such a right has a man, if he does not want to serve in their beliefs, as well as in other cases provided by law. That is just such cases under this subject”.

Need to know what AGS is 20 months, but they live “soldiers” of the house, go to work in a regular job and receives a small salary. But interestingly, during the spring call have expressed a desire to pass AGS in the unit. Apparently, this type of service among Muscovites is considered to be undervalued.


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