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Sunday, March 18, 2018

The poles, as it turned out, betrayed the French to deal with the “Mistral”

Around, it would seem, has long been finished story never sold to Russia “Mistral” growing a new scandal. Now it concerns relations of France with Poland and Warsaw’s refusal to buy French helicopters. In addition, in the case of detected corruption when the Polish Ministry of defense with American gun lobbyists.

Warsaw promised to buy 50 helicopters H225M Caracal at the French Airbus Helicopters to compensate for the Paris damages caused by the failure of the deal with Russia on Mistral warships, admitted on Monday the ex-President of Poland Alexander Kwasniewski.

“Throw”, to deceive the French, the case for the Polish elite natural. They don’t even think about what they do and do not understand the indignation of France”

The radio station RMF Kwasniewski recalled that Warsaw has made a serious participation to “compel the French to abandon one of the best contracts for them, namely from the sale of “Mistral” Russia in connection with aggression in Ukraine”, – quotes RIA “news”. According to him, the purchase of helicopters Caracal (“Caracal” means “steppe lynx”) was in a sense to compensate for the loss of France due to the situation with the “Mistral”.

“It was such a “gentleman’s agreement” in the European Union and NATO that, in this regard, the upcoming contracts for military equipment we shall consider with more sympathy to the French proposals”, – told ex-the President. He once again confirmed that is an open secret – commercial, it would seem that transactions on the world arms market are likely to have political implications.

On Monday it became known that Warsaw is likely to refuse to buy French and even submarines. The most likely candidate for the purchase of the Polish Navy’s new non-nuclear submarines was the Swedish company Saab. French DCNS to offer the version of diesel submarines Scorpen, no longer considered by the Ministry of defense of Poland among the main contenders for victory, according to the site TSAMTO. The contract value is estimated at $ 2.6 billion. Saab has offered the project of non-nuclear submarines A26 previously ordered the Navy of Sweden.

The French twice “cuckolded”

Chairman of the coordination Council of Russian compatriots in France Dmitry koshko said that in the Republic many felt the behavior of the poles betrayal. “When it became known about the cancellation of the helicopters Caracal, the head of Airbus Fabrice Rave said that never in my life encountered such rudeness. The next statement, however, is not gone, but françois Hollande, the trip to Poland was canceled,” reminded cat newspaper VIEW.

He also recalled how immediately after joining the EU Poland has received extraordinary assistance from colleagues at the new Union, but the funds were immediately spent on buying American aircraft. “It shocked everyone in the EU, but then the Americans were ordered to shut up. Unfortunately, most likely, in a similar way the situation will develop now,” he complained.

Cats believes that the first time France was “stupid” a year ago, breaking a deal on the “Mistral”. “Russia has not lost anything, on the contrary, acquired the technology, trained the crews, she returned the money in a larger amount than was paid, due to the fall of the ruble. And for France, this refusal turned into a significant financial loss,” he explained.

Cats also notes that subsequently the “Mistral” was sold to Egypt for Saudi money. “The main victim of such losses were French taxpayers. “And the French “Mistral”, and with helicopters was, as they say in France, situation and husband. France double-crossed”, he concluded.

The President of the European center of geopolitical analysis (Warsaw) Martin Domogala noted that the question of refuse Poland from French helicopters circulates at the level of rumors and official confirmation is not yet received. He recalled that former U.S. Republican Senator Alphonse D’amato is lobbying now purchase Warsaw American Black Hawk helicopters instead H225M Caracal. In addition, the current government party “law and justice” still in opposition promised to cancel the deal to buy Caracal in favor of American cars. So that the ruling circles do want to buy only American weapons.

“Around this topic is a big farce,” said was Domogala the newspaper VIEW. But he does not yet exclude that in the end Poland still acquire Caracal. “Poland’s very strong American lobby. American influence was not only during the reign of this government, but of the past. Although Airbus Helicopters has already said he wants to go to court, in this topic there is no specific information. It involved very serious money,” concluded Martin was Domogala.

Helicopters can carry the Minister of defence

Meanwhile in Warsaw, after the scandal caused by the recognition Kwasniewski broke the other related. As reported on Monday, RIA “Novosti”, the largest opposition party, “Civic platform” suspect defense Minister Makarevich secret ties with the American lobbyist D’amato.

The party has threatened to formally report this to the Prosecutor, if within 24 hours the Prosecutor’s office and the internal security Agency or the Central anti-corruption Bureau will not begin its scanning of messages, which on Saturday published an Internet portal OKO.press. The portal reported that D’amato, who now works for Lockheed Martin group, for several months at the same time lobbying for the interests of Polish military group PGZ, which is supervised by the Minister of defence. According to portal, it may shed light on the decision to refuse from Caracal in favour of the American Black Hawk, which produces just Lockheed Martin.

As stated by the Deputy of the Civic platform Caesars Tomczyk, American you can impute a conflict of interest because he worked for both the American and Polish companies. “In the case of defense Minister can talk about the dereliction of duty because of Macarevich was informed that D’amato will present the Polish government, working on PGZ,” said Tomczyk. The MP called to find out how long Macierewicz and D’amato know each other and have not had a recent impact on the decision to abandon the purchase of French helicopters. Tomczyk stressed that it is necessary to uphold the interests of the army and the transparency of public life in the country.

The defense Ministry in response said that Makarevich and D’amato met only once and just before, the meeting of the Minister with Senator John McCain, invited to a meeting of the American lobbyist.

Remind relationship “Ukrainians and Russians”

We will remind, the Polish politicians are really louder than others demanded not to give the “Mistral” of Russia. As told then Rapporteur of the Commission of the French Senate, Robert del Picchia, Warsaw already threatened Paris to break off the negotiations around Caracal – in case of transfer of helicopter carrier to Russia.

France eventually won the tender, competing with Italian and American competitors. The deal was estimated at more than $ 3 billion. However, the Polish authorities on 4 October announced the failure of the transaction. Defence Minister Antony, Macierewicz later promised that Warsaw in the near future instead of buy 21 Black Hawk helicopter from the local subsidiaries of Lockheed Martin. 10 of them will be purchased by next year. After that Francois Hollande even cancelled the Franco-Polish summit, was scheduled for October 13. But the Polish foreign Ministry has urged France (and, more likely, personally Hollande) “hysteria”.

The relationship of the poles and the French are very close and controversial, they remind of the relationship of Ukrainians and Russians, says Professor HSE Oleg Matveychev: the French traditionally refer to the poles of the irrational.

“Such an attitude is deeply rooted in history, for a long time Polish and French nobility were actively native. The last Duke of Lorraine was Stanislaus Leszczynski. Lived in Paris for the composer Frederic Chopin, so I can’t tell whose it was anymore – Polish or French. Before the Second world war, as you know, an agreement was signed under which France would come to the aid of Poland in case of war. Two weeks after Hitler’s attack to the German border really entered the French army, but this time no Poland was not, its army and government fled,” – said the expert newspaper VIEW.

According to Matveycheva, irrational love, bloated various Polish Directors to make a film about France, the French often do not see that the poles behave in relation to them, about the same as many Ukrainians against the Russians. “Throw” of the French, the case for the Polish elite natural. They don’t even think about what they do and do not understand the indignation of France. Same with the “Mistral” and helicopters: the poles betrayed the French, without batting an eye, as if all that for granted,” – says Matveychev.


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