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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The murder of the Deputy of PR revealed a weakness DNR

Deputy national Council DND novel Arose was one of those rare military, who in the peaceful future could be the managerial elite of the DNI. One is from the point of view of Ukrainians is an important motive for aiming its elimination. It also shows that counterintelligence at the DNI and the LC is working badly. Technically to avenge Wonders is not difficult – but this is unlikely to happen.

The novel came belonged to the “pioneers” – a small group of enthusiasts-the romantics who started the resistance to the Kiev regime a year ago. He served in the “Berkut” and, like most in Donetsk and Lugansk detachments of Riot police, joined the militia. Unlike many of those who later became politicians, Appeared seldom got into the camera lens, but suddenly became famous on may 9, 2014.

“Support Kiev in the Donbass – is not only Crimea, but also ordinary farmers, which massively captured, tortured and redouble”

Then on the areas of Donetsk took place the festive event, which was attended by people of different political views. On the same square and stood with Bandera flags (quite a few), and with St. George ribbons (the vast majority). At some point one of the military bands suddenly decided to play the Ukrainian national anthem. It looked ridiculous even in spite of the fact that, technically, this terrible war, which all experienced then, was not yet. Arose went to the conductor, standing in dress uniform with white gloves, and clearly asked to stop discharge of such in the Donbass. From the outside it looked ridiculous, since the two-meter and stokilogrammovye Arose had almost popolam mandatory, to say something low to the conductor, who just played the music that was painted in his program. The comical scene was publicized Ukrainian media under headings such as “jacket beats the Ukrainian musician.” Thus Arose the famous all over Ukraine as “one of the leaders of the separatists”.

But he wasn’t. He was a good soldier who defended his Homeland. Natural intelligence and acumen sets him apart from the masses, and made him a member of the people’s Council DND, but at heart he remained the soldier – and he refused it. His group “the Mirage” consisted mainly of the former “berkutovets”, though, much has changed, and to talk about homogeneity of the battalions is no longer necessary. Moreover, the DNR has spent a lot of time and effort to level a departmental, a party or parochial affiliation battalions, turning the original into structured guerrilla army, built according to the modern laws of strategy. The novel Arose was one of those who easily and quietly made the reformation – he of course obeyed, and the personal experience and charisma has added political weight.

On the day of his death he was travelling from his constituency, where he met with people. The relative respite requires local authorities to household issues is extremely important in the current climate. And from former warlords, in turn, requires a powerful mind to refocus on the questions of peaceful life. DNI and LC are not the first, such problems were experienced and the other unrecognized republics, when former warlords were forced to develop informed they did not understand the profession of politicians, economists and diplomats. Emerged was one of the most important people of this generation. He changed for the worse in recent months, was tired and sleep, looked bad and was hiding from the cameras. But he was one of those who made the case that extremely need a level few dare go. To fight – to fight bravely, often easier than to restore the destroyed country, being already a Deputy. Not all take it, only one military charisma for such a little.

The novel came never participated in the internal confrontation, which the DNI, however, is much less than LC. So the version about the internal nature of the murder swept aside at once. It is clear that the Ukrainian side is inclined to ascribe any “achievements”, but in this case it really can only go on point a terrorist attack, the performance of which was capable of only professionals. Among the potential “political opponents” Arises in DNR no.

It is known only about one unit, associating himself with terrorist activities in the Donbas from Ukraine. This so-called group of “Shadows”, a well-known murders of prisoners, which afterwards were given for Russian senior officers. If you believe the reports, “Shadows” (they position themselves as “guerrilla movement”, consisting of local residents), they killed almost half of the Russian General staff. Usually the “Shadow” post pictures of dead bodies (most with signs of torture), explaining that it is supposedly Russian generals who seize and destroy “Donbass underground.” Simple question: why did you torture them first, and then defiantly shot instead of bringing in staff and for a “presence in the Donbas officers of the Russian General staff” planetary scandal? The answer is no.

The group “Shadows” is a propaganda cover for the real destruction to the leadership of the DNI and the LC, not only those who occupy important positions, but also the charismatic leader of the first call. The psychological situation in the Donbass (and it is not much different from what it was before in South Ossetia, Abkhazia, the Republic of Srpska), the value of one strong, popular and well-known person mobilizes a huge mass. So, their destruction is a priority. Here it is not even in provoking internal conflicts (they are so well to hide it, including quite serious, especially in some localities LC), and the feeling of helplessness and insecurity that arises in the population as a result of such terrorist action.

Donetsk – a million city, and remains significant even after the Exodus of residents. There are a total barrier against terrorist groups from Ukraine is extremely difficult, though not impossible. Unfortunately, MGB DND this work to establish failed. A special problem is some of the locals deliberately located on the side of the Ukrainian authorities from the very beginning of the confrontation. They are not “abandoned Ukrainian special forces” are the basis of terrorist groups. This may include, for example, former employees of SBU in Donetsk region, thoroughly corrupt since the times of Kuchma and Yushchenko and lived at the expense of ties with criminals and oligarchs. It is ordinary employees and their agents may travel around the city cheap cars (PR shot of “Chevrolet Lacetti”) with local numbers, without attracting attention. And PR had to hunt down and kill point – no wife Anastasia nor the child sitting in the same car, was not injured, but was seriously wounded a Greek security guard who tried to take shots themselves.

Of course, it is tempting to associate this murder with the statement Avakov, but for the sake of objectivity we must admit that the General regretted the failure to implement the attacks live, in answering another question. And before that was a series of attacks on other prominent field commanders, including Mikhail Tolstykh, better known as the Givi. But Givi is able to take care of his own security, and Arseny Pavlov (Motorola) or Brain. Hardly the Ukrainian administration that is concerned about personal revenge to someone known personalities in the DNI and LC. But if it is about pragmatic calculation, he is not so naive as it seems.

Such wars give rise to a whole generation of heroes. Many of them had never held a weapon. They come themselves come out of nowhere, they always have problems with the publicity, although, for example, the above-mentioned Pavlov was the first to hang a helmet on a webcam, for which he received the nickname Motorola. But the isolation in terms of military action leads to a sharp growth of influence (both military and political, and simply human) such boys, who took responsibility for what is happening. And in terms of moral decline, fear, isolation, hunger and poverty, this guy has become the Foundation of a new nation, a new state. Few of them survive, including in peacetime, when they may not be very “politic” to work in the parliamentary or governmental structures.

The murder of a PR characteristic is the fact that he’d just been prospects as a politician in the future the peaceful life of Donbas. And there is a suspicion that the Ukrainian structure behind these killings, hope to not destroy as much of the existing commanders (and getting harder), but the future political elite of the region.

Support of Kiev is not only Crimea, but also ordinary farmers, which massively captured, tortured and redouble. It is no secret that for many residents of the region the war itself – something like the morning mist: it’ll be okay, and cabbage need to collect. So far it has not gone out of their consciousness, despite the Orgy of slaughter, so walking “up and down on the gardens” – a mass phenomenon. How many of them are walking with intent – is unknown. Counterintelligence of DNR and LNR were incapacitated, some of its leaders prefer the region not to appear, and all the work is farmed out to the boys, watching Hollywood series.

Meanwhile, all known by name, who makes up the leadership of the volunteer battalions. Will not share a list of the SBU in Donetsk and Lugansk (particularly the Lugansk SBU building which was captured a year ago, the first building in the city). But fundamental decisions on their account had not been received. This birth injury such republics – the desire to minimize loss of reputation. At the time South Ossetia did not suffer any Georgian village, with the face of the earth during the so-called mountain war was erased more than 110 Ossetian. After the excesses of the Georgian sabotage group near the village of ZAR (this is one of the worst humanitarian tragedies in the post-Soviet space), when heavy machine guns were shot buses with unarmed refugees, it took a monstrous effort of will (including the author of these lines, then – assistant commander of the national guard RSO) to local demolished Georgian house all to hell.

It is the same now. A political solution is required not to answer blow for blow. Not to shoot Yarosh, not to find Avakov and not he remember all of his words. And then there is the evil clown Gerashchenko, Semenchenko, Biletsky, Mosiychuk, the Boatswain, geletey, Muzhenko – their name is Legion. The pilots who bombed Lugansk and Donetsk, and the commanders of artillery units, also known by name. In retribution there is no problem. Physically – no.

But there is a question of ideological principle. Whatever the intensity of the war, no one will ever allow myself to stoop to “their” level. Yes, experience shows that in most cases it’s a no-win position from a practical point of view, but it will bear fruit in the future. No one can accuse the DNI and the LC in terrorism, nobody can accuse them of vigilante justice. And revenge time.

Memory-all good.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”


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