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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Media: the United States made a change of strategy in Syria due to the Russian s-300

The deployment of Russian s-300 in Syria can change the tactic of the United States with operations in this country, the Washington Post reported, citing its sources in the defense Ministry.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

The publication quoted the U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry, according to which Russian air defense system has increased “the risk of confrontation” in the region. Sources in the Ministry of defense added that the technology “stealth” or low-flying planes, theoretically capable of defending against s-300 has not been tested in real conditions, and the United States do not seek such “tests” in Syria because they do not believe in their success.

The affected area of Russian air defense systems delivered to Syria, covers an area of “at least 250 miles in all directions”: that is, the whole of Syria and large parts of Turkey, Israel, Jordan and the Eastern Mediterranean.

Read about the Russian truce in Aleppo.

As a result, the last meeting of the National security Council, the U.S. military decided to postpone the decision about changing the strategy-replacement of the flight of the allied coalition on the supply of arms to the Kurds and opponents of the Assad regime in Aleppo. Now, America is focused on operations in Mosul and raqqa.

However, according to another source, after the supply of Russian air defense in Syria, the situation there compared to last year has not fundamentally changed.

We will remind that the representative of the Russian Ministry of defense Igor Konashenkov has declared its readiness to shoot down American missiles after the United States reported on possible air strikes on Assad’s forces.


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