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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

In Moscow robbed the country Shilov

The cottage of the famous artist Alexander Shilov in the Odintsovo district was robbed this weekend. The damage is serious, but the artist is far more important moral side of the issue. He emotionally and expressed in an interview with the reporter of “MK”.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Alexander Shilov

Is it true that you robbed?

True. Moreover, during the first robbery on Thursday last week, came in through the window. And the second, — and this is strange because a single object is usually not want, occurred on Sunday. And at the same time — to the minute.

This is really suspicious. Two robberies?

— Yes, twice got, I got a alarm, they ripped it off… and still the signal is passed.

— And how many, excuse me, stole?

— Well and here — a lot? Is this the case? But the fact is the moral aspect: we are absolutely not protected by our police. The first came on Thursday, even was no act, nothing… Then came Sunday, at my insistence they brought the dog promised to put the patrol to surround the cottage, and nothing has been done. Absolutely the police did not protect our people.

— This village Headdresses Odintsovo district?


— And what now? At least they brought the case?

— Well, that is to make the case? This is not the case paper should start for years last. But you need to act! While the whole trail… A paper to have — it’s all nonsense. Evasion.

— A picture of the whole?

— I picture in the country do not keep. This is not what a disgrace. This irresponsibility. No one is responsible for anything. Roughly speaking, came, stood and left. This ATC “assumption”. But the meaning of them is — “you didn’t kill and be happy”. Here is their psychology.

But they quickly came when the alarm went off?

— How quickly? Here the alarm is triggered, they are naked, nothing. They even are afraid to go, it’s natural. They even have a gun. And then they themselves call the police. That’s the whole scheme.

— But still, a lot of damage?

— There are things that I care about. Imagine if, God forbid, you or someone — all the same. I am grateful for your attention to me, thanks to your press, are you forcing them to move slightly, to perform their duties. Well, what is it — on Thursday climbed on Sunday! Both times the window of the ground floor…

Nobody in the country was not at this point?

— No.

— And the territory of the holiday village is not protected?

— There is not. Impotent bodies! Here we say, for example, that in our village there live illegal immigrants in a ruined house, doing horror. Well, sent the bus, the migrants took. So came other migrants the next day. And the police just go, afraid of you not mess with them, look! Instead of fight. So the country dies from the inside. People all sit in fear. And paper to start… well, started the criminal case — but it’s a chicken laugh, children laugh. You know.


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