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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Beware the clown: about frightening craze spoke, even the White house

Recently, the press Secretary of the White house Josh Ernest said this: “of Course, this is a situation that our law enforcement agencies are perceived as very serious.” Any such conditions, said the press Secretary of the White house? The increase in crime on the outskirts of large cities? About white police officers shooting black young men? The growth in the number of firearms in the hands of American citizens? No, no and no! About the answer to my question you never would have guessed if not for the headline to this article — “beware of the clowns!”

photo: pixabay.com

But what kind of danger are clowns in America, if they even warned the White house? But what.

According to some reports, in America there were people costumed clowns who, instead of to entertain and amuse the children, attack them and scare people. The majority of these stupid jokes. They increase with the approaching holiday of Halloween, all saints Day.

But “Beware the clowns!” instead of childish joy and fun cause widespread hysteria. Was recently closed for this reason, the Massachusetts College. Hunting for the “clowns” engaged hundreds of students of the University of Pennsylvania and so on. Not surprisingly, this wave of hysteria even reached the White house.

Let me remind you clowns in America served not only as entertainment, but also fear, especially in the 1980s. Suffice it to recall the clown mass murderer John Wayne Gacy, who committed 33 murders. The clown is a mass murderer – protagonist of the famous horror novel writer Stephen king “It”.

Of course, it would be foolish to suspect each clown killer. But on the other hand, who knows who is hiding behind a thick layer of makeup hilarious — American Nikulin or serial killer (also American).

“They” could be anyone,” says the Professor of criminology of drew University in new Jersey, Scott Bonn. “And they know how to sow terror”.

Official circles are trying to dispel these newfound fears-fueled cinema. “It’s like a slap,” says spouksmen the police Department of the city of new haven, Connecticut, David Hartman. This phrase contains a nasty pun. In English, “spanking” is a swat and SWAT— special forces officer. He was often called 911 in connection with the various “clown”.

“Clowns” and scare these clowns. One of them is Jordan Jones, working under the alias “Snaggs” in Maryland and “the haunted House”, says he is concerned about. People may start hounding clowns, especially those disguised as “horror.” “I fear for my life,” says this 22-year-old clown. He even began the movement, which in the example of the Negro, so called: “Life clowns too something so mean!”

Jordan is reminiscent of “paranoid” that under the guise of a clown are in the most people who want to entertain people first and foremost children. “We are not forest people. We are not your enemies,” he says.

The “we” in General — Yes. But what about the “I” that a mass murderer like Gacy? Under makeup not distinguish.


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