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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Became known composition of the bomb that killed Motorola

The death of one of the charismatic fighters of DNR Arsene Pavlov, better known as the Motorola, yet leaves more questions than answers. “MK” interviewed as an expert demolitions, passed more than one hot spot, to understand how it was organized the attack, and could stand up for him special services.

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Judging by the first footage from the scene of the chance was not dead. Do not save them even helmets and flak jackets. Equipped Motorola and his bodyguard was seriously the machine gun, smoke grenades, VOG for grenade launchers, ammunition — they were ready for any eventuality. However, the criminals beat, arranging the trap practically on the doorstep.

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Of course, from such meagre data it is quite difficult to understand the full picture from the place of incident, told the “MK” expert-bomb expert of the Russian security services. – Judging by what was shown to produce such an explosive device can a person who has passed the basics of engineering specialty. To say that this is a clear handwriting intelligence I can’t. The face is likely stuck to the ceiling of the Elevator, sliding the partition. This can be done in minutes. To bring the explosive device in action can be by radio or mobile phone. The question of how a stranger could easily get to the entrance, where lives one of the leaders of the DNI, and which attempt was already made, you should ask the local security service. Either overlooked, or it was someone you know or from those who are not suspicious teenage girl, an old man. If we talk about the very explosive device, it was not particularly powerful. Enough 100 grams of TNT. If it is Packed with striking elements in the form of nails and screws, you survive the explosion virtually impossible. According to the staff, both men were wearing bulletproof vests, but it did not save them. The explosion in a confined space the pressure increases ten times, which entails contusion, hemorrhage of internal organs, rupture of eardrums, broken bones, skin burns and respiratory tract. Plus submunitions. Here we can recall the explosions of armored vehicles in Chechnya, where people died not from shrapnel but from a sudden drop of pressure.

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Peaceful everyday life was killed in the Donetsk militia of Motorola

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