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Friday, April 13, 2018

The West cannot defeat Russia in Syria, so he wants that she gave up

“We can’t defeat Russia and Syria, so let them just surrender themselves and we will punish”. So, translated into human language sounds a draft of the final statement of the EU on the situation in Aleppo. One can hardly imagine a more pathetic statement that drew the entire incapacity of European foreign policy. In this situation, Russia still has all the cards in his hands.

The international political situation surrounding the war in Syria begins to give a farce.

“The West is extremely dissatisfied with Russia’s actions in Syria, is experiencing severe irritation, however, to change the situation can not – neither political nor military means”

On the one hand, Russia (and Syria) that week falls powerful information attack Western politicians and the media on the prosecution of war crimes in Aleppo. Especially in this sense, lately zealous foreign Minister of the United Kingdom and France, as well as U.S. officials.

On the other hand, the situation in the camp of the Western powers on this question is difficult to interpret differently than “confusion and vacillation”.

In the United States is seriously preparing a new package of sanctions against Russia. Europe, for its part, looks like she doesn’t understand what he wants and is trying to sit on all chairs at the same time.

According to the most recent data, a new round of European sanctions did not (at least yet), as stated by the head of the German foreign Minister Steinmeier and the head of European diplomacy Federica Mogherini.

At the same time, in Luxembourg on 17 October, will host a meeting of foreign Ministers of the EU, which will also discuss possible sanctions over the situation around Aleppo.

In the Western media “leaked” draft of the upcoming statement after the meeting. It seems unlikely that it will be adopted in such form as it contains anecdotal openly call for a “Syria and its allies” to appear before the International criminal court.

However, the appearance of this passage demonstrates the extent to which degradation has reached the European policy. International courts and tribunals, beginning with Nuremberg, for several decades, as became traditional for the winners punish the losers. Even if the situation looked to someone grossly unfair (as, for example, with the Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia), in essence to objection: the West won the military-political victory and deal with the defeated as considered necessary.

Against this background, the voiced excerpt from the document, translated into human language means: we can’t defeat Russia and Syria, both politically and militarily, so they just surrender themselves and we will punish for behavior we don’t like.

One can hardly imagine a more pathetic statement that drew the entire incapacity of European foreign policy. So, as was said above, it is doubtful that it is from the project will become a reality.

At the same time, the reality of it is this: the West is extremely dissatisfied with Russia’s actions in Syria and the total failure of its policy in this country, is experiencing severe irritation, however, to change the situation can not – neither political nor military means.

The inability to “push” Russia politically once again demonstrated the talks, which took place in Lausanne on 15 October and ended in vain. The participants failed to agree on any matter. The results of the meeting limited to generalities “for all good against all bad” and statements about the need to continue the work.

The most openly and caustically reasons for the failure of the negotiations clarified the foreign Minister of Egypt, who noted that the fact that “some negotiators are afraid of losing influence on the opposition groups on the ground.” The West (and, apparently, not only he, but other middle Eastern country) may not offer Russia in the negotiations or that a mutually beneficial compromise, because its assignment will cause discontent of militants with which it is associated. A departure from the control of armed units means a loss of influence on the situation at the front, that is simply unacceptable. As a result, the puppeteer-West seemed unpleasant own puppets militants that ties his hands on the field of politics.

As for the military way to resolve the conflict in recent weeks, this topic is actively being discussed at the highest levels in politics and in the media. Senior us officials allow themselves transparent threats – from cyber attacks and including the use of nuclear weapons. Russia, in turn, did not remain in debt and demonstrates that it is ready to raise rates.

As a result of NATO politicians and strategists have to answer the question whether they are ready for Syria to direct military clash between Russia and NATO is almost inevitable it escalate into a nuclear Apocalypse.

Judging by the hectic and throwing the Western States from side to side, yet. So, the Syrian army and the Russian VC will continue the operation in Aleppo, and the Kremlin will continue to wait, while the West is ripe for a more flexible position.


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