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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The murder of Motorola could be a prelude to a new war

The terrorist attack in Donetsk killed the commander of the volunteer battalion “Sparta” Arseny Pavlov Colonel, better known by the Callsign “Motorola”. The DNR took it as a Declaration of war – and rightly so. Now more than ever a lot of signs that the Ukrainian side is preparing something big and scary.

According to preliminary data, a homemade bomb was planted in the Elevator shaft of an apartment building in which he lived Arseny Pavlov, attached to the cable and powered remotely. “I understand, Poroshenko broke a truce and declared war on us”, – said the head of DND Alexander Zakharchenko, commenting on the murder of the man he called his friend. “Now wait,” he added.

“When the tanks go in the infantry ranks, high-tech piece of aluminium does not become a legend”

Motorola was twice wounded in battle and survived for the last five months two attempts. The assassination was monotonous: bombs were laid on the “usual route” – in garbage cans in his front yard that says a lot about the handwriting of terrorist groups – for Pavlov tightly watched and had an idea of his schedule, manner of behavior and way of life. Donetsk is possible: in the civil war million city requires a special counterintelligence regime, which in fact is not. All speak the same language with the same distinctive accent, to isolate the intruder unrealistic, Yes and no, strictly speaking, strangers to the agents of the Ukrainian side not the Galicians, and the same local.

While Pavlov no specific security preferences for themselves are not required. People like it, not prone to staying at home. In addition, the availability of additional protection to one of the Brigadier generals (albeit famous) is not only not provided, but could be perceived by them as an invasion of privacy.

About a month ago Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has awarded a posthumous order of “Gold star” mothers of the two victims in the Donbass soldiers of the APU. Was presented very late, since both died in 2014. One of them, captain Kolodiy, “28 Aug 2014, on the infantry fighting vehicle entered into an unequal battle with Russian tanks,” and “the cost of his life saved the lives of 20 soldiers, providing them the opportunity to go out surrounded by strong point”. We are talking about fighting for the Donetsk airport and about creating a mythology around the so-called cyborgs (and at the same time, of course, the “Russian tanks”).

In Ukraine with the ritual rewarding of mothers and widows for the camera, as a rule, there should be political and caste overtones. Together with the officer should be awarded an ordinary and simple, this is the implication of providing. They became Igor branovitskiy, who was taken prisoner, but “thanks to the heroism of Igor, dozens of Ukrainian wounded soldiers managed to save.” The details of his heroism are not given, but the personal heroism of the boys there is no doubt: the war in the Donbass is characterized by the fact that on both sides of the trenches – the same Slavs who are prone to heroism and self-sacrifice regardless of the fact that they are at a particular point in time believe to be true. Largely that is why the war lasts so long and is such monstrous methods.

However, in the case of ordinary Branovitsky, there are questions. President Poroshenko claims that he was killed in captivity and killed him personally Arseny Pavlov. “During interrogation, in violation of all international conventions on personal invincibility (apparently incorrect translation from Ukrainian; Poroshenko meant to say “intact” – approx. OPINION) he was personally shot by one of villains-the thugs with the Callsign “Motorola”, – said Poroshenko mother of the deceased soldier. “Don’t be sorry. And this monster will be brought to justice. He is responsible for the death of a Ukrainian hero,” – said the Ukrainian President (“prosecuted” and “answer” are different conceptual and semantic load, but Poroshenko such treatment with words is forgivable, he’s still not talking).

It’s just the overall context. It has become a tradition to look at the events in Donetsk and Lugansk some “internal circumstances”. There are reasons for this, including several high-profile and unsolved murders, starting with Alexei Brain. But Arseny Pavlov had nothing to do with financial-industrial circumstances, nor to the political struggle. It is much more symbolizes the Russian volunteer movement, politicized than those people that tried to impose the Donbas your views on the world in the first days of the war (whatever those views were not from Communist to Imperial). Yes, he is a Russian citizen, was born in one of the remotest of regions – in the Komi Republic, fought in Chechnya, his motive of arriving at the Donbass was only his “Russianness”. And not in pageant “Cossack” or “white” form, but as a non-political impulse. “Russian here, I’m here,” he said in an interview. This was no posturing, no politics, no posturing now is an outstanding valor.

Callsign “Motorola” has a double origin. In Chechnya, Pavlov was the company signaller, and then the good radios of Russian origin is not something that is missing – they just were not. Chic was a Kenwood, they are, for example, bought in South Ossetia wholesale in the Baltic States, the same was with the Chechens, and then there are the more advanced of the American “Motorola”. According to another version, Pavlov the first in the Donbass hung on helmet camera go-pro and began to upload videos of clashes with their comments, in view of what became widely known – his wedding, in one form or covered by the world media – from BBC to the NYT.

It is now accepted to speak of the generation of nuggets. It is not forgotten, it just ignore. Here we are not talking about ideology, not about the numerous carriers of strange ideas, which are always implemented itself in civil wars and about ordinary guys who made the unexpected choice. The extreme is not skating, and when needed, even from TSAO of Moscow went to the front in the same Chechnya, and some even stand in line in the military, noisily celebrating his departure into the army the whole neighborhood.

Another thing is that when in war, more from policy than from the war itself, lieutenants become generals. Generation of the nuggets remained in the Donbas only because in such wars, they become indispensable. A professional army, as it is not lining up, still holding on charismatica. The American problem is just this: the drone has no soul and heart, he may not like Givi and Motorola to yell, to create of miners, metallurgists and farmers, something suggestive on the enemy terror, to organize a counter-attack in a hopeless situation. Americans can not lie in melted water in a trench in the forgotten all gods village called Trekhizbenka, when you are in the infantry ranks are thirty tanks. Infantry operation is three meters from each other in the attack. Stroy tank is thirty meters from each other. When tanks are in the infantry ranks, high-tech piece of aluminium does not become a legend.

Those who in the old days used to be called “warlords” (bad English word warlord), the Donbas became quite respectable figures, but origin and class (“nuggets”), and political – did not give them a chance at survival. They were just a target. First, in the information war (which, by the way, Motorola outplayed their opponents), and then to terrorist. The destruction of the most charismatic leaders before the start of something significant – a familiar story. The fighting near Mariupol and a new monstrous shelling of suburbs of Donetsk, which had to answer, despite the “ceasefire”, more proof of the fact that he was preparing something big.

A two-day military exercises, announced in the NPT, were “a great success”. They were a response to the attempt to break the near Mariupol, which the APU has undertaken with the connivance of the observation missions of the OSCE. It is from these teachings and returned to his home the brigade commander Arseny Pavlov. Now there is no need to make recommendations to the local secret service, though we want to see these people in intelligent eyes. Where were they after the previous attacks? They have no resource to the city of Yekaterinburg, to control at least one house? The man who laid the bomb in the Elevator shaft, once went there and probably had a repairman. Then he sat in the car, do not cause suspicion very suspicious of the locals to press the button when Pavlov will go down in the Elevator. Of course, the professionalism of the local counter-intelligence is also tied to the specifics of the civil war, those same nuggets, which should be taught and the specific methods of struggle, and the struggles of which they previously had no idea. And most importantly – very difficult to imagine that sometimes your neighbor, and even brother may be a terrorist and a murderer.

However, the generation of nuggets remains the best that we see around us. These young guys have the power of the mind, knowledge and feelings that many people of the older generation do not even dreamed of. They have no political experience, but who he was that age? Guys like that are the salt of the earth, even if they are strangely dressed, and their tattoo does not understandable to those for whom tattoos were forbidden (to then not identified).

With the death of Arseniy Pavlov politically, nothing has changed. To a sustainable world and so no one believes. And things can become even worse. Right now, though.


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