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Sunday, March 25, 2018

The Ministry of culture will require musicians to insure the tool is taken from the Museum

To give the musicians for concerts and tours of the unique tools that are stored in museums, plans of the Ministry of culture. However, to take up a Stradivarius or other rare instance will only be possible on time and in very tough conditions.

photo: pixabay.com

The Ministry has developed a draft Treaty, according to which exclusive musical instruments are handed over for use to the people of art.

First, the tool user will have to insure. Moreover, the policy should cover the maximum number of different risks. As stated in the project, this type of insurance is called “nail to nail” or “from shelf to shelf”. So, the insurance company should be ready to make reparation for viola, viola, cello, double bass, Liron or creaking (these tools are listed in the document) not only in case of theft or vandalism, but if rarity will disappear under mysterious circumstances. In addition, the insurance should cover war risks, the likelihood of terrorist attacks during transportation of the instrument, as well as the vagaries of nature: earthquakes, floods and even volcanic eruption. However, if the attack happens during the performance, the insured event is deemed not to be. The same applies to damage caused to the wooden instrument various bugs, spiders — for their “lunch” musician will have to pay out of pocket. Also the terms of the contract with the Museum will not be allowed to carry the instrument in the soft case and give it to the baggage compartment of the aircraft. Moreover, the choice hotels guest performer will have to abandon the rooms on the first floor if the Windows are without bars. In addition, to leave the room where the violin will be banned for more than 24 hours.


Says jazz violinist Georgy Osmolovsky: “on the one hand, such conditions are reasonable. If a musician wants to take a tour of the Stradivarius violin and is willing to bear the financial costs for it, why not. But it may be cheaper to hire a security guard for the violin, than to spend money on insurance. In addition, it is strange that a volcanic eruption in insurance, and attack in concert hall”.


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