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Saturday, October 22, 2016

The foreign Ministry has promised US asymmetric sanctions, comparing America with Pavlov’s dog

Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov commented on the possible introduction of new US sanctions against Russia because of its actions in Syria. The potential response of the Russian Federation Ryabkov previously called “asymmetrical”.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

Sergei Ryabkov

Ryabkov, quoted by Interfax, warned that Russia will not leave unanswered hostile actions against themselves, and this response can become not mirrored and asymmetrical. The diplomat reminded that today the state Duma Committee approved the bill to suspend the agreement to reduce stocks of weapons-grade plutonium: “We talked about the fact that Americans will face a new reality different from the reality in which they are accustomed to live.”

Read what threatens the suspension of the agreement.

In the Federation Council said that the bill will be considered next week.

To understand the connection between sanctions for the bombing of Syria and the failure of the Russian plutonium disposition Ryabkov called the “General decline of political culture in the US and their professionalism”, see here “obvious logical relationship”.

Also foreign Ministry officials compared the U.S. action with the reaction of Pavlov’s dogs, the gastric juice which is allocated on a call: “So here, if something does not suit US in the behavior of Russia, start screaming about sanctions”.

The whole situation with the sanctions, Ryabkov explained by the weakness of the US administration, which “it is impossible to agree on a long term basis”.

We will remind, earlier Russia has resorted to “asymmetric measures” in response to sanctions. In particular, after the Magnitsky act, which banned citizens accused of human rights violations, entry and economic activity in the United States, our country banned adoptions of their children to the Americans (including Russians with a second civil USA).

And in response to economic sanctions, Russia has closed the domestic market for a number of foreign food products.

Sanctions . Chronicle of events

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