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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Sources in DND told about the new versions of the murder.

Most called the Motorola is simple and a very lucky guy. Which didn’t spoil war and glory. Despite falling sudden fame, he never seems to be strained relations with the superiors do not conflict with subordinates, do not qualify for high positions and titles. And still was killed…

Who blew up the Elevator in their own home one of the most famous of the militia DND Arseniy Pavlov, call sign “Motorola”?

photo: facebook.com

“Actually, Pasha recently rescued only a miracle. This time not lucky,” in that all converge.

The brigade commander “Ghost” Alexey Brain, the Cossack Pavel Dremov (“dad”), Alexander Bednov (“Batman”)…

Yes, Motorola has long remained the last among the living – brand-name, last hero and the typical jacket, as it was called Ukrainians.

Not more as 5 September 2016 the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has publicly promised to punish Motorola for the “massacre of the captive servicemen Igor Branovitsky”. It is not surprising that the government “DNR” immediately accused of the murder of Motorola Ukrainian subversive group.

To kill the Motorola was much easier on the street. As the story goes, he used to walk across Donetsk with the family. Choice way of killing the explosion in the house complicated the operation.

View the timing of the murders: every minute had to be planned in advance. To lay the charge. To find out exactly when the victim returns home. To put the observer. To have a radio controlled fuses. In range to observe with binoculars for what is happening plus a minimum of one person who would “pass” Motorola on the way.

However, experts do not exclude that there were murder with the help of mobile – at the time eliminated the head of the Chechen separatists Dzhokhar Dudayev… Your call Arseniy Pavlov, known to be received from the phone and the radio.

Could it “carefully” operate the Ukrainian saboteurs? Here opinions differ.

So people from the former environment Igor strelkov believe that Pavlov could easily run into trouble and its. “The last time he went racing. In a moral sense. Just seems that it was all in his Board. In fact, Motorola unscrupulous, for example, when I was fighting at the airport and someone from our tried to expropriate there is “iron”, he immediately put a hand on him – they say, is only mine. As he enjoyed the location of the guide, contact it no one. Motorola is not respected by and large… The same Alex Brain – absolutely another scale of identity. Motorola became famous only because he appeared at the right time in the right place. Journalists from the very beginning it was removed, was interviewed and he was fine with it, while other militias are much more honored and heroic, did not want to “Shine” their face. Pavlov and just in time caught the reporters eye”.

A major PR campaign, as you know, was the wedding Arseny and of the inhabitant of Donetsk Elena, too opolchenki, despite the fact that Motorola in Russia seems to have been already married, his new marriage blessed by the then Governor DND Paul Gubarev and defense Minister Igor Strelkov.

Read the story “the First wedding in DND: the militia Motorola married a local girl”

The bridegroom came to the wedding in a cast (broken arm), in military uniform, wearing all awards and not forgetting about the gun. The bride was decorated with the ribbon of Saint George on the shoulder and a hung machine.

However, the life of a young couple recently also became a cause for gossip. “Motorola unassuming he was in relation to things, clothes, wealth, but his wife – she loved to shop, bought everything I saw, it is necessary, it is not necessary. In General, it was felt that the money they needed. And this despite the fact that many of the militia had detail even on cigarettes, year did not pay combat”…

Another version of the murder of Motorola: criminal. It is no secret that the territory of the unrecognized Donetsk Republic does a thriving underground economy, through its borders comes smuggling while participating in the General shenanigans as the Ukrainians and the rebels. It may well be that Motorola learned about stuff like this before either and promised to press charges or asked for their share. For it probably paid.

“Imagine this situation – says “MK”, another colleague of Motorola, recently returned from Donetsk. – For example, the Republic decided not to sell Ukraine coal. And then Motorola sees that the cargo in that direction, arrest him and finds out that in this case the shipping paper signed by the highest officials of the DNI. Call him and order you to allow passage of the product. He starts to Balk, and there paid ten million dollars… And what to do with such intractable? I’m not saying that the reason for his murder could be exactly this, but something like that would not exclude it. Or something he learned during interrogations of Ukrainians, which was not supposed to know.”

“It’s too noisy lived the last year as if he had lost the sense of proportion. Security behaved arrogantly with the tenants of the same house in Chelyuskintsev, the neighbors didn’t like it, and what to do is the favourite pet of the authorities,” share the simple Donetsk.

“Motorola was during his lifetime a legend and could afford to behave as he wants. Although some considered him a clown, – continue to tell his friends. But clowns no fear and don’t kill them. As for Motorola, in addition to a delicate relationship management, stood the real soldiers”.

I ask, can they now avenge his dead commander? They shrug their shoulders: “And you look at the fate of the battalion “Ghost” after the death of the Brain. The fate of the GBR after Bednova. Military intelligence after Harova. After Dremov’s Cossacks. All of them were dismembered, and went to other units or had gone home. Time charismatic commanders has ended. Now need 100% control and obedience. Achieves this and Zakharchenko”.

All agree on one thing: no army DND Motorola is going to be another army. Meanwhile, the situation in the area is heating up. ATO troops are preparing to attack. They say it is only waiting for the elections in the United States. Therefore, one of the main versions of the murder of a prominent commander is still a diversion from the Ukraine. Some experts believe that in the near future we should expect assassination attempts on other political leaders of the unrecognized Republic.

Read the story “Prokhanov told when blow Poroshenko for Motorola”

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