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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Son of the Vice-President of LUKOIL demand to punish as publicly as possible

“Gelendvagen”, which staged a race capital, “Golden youth”, will be confiscated in favor of the state. Such a verdict handed down one of Moscow courts. Sentence for the main culprit of this incident, the son of Vice-President of LUKOIL. The lawyers insist that anyone able to confirm how unpleasant it will be convicted to serve the punishment.

Participants may race with the police on Gelandewagen conviction. Ruslan Shamsuarov being the son of the Vice-President of LUKOIL, Gagarin district court of Moscow sentenced to 300 hours of compulsory work for “public insult of representative of power”.

“The court wisely. The verdict deserves respect in every sense”

On the dock, in addition to Shamsuarov, were his two friends – Victor Uskov and Abduvahob Medzhidov. Uskov also received a guilty judgment, whereas Abduvahob Medzhidov was acquitted.

Fix in free time

One of the evidence of the prosecution Ruslan Shamsuarov steel phrase “sat on a stick” and “who are you today, sit down”, said the attitude of the traffic police. In conclusion, psycho-linguistic examination concluded that the defendant insisted to police made the day a sex act with his wand. “This and other used in the address of traffic police of the phrase “have a negative color”, “defaming the honor and reputation of the police,” read the conclusions of the linguists judge Olga Zeldin during sentencing.

As writes “Interfax”, given the fact that Shamsuarov is a student, to serve his sentence he will be in his spare time. In addition, he has withdrawn in favor of the state Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG Gelandewagen. The second defendant Viktor Uskov sentenced to compulsory work for 300 hours and a fine of 20 thousand rubles.

According to the judge, the punishment to a fine for defendants would be too soft and would not facilitate their correction.

Says legal expert of the Public chamber Boris Panteleev, the sentence is true, and it can even be called a very important and expected in society. “I think the court’s decision was endorsed by all who have followed this process. There were fears that excesses on this issue, because some were talking about the real deprivation of liberty, the same position was taken by the Prosecutor’s office. But in this case, I think the court was wise, and the verdict deserves respect”, – the lawyer told the newspaper VIEW.

Public condemnation

According to experts, it is now important how it will be organized the 300 hours of obligatory works. Most importantly, according to Panteleev, so it does not become watering flowerbeds or cleaning of its own estates, as happened with VIPs before.

“I think the sentence should also be as public. And if this part will be as significant as the investigation and trial, then I think the process will be able to influence the situation with the “Golden youth” in General. People need to see what street he sweeps and at what time”, – the expert continues.

“Yes, wanting and getting publicity, he (Shamsuarov – approx. ed.) was in this sense a scapegoat, you can call it that, but it fundamentally must be brought to its logical conclusion. And if the Federal penitentiary service and judicial bailiffs organize it correctly, the process will be illustrative in all respects. People are waiting for violence, and punishment,” – said Panteleyev.

The lawyer also believes that if you were fined, it would look something like forgiveness.

“You understand that fine. But public community service is the punishment which will be most unpleasant for him, and it should be unpleasant, organized as a public condemnation. If this happens, then everything will be fine”, – the expert added.

To put for these things – too much

Earlier, the Prosecutor asked the court to appoint Ruslan Shamsuarov penalty of imprisonment for two years, one month for defamation and threat of violence against the police. Two of his friends for that would have been time for a few months more.

In the second of the episodes, which relies on real prison time, all three suspects were acquitted, a decision that Boris Panteleev is also called fair.

“If they go to prison, many would have condemned the verdict, calling the man an innocent victim of journalists and all those who fanned it. Of course, to put for these things – it’s too much,” said the lawyer.

“As for withdrawal of the machine, I think this is a temporary measure. Give it back. For the period of investigation and trial the car was taken. It’s just controversial part of the sentence. Not sure she will stand if appealed in the second instance, because there is the question of disproportionate punishment,” – concluded the speaker.

According to RIA “Novosti”, during sentencing, the defendants were calm, occasionally chatting messengers and communicating with the defenders. Next to Ruslan Shamsuarov stood two lawyers, a guard and a companion. Abduvahob Medzhidov came to the meeting too, with two lawyers and brother. Victor Uskova defended only by one lawyer.

As it became known later, the Prosecutor’s office was dissatisfied with the court’s decision and intends to appeal the verdict. Protection Ruslan Shamsuarov was satisfied that in the episode related to the use of violence against a representative of authorities, their client was acquitted. At the same time they intend to initiate an investigation against police officers suspecting them of falsifying evidence.

Recall, may 22 young men in the SUV belonging to the son of the Vice-President of oil company LUKOIL Ruslan Shamsuarov, grossly violated traffic rules by staging a race on the roads after being chased by the police. Stop racers managed six hours later. In the Internet appeared the Amateur video (caution, plenty of profanity) chase several patrols of traffic police for reckless drivers on the SUV Mercedes G63 AMG.


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