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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

“Sex and conspiracy” in American presidential campaigns supersede all

On Friday, October 14, the number of women who allegedly Donald trump grabbed Percy kissed the mouth and groped in places of confinement under the skirts grew to eight. Two women were sacrificed for the American media to prove to the voters what he really is — Robinson-trump, the Republican candidate for President of the United States.

photo: AP

But the most surprising was not that. Amazing and even stunning was something else. All-news cable television channels led with si-EN-EN from seven a.m. to midnight spend too much time on just this topic. (Even the awarding of the Bob Dylan the Nobel prize in literature took no more than two or three minutes.)

It was funny to watch on numerous panels composed of prominent American journalists, political scientists, judges, diplomats, former White house staff, professors, senators, congressmen and God knows who else who were beaten with rods of righteous anger slutty Robinson-trump. Then scroll through the stories with “victims”, monotonous as the Megillah, and the Robinson-trump, who denied all the stories about “feeling”, sometimes adding that women “clevelandia” on it, was not worthy of his attention.

And all of this “Thousand and one nights” was crammed into a narrow TV frame. Above I wrote “from 7 am to 12 midnight…” But it was just me, because before 7 in the morning I slept, and after 12 at night I went to write for “MK”. Apparently, not covered by me were scored the same “eight weeks and Robinson trump”, which was awarded the title of “Supreme glassosphere”.

Clinton at the end of last week chose to remain silent, anyhow something not to blurt out, and gave Trump the full just to rant. Trump has used this to the fullest. He denounced the enemy and attacked the women who dared to accuse him of sexual harassment. He explained it all “broad conspiracy” against him, new-media and Hillary Clinton.

Rushing for North Carolina, trump more “cleaning” their speech from courting the still undecided voters and present their political views. “Sex and conspiracy” has replaced almost all of. “Suspicious and formidable force,” said trump, use sex to his fall.

Trump said his “faithful followers” that his advisers need to focus on the core economic issues. But, like, I don’t like this, not to give his critics in the face.

“My people all the time telling me, “Oh, don’t talk about sex! Talk about employment, about the economy”. But I feel that it is necessary to speak about this, when someone says something — metal thunder and lightning trump. — Fortunately, I have been given microphones. And I can object. But other people can’t.”

When the number of Friday increased by two, trump accused them of a “total lie”. Across the state rushed trunovskoe “Lie! Lies! A lie!” About two “Fridays” our “Robinson” publicly stated that they are of no interest, as their ugliness repels.

“Believe me, — said trump. — This woman would never be my first choice,” referring to Jessica Leeds, claiming now that she is already 74 years old, that trump was harassing her on the plane. “Horrid woman!” — branded it the trump.

Got from trump and reporter of the magazine “People” Natasha Stoynoff, which accused him that during the interview he was physically “get” her. “Check her Facebook and you will understand,” — said trump.

“Flew” and Hillary Clinton is speaking about the second debate, she claimed that trump was primal her across the field. “Believe me,’ replied the tramp. — I’m not impressed its footprints”.

Fighting off the attacks injured women, trump ironically suggested one of them to make the same accusations against the… President Obama. “Why some women who appear and make false accusations against me, don’t make them about Obama?” asked of the Republican candidate.

And although trump promised to present evidence to refute women accusing him of indecent acts, in the course of his stay in North Carolina, he never did. Same thing on filing a lawsuit against the newspaper. No one, including The New York Times, trump while the court is not filed.

New charges have been filed against Trump women he insulted by the actions belongs to a certain Christine Anderson, who was interviewed by the newspaper “Washington post”. It turns out that in 1990 some nightclub trump climbed under her skirt and began feeling her genitals.

Trump, denying Mrs. Anderson, he was elected, however, some form of protection. He said that the accusation is a lie because he goes to night clubs not one.

Another woman — “Friday” summer Servos, which participated in trunovskom TV show “the Doctrine”, said at a press conference in Los Angeles that trump was trying to seduce her during a dinner at the hotel in 2007. He groped her, grudem and clung to her “hip part” of his body. Curiously, a Republican, Zerwas spoke at a press conference under the control of the wand of glorin Allred, Democrat, and secular ladies of the delegate on behalf of Hillary.

A few hours later, trump denied this charge 40-year-old Servos, saying that he has never met in a hotel. Trump took advantage of this opportunity that would, as he put it, “to convey my message to the American people.” And what was his message? That he’s not tapping women!

But I’m curious. His “message” which comes to the Republicans — a true “trapistov”, further strengthens their belief in their leader. They are a pleasure to watch as he “destroys his hammer, the Washington wall.”

Democrats, naturally, say that this accusation of women against trump “disqualifiziert” him as a presidential candidate. In this sense, a severe blow to the Trump struck the first lady, Michelle Obama. She threw into the scales all his authority and appeal to brand trump as simultaneously misogynist and, as a don Juan. Not by chance the very next day, many cartoonists drew the heart of trump, pierced high heels Michelle.

Cecile Richard, President of the organization “Planned parenthood” and a prominent supporter of Hillary, predicts that the women of America “will rise 8 November against trump”. “If they already were sure that trump is advancing on them, vengeful monster, they are forced with every insult that comes out of his mouth, do that our country will get the President is a feminist.”

As for Republicans, many of them, mostly members of the establishment for distanciruemsa from trump, to save their seats in Congress and in other bodies of power and prestige. Did, for example, Senator Patrick Toomey, who is trying to get re-elected in Pennsylvania. So did a Republican Claudia tenney, seeking to knock out of the saddle democratic Senator. Its advertising says that it “will be a barrier against Hillary Clinton,” which will be the President of the United States.

As for the main media enemy of the trump of the newspaper “new York times”, then against it, he found a new weapon — its main individual investor, Mexican billionaire Carlos slim. The reporters of “the new York times,” trump says, is a “corrupt corporate lobbyists Carlos slim and Hillary Clinton.” No media is not corrupt because “the struggling New York Times” — said trump.

Here, apparently, trump stepped on the sore spot of The New York Times. Her Keeper and publisher Arthur Sulzberger had to act with a special refutation. It says: “Carlos slim gorgeous holder of shares, which fully respects the boundaries of the independence of our journalism. He never tried to influence what we report”. Well, not Carlos slim, and Santa Claus!

The more decrease interest filed for trump in the polls, beshennie his attacks on Clinton media and women. There is, however, another antithrombosis conspirator in the person of the Areopagus “international bankers”. They are all holding hands, trying to block Trump the way to the White house.

Well, trump is responsible for this conspiracy call “Lock her up!” — “Lock her up in a jail cell.”

Melor STURUA in Minneapolis


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