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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Scientists told about the aliens that feed on radiation

A very unusual microorganism discovered in South Africa, has forced scientists to reconsider their views on what could be aliens. Astrobiologists have suggested that the inhabitants of other planets can obtain energy from the radiation threat is contained in cosmic rays and destructive for most of the earth’s life forms.

photo: pixabay.com

The bacterium Desulforudis audaxviator species was discovered by experts at a depth of 2.8 km, and was able to maintain their livelihoods without access to such important “resources”, such as light, oxygen and carbon. The energy needed for life, the bacterium gets from the decaying near deposits of radioactive uranium. According to researchers, this may mean that “eat” radiation can and some organisms on other planets, especially when you consider that cosmic rays contained in excess.

As explained by American scientist Dimitra Artie, until now it was assumed that, as living organisms on the Earth, and the inhabitants of other planets receive energy in one of two basic ways — either by recycling it light and essential substances through photosynthesis or eating other living beings, replenishing their own energy with them. However, Desulforudis audaxviator demonstrate a third way. Although these microorganisms, some aspects of the radiation is also harmful, the resulting energy is enough to “heal this damage and to maintain their own livelihoods and even multiply.

According to scientists, it cannot be excluded that somewhere in space there could well be entities that receive energy from cosmic rays — streams of elementary particles and nuclei of atoms moving at high energies in outer space. The earth from much of this radiation the magnetosphere protects the planet. It is worth noting that the same cosmic rays are believed to be able to become one of the main problems faced by the members of the first expedition to Mars. With a considerable probability of radiation will, in particular, threaten the heart and brain of people.


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