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Monday, February 19, 2018

Russian secret weapon: how you can suppress ABOUT the United States

The aggravation of international relations is becoming more and more similar to the new arms race. It is clear that a nuclear war nobody wants, but the desire to get a military advantage over the enemy is quite clear. And here’s the start talking about weapons based on new physical principles. What kind of weapons? And what are the new physical principles underlie its creation?

In Russia, the number of samples of ultra-modern weapons, mostly electronic, is created on the new physical principles were shown in the exposition of military-technical forum “Army-2016”, held in September in Moscow. Most of these exhibits were closed to the public and was shown only to specialists. But the mere demonstration of such developments leads to the conclusion that the enterprises of the Russian defense industry are working, and even very advanced in the field of creation of such weapons.

photo: structure.mil.ru

The very concept of a weapon based on new physical principles (ONFP) is very conditional, because in most cases, using known physical principles, the new is only their application to weapons.

Military-political dictionary “War and peace” said that “in the early twenty-first century, such weapons are laser, accelerator, high-frequency, infrasonic, geophysical, cyber weapons and so on. According to their damaging properties of these weapons (at least some of its types) should be classified as weapons of mass destruction. Its use could lead to a new and dangerous revolutionary leap in military matters.”

Despite the complexity of the development and production of some types of these weapons, experts consider it quite promising, since in most cases it has the secrecy and suddenness of application, the ability to paralyze the system of command and control, incapacitate personnel and equipment.

Most often ENFP classified in the following way.

Laser weapon — a special kind of promising directed energy weapons based on the use of laser radiation for the destruction of people and the scrapping of military equipment (especially optical-electronic systems of intelligence and control arms).

Currently used only low-energy laser devices. Along with this experimentally verified the possibility of the power laser beam structural elements of military equipment, including buildings of ballistic missiles and other aircraft.

However, the appearance of armed troops and naval forces of the samples of this type of weapons is problematic because of its complexity, large energy consumption and other negative performance factors.

In 2010-2011, the U.S. Navy carried out tests of the solid-state laser, is designed to protect ships from small vessels. In addition, combat lasers are being developed air, ground and space-based.

Accelerator weapon (beam) — possible future weapons based on the use to engage manpower and military equipment of the streams or beams of elementary particles (atoms of hydrogen, helium, lithium, etc.).

Superhigh frequency (microwave) weapons — possible future type of weapon, based on the use of the lesion (mainly functional) electronic components in military equipment.

In the system of such weapons can be applied to the generators of microwave energy in the millimeter and centimeter wavelength ranges and their respective antenna systems, in combination forming a directional radiation. Usually refers to weapons of multiple use.

Along with this, a search for explosive generators are one-time actions and building of bombs (warheads of missiles), affecting domestic and military electronics at distances of tens of kilometers, which can make this weapon very effective. Most likely, it will appear on the armament as a deterrent against aggression.

Infrasonic weapon is a perspective view of weapons based on damaging impact on the human body sound vibrations low (from a few to 30 Hz) frequencies. Can be used as a weapon of mass destruction.

Cyber weapons — specific software tools designed to control, destabilize or interfere in the work of information systems and computer networks of the enemy to suppress communications, political campaigning, incapacitate controlled by computer weapons, solve other issues.

Geophysical weapons — possible future weapons, the damaging effects of which is associated with the initiation of catastrophic natural events (changes in the ozone layer, the climatic conditions, provoking earthquakes, etc.). However, the development of such weapons is related to the solution of several difficult problems, so his appearance is possible only in the long term, however, the experiments, including the public, in the field of engineering the weather is underway.


New types ENFP not always aim for victory over the enemy by destruction. That is why such weapons are often called non-lethal (non-lethal).

Individual samples of such weapons have been used in armed conflicts in Somalia, Haiti, Iraq.

Thus, during the operation “desert Storm” was used electromagnetic weapons, means of delivery which the targets were cruise missiles “Tomahawk”. As a consequence, any short circuit in electric power plants and power lines that ultimately led to the disruption of power supply control systems and air defense of Iraq in a crucial period of the operation.

Also, the US has developed laser oslepitel “saber 203”, which could be installed in 40-mm grenade launcher. The experimental sample was used in 1995 in Somalia. Laser oslepitel had American troops in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

During the military actions of NATO in Yugoslavia tested a number of samples of non-lethal weapons, such as: “graphite”, light, acoustic and electromagnetic bomb, the bomb, creating an unbearable smell, laser devices, sticky foam. The first use of “graphite” bombs NATO planes knocked out for a few hours two thirds of the power system of Serbia.

At the initiative of the USA within NATO a special working group for the coordination of military-applied research in the field of nonlethal weapons. The priority areas include the study of such species, which cause enemy collapse (sharp decline in activity), loss of spatial orientation, loss of consciousness, pain.


Is there work in the field of creation of such weapons in Russia?

In answering this question, it should be noted that the weapon on new physical principles are very actively developed during the Soviet times. Moreover, in some areas we have around here, US at least 15 years.

For example, Marshal Dmitri Ustinov in his time proposed to apply the laser package to support the American space Shuttle. And 10 October 1984, during the 13th flight of the “Challenger”, when the orbit passed over the area of Balkhash, the experiment took place. The laser radar measured parameters of the target when operating in the detection mode with minimal output power. The height of the orbit of the ship was 365 km, the slant range detection and tracking — 400-800 km.

As a result, the Shuttle suddenly disconnected connection, any failures in the hardware, and the astronauts feel unwell. When the Americans began to understand what had happened, I realized that the crew has undergone some artificial influence from the Soviet Union. Was declared an official protest. In the future, laser system and electronic systems with high energy potential, to accompany the Shuttle was not used.

In the 90-ies all work in the polygon were stopped, equipment removed to the territory of Russia, some of the objects exploded. However, the experience obtained as a result of the program, not lost.

Since the beginning of the 2000s begins, the commissioning of new complexes: “Window” — mountain Sanglok (Nurek in Tajikistan), and “Window”- a mountain Bald in the far East. And introduced the “Crown” in the North Caucasus and “Krona-N” — as in the far East.

More recently, work on the same object can be observed in the Crimea near Feodosia. Their functions are, of course, labeled as purely peaceful — “measuring optical-electronic systems support space objects”.

Another example. In the Soviet Union in 1985 on the basis of the Il-76 was created by the A-60 aircraft, which was an experimental flying laboratory, a carrier of laser weapons designed to study laser beam propagation in the upper atmosphere, and further to suppress the enemy intelligence.

A-60 consists of a aircraft carrier variant of megawatt laser. This laser is planned for removal in space as a weapon orbital weapon platform “SKIF-D”.

However, in the 90-ies as a result of “democratic reforms” the majority of the work in this area has been minimized. And some of the developments, and quite large, was directly transferred to the United States.

Again refer to the subject of weapons based on new physical principles, Russia had relatively recently when it became clear that ABOUT US is not just a new military system is a technological breakthrough. And it is based just up the system with new combat characteristics, based on new principles.

For example, ground-based interceptor system, which provides a defeat ballistic missile warheads at a distance of several thousand kilometers without an explosion by a direct hit by a damaging element. That is, at a distance of 2-3 or 5 thousand miles this interceptor needs to provide a target the size of a refrigerator.

This, of course, laser systems, beam systems, that is, the same weapons based on new physical principles of target engagement by direct transfer of kinetic and radiation, the beam of energy.

If to draw analogies, from the point of view of historical Parallels the creation of a missile defense system can be compared with the transition from bow and arrow to firearms. That is why Russia to compete with the United States, it is also necessary to move in this new era.

Here the priority is a number of ways. First and foremost, this is again of the laser system, which must solve the task of destroying ballistic missiles as well as dynamic aircraft in the framework of its own missile defense system.

Another direction of development of weapons based on new physical principles are electromagnetic bombs and other electromagnetic weapons. In recent years Russia has made substantial progress in this direction.

It is first and foremost may be the power stations of radio-electronic suppression of continuous operation. They, acting on the input circuit of radio-electronic devices, lead to combustion, the output of the system.

And the Russian military has repeatedly demonstrated its combat capabilities in the field of new weapons. In particular, during the Crimean events, and then in the United States serious scandal: how the Kremlin fooled not only the intelligence analysts of the United States, but also military satellites, which followed the Crimea? Why intelligence agencies missed the appearance of “polite people” on the Peninsula? The Pentagon was forced to admit that Russia has made substantial progress in the latest technology because its military was able to “hide” from us tracking systems.

Today in the theme of the EW Russia occupies a leading position: according to the technique that placed on the aircraft, we are the United States go head to head, and as for ground stations, they are now the best in the world.

A number of these best examples were shown in a closed exposure of the military-technical forum “Army-2016” in the Park “Patriot”.


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