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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Putin want to send the maternity capital

The Russian government is determined to wrest from the hands of President Putin, one of its main banners — the parent capital. In the bowels of the White house is preparing a bill to freeze until 2020. The document proposes to suspend the provision of the law “On additional measures of state support of the families having children”, according to which the size of the parent capital is annually revised taking into account the rate of inflation. At the same time, according to the bill, “under the hand” can get heroes of the Soviet Union, Russia and the liquidators of the Chernobyl disaster.

photo: pixabay.com

To give mothers who decided to have a second child, a considerable matkapital suggested Vladimir Putin on the equator of his second term. And since 1 January 2007 all mothers who have given birth to a second child, got 250 thousand rubles. This action brought the rating of Putin on the cosmic heights, which were repeated only in 2014 in connection with the annexation of Crimea.

However, already then, in 2007, the government (at the time — specifically Finance Minister Kudrin) was a sabotage: these mother’s money was not allowed to just take and spend. They decided to only issue under the mortgage, housing, education and commercial medical services. So many moms the money is not spent, but they have increased annually. Now it is not 250 thousand, as many as 453 thousand. And that capital growth may turn upon the request of the government.

What it is: a step the President or the acknowledgement that our economic crisis is even deeper than we thought? This “MK” asked the doctor of economic Sciences, former Minister of labour and social development Oksana Dmitrieva. She believes that this bill simply will not provide budget savings, and will cause economic damage.

“Freezing is a harmful thing because the maternity capital program was one of the few truly effective. Ninety percent of mothers spent it on improving housing conditions. This social effect, and investing in the Russian construction market, the growth of the GDP.

This is one of the very few programs that targeted young people. We must not forget that we have the poorest young families with children. And the main birth control is — living conditions. The program netcapital, on the contrary, we need to expand: to stimulate not only the birth of a second child, but the creation of families and the birth of the first child.

I don’t know how to evaluate the freeze shot from a political point of view. Perhaps, the ruling party considered the results of the election are so good that you can now do anything.

But sometimes it seems to me that the financial block of the government behaves like a funny girl driving, which confuses the pedals and presses the gas instead of the brake. Well all it is clear that the main reason for our crisis — reduction of solvency of the population. Shrink further exacerbates the crisis. And the government is to press on the gas, putting on the brake.

— This has selfish intent of government officials?

— I will answer evasively. These officials are concerned only with those issues which they personally suffer. Everyone knows that in the budget there are a number of completely ineffective costs, but they do not contract. The budget includes feeding financial intermediaries and lots of incomprehensible. It is necessary to reduce financial fraud. But the optimization of budget expenditures is due to the fact those that could solve social problems and to push the country out of the crisis.

In General, continuing this logic the former Minister, one could even talk about the beginning of the next “fluctuations in tandem,” when the government wants to hurt the President. This has already happened.

However, personally, I have another version that is more optimistic than Oksana Genrihovna. In recent weeks, in the information field was thrown a few cannibalistic, from my point of view, legislative initiatives, for example, banning abortion, baby-boxes and free medical care to the unemployed. But then… then, in fact, the microphones went out Putin said that this law still need to discuss, and not to take in a hurry. That is, put a barrier.

Perhaps this time we will be faced with a publicity stunt: a good President will deter the evil intent of the government.


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