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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Problems RT creates a Bank controlled by the British government

Apparently, the British authorities expect us to lock accounts bi-Bi-si in Russia, suggested one of the Russian senators. This could be a response to the closing of Bank accounts of Russia Today TV channel in England. However, active audience RT in Britain are encouraged to respond to this move differently.

Monday morning editor MIA “Russia today” TV channel Russia Today (RT) Margarita Simonyan said that all the accounts of canal in Britain is blocked. “We closed the accounts in Britain. All of the accounts. “The decision is not subject to revision”. Long live freedom of speech!” – posted by Simonyan in his Twitter.

“Everyone knows that the official channels have a narrow range of views. For me, RT has played an important role as an element of pluralism”

“Any claims on the part of financial regulators, from the Bank, on the part of anyone who may be related to financial, economic, business issues, there was never. We are clean, clear, clear, clear activity”, – quotes its TASS.

According to the website, the Bank will cease to provide services in a month. “The Bank has revised the contract on providing You banking services and came to the conclusion that it can no longer provide You such services,” wrote RT in providing services to the National Westminster Bank.

As Simonyan told the newspaper OPINION, for it is quite obvious that blocking is a political decision, “the result is a wild pressure at RT in Europe and the UK in recent times”. “Our channel is openly calling for a boycott, close and otherwise interfere with his work. Natwest Bank, by the way, is a group of Royal Bank of Scotland, a significant portion of which is owned by the British government,” she said. However, Simonyan says that the broadcasting channel in the UK, this lock will not change, – “we work in a usual mode”.

The political scientist Anton Khashchenko sees a connection between locking accounts with NatWest Bank and a burning desire of the British government by any means “to eliminate the voice of Russia” in their own country. According to the analyst, “NatWest (National Westminster Bank) since 2000, is operated by Royal Bank of Scotland Group, which, in turn, is controlled by the UK government through UK Financial Investments, which owns 73% of the Bank. UK Financial Investments, a special tool was created in 2008 to manage the assets of the Ministry of Finance of Britain. “Really, why go the hard way of competition in the area of dissemination of information, when it’s so easy, hands controlled Bank to create problems out of the blue?” – rhetorically asks Khashchenko in his Facebook, adding: “E – democracy. Fabulous democracy”.

We will remind that it not the first similar case. Last year English media regulator Ofcom said that RT is supposedly inaccurate and biased covered the war in Ukraine and Syria. And Barclays Bank has frozen the accounts of the MIA “Russia today” in the UK, saying the Agency is headed by Dmitry Kiselyov, who is listed in the black list of the European Union.

Wave of information attacks by Western media on Rosvopaisti the University of Kent Richard Sakwa noted that the UK authorities “very suspicious” refers to the broadcasting of RT, “but I’m always surprised how many people watch RT and they have a positive opinion about the channel”. “Everyone knows that the official channels have a narrow range of views. For me, RT has played an important role as an element of pluralism. That blocked account, is a scandal,” said the British political scientist newspaper VIEW.

According to him, the recent European liberalism became less liberal, and what happened with RT “proves it”. “This is information warfare, until information. But we use the word “war”. There is a danger that it gradually turns into something serious. It’s a big, giant escalation. And its end is unknown,” – said the analyst.

Do not “eye for an eye”, just sue

Richard Sakwa does not exclude that Moscow may take any measures against bi-Bi-si (BBC). “This is probably because the mood in Moscow is also sometimes militant. Relations with Britain are so bad that it’s possible. But I think it should be easy to react and try to solve the problem through the courts. The Professor called on the channel to start a lawsuit. “The court here is still independent. So there’s a chance that the account will be unlocked through the judicial process. But the fact that the account was locked – it’s scary,” he complained.

The first Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security Frants Klintsevich questioned the need for Russia’s retaliatory measures. “I wonder what kind of reaction is expected from us by the British authorities. Apparently, the blocking of accounts bi-Bi-si in Russia. But this move is too obvious, and I’m not sure that it should be done. At least pause here would certainly not prevent”, – said the Senator.

“The arrest of the accounts of television that just really covers the events, including in the middle East, in Europe and in the UK, it’s chaos,” – said “Interfax” the Deputy head of the Duma Committee on information policy Alexander Yushchenko, however, expressed hope that the bill will unlock in the near future.

The Union of journalists of Russia (szhr) has also condemned the blocking of the accounts RT, by sending a request in this regard to the European Federation of journalists, the International Federation, the national Union of journalists of UK and Ireland, other partner organizations, said Secretary of the Russian Union of journalists, Vice-President of the European Federation of journalists Nadezhda Azhgikhina.

Director of the Moscow Bureau for human rights Alexander Brod called the blocking of the accounts attempting to paralyze the work of the channel. In his opinion, lawyers must appeal the Bank’s actions, it is also worth to inform about this situation the international human rights organization. The head of the Public chamber Commission on development of public diplomacy and support of compatriots abroad Elena sutormina appealed to the OSCE representative on freedom of the media Dunya Mijatovic with a request to give a legal assessment to the lock.

Popular among taxi drivers and lawyers

Living in London, the former main lawyer of YUKOS, a visiting Professor at Westminster University Dmitry Gololobov recognizes that programs RT watching a lot of British.

“I have personally recommended his colleague, English lawyer, this channel. He looked transmission and said could not give their point of view inadequate,” Gololobov said the newspaper VIEW. “People think another point also needs to be raised, and appreciate that they have access to an alternative point of view. Although many jokingly call RT “Putin’s propaganda”, but this is a joke,” explained the lawyer.

The Gololobov noted that along with educated British Russian TV channel is very popular among the low-middle class (lower middle class). “These people just use the RT as a replacement for the same BBC and perceive the “picture” is less critical. In particular, RT love the look of the London taxi drivers,” he said.

As for the criticism of the channel from the government, then, according to Gololobova, she finds a response in these strata. “The British do tend to treat their government as the throng of people speaking unrelated to real life stuff,” – said the lawyer.

Among the ten world

A month ago the world service Bi-bi-si has addressed to Parliament with the request to help to compete with RT, increasing Russian-language broadcasting. In the letter, which was in possession of RT, bi-Bi-si laments the high rates of views RT and YouTube.

In March of this year, the tenth anniversary of the channel RT, the company Ipsos conducted a study according to which more than 36 million people watch RT in 10 European countries each week. There’s RT to the results of the study among the five largest panregional news channels among the ten measure – CNN, BBC World News, Euronews, Sky News, France 24, Al Jazeera, Deutsche Welle TV, CCTV (China) and NHK (Japan). So, in the US, RT is one of the five most popular international news channels among the same ten media included in the study. The audience of the channel in this country, more than 8 million viewers a week.

In the evening intervened in the situation and the Russian foreign Ministry, promising to demand from the British authorities for clarification. “This situation entails insurmountable obstacles for the normal functioning of the TV channel in the UK, creating a background to see in this step, the Bank agreed with the official London campaign to eliminate uncomfortable for British officialdom, but the popular among the British public a news resource”, – emphasized on Smolensk square.

Earlier, foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov called the attempts of some governments to hinder the work of the RT evidence of the effectiveness of the channel.

However, London has chosen to say that has nothing to do with the scandal. “The decision of the NatWest Bank on the closing of RT is an internal affair of the Bank,” dryly reported about it the representative of the Prime Minister.


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