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Monday, February 19, 2018

On the anniversary of Viktor Drobysh Glory showed Zyuganov naked buttock

Composer and producer Victor Drobysh on his jubilee creative evening in Moscow, held in the crowded ten-thousandth arena, told the story of childhood, instructive and touching. Secretly from parents it went to “rubber boots” to enroll in a music school. And entered only from the company of musical and concerned friends from the yard.

The mother later about what had happened, began to scold the son for folly. On the contrary, she came out from the car (in the Soviet times such an act might be a hopeless diagnosis for a psychiatrist), and with the money bought a young Vito piano.

“And it was her best business project in my life!” – not without a kind of irony summed up 50-year-old hit maker, on the anniversary of which gathered as the idle crowd and the cream of society very different fat content. Huge hall and the distinguished guests awarded the mother of the composer with a standing ovation for parental love, human wisdom and farsightedness.

Victor Drobysh and Stas Mikhailov. Photo courtesy of the production center of Viktor Drobysh

The wisdom and far-sightedness turned out to be a hereditary trait of the genus Drobysha. Not only because he saw a spark in Stas Pieha when everyone thought for angularly unsure young man “is” only grandma Edita, and not talent (legendary grandmother, by the way, if, that is, neither sleep nor spirit did not know where suffered granddaughter).

And even because Mr. Drobysh, believing in those whom he once chose, not just stays with them in the friends “for life”, and achieves the main result is the recognition of the audience. In spite of everything.

Photo courtesy of the production center of Viktor Drobysh

So it was with Zara, and with Abraham Russo, and Alexander Kogan, and “buranovskie Grandmothers”, and Jasenia and Ivan Ohm (Alexander Ivanov). Newly-made song project with the star of “Univer” Nastassja Samburski and club “thing” Miss Sounday, it seems, will not change the established creative life… Every trend was initially “the big question and doubt – where and how to attach how to find a niche”, according to composer and producer. Secrets of the genre and the kitchen is the profession involved in his case on personal affection and human friendship…

However, the true aesthetic pleasure can be experienced by all philosophizing foodie, watching the main Orthodox Communist of all Russia and an admirer of Stalin comrade. Zyuganov, sitting in the VIP orchestra seats overdressed among the Bohemian elite (under Stalin it would not have survived!), otkladyvat palms child trio leads Drobysh, Angelica Maslova and Sony Rothenberg, which, by the affection of the audience, sang, sitting on the Royal tronica the song “148 princes.”

Photo courtesy of the production center of Viktor Drobysh

Yes, you read that right, two of the members of the trio – the offspring of those same oligarchs, who as a class wants to nationalize in their nightly dreams and vigils, the leader of the Redskins.

But while “daddy ZYU” was forced to clap and blonde cutie Sonya and overage singer Glory. While on the stage, has not yet returned the dictates of party committees with the mandatory performance of the songs “Lenin was so young” and “Love, Komsomol and spring”, so lightly-cabalista Glory performed “especially” for a party leader that was strong sagerock of “Red”.

The text meant is not the color party banner guest of a party, but a dress exciting color, but since the color of passion and the Communist “cheeky” in this case coincide, the video spun-spun stung like a top Kremlin ruby star…

photo: youtube.com

And glory in the sheer red negligee circling-meandered near the chair with Zyuganov and docrails, the virgin, till the bared buttock. Realizing for the confusion (the artist is forever – the buttocks, as it is now, xixia, as at the festival, suddenly fall publicly), the singer did not hesitate and shook the arena with his trademark thunder and horse’s whinny. And who now doubts the wisdom of a sophisticated composer Drobysh?! Bordering on deceit.

Viktor Yakovlevich, not without pleasure told the story about the flight attendant who asked him about flying to your favorite song. The composer had wrinkled his forehead, tried to remember the songs and finally opted for the “Mom” of “Klenovskoe” Bohemian Rhapsody. “What my song is your favorite?”, – asked the composer in response. “No!”, with unpretentious candor admitted the flight attendant. Well, that door on the plane during the flight is blocked, but it would hit maker dropped out. “Aren’t any?!, – not believing my ears, I decided to get to the truth Victor, And “I don’t believe you”, “She’s not yours”, “the Colour of your love”?”.

“Did you wrote this?! – turn to marvel at the fairy of heaven, But we all flight crew thought you were just the singer write that we don’t like!”. The name “unloved” stewardesses singer Mr. Drobysh did not disclose, besides, it was never out of his “coop” and made for itself a shocking conclusion – the PR is lame!

I must admit that even for the audience gathered at the anniversary evening of the Maestro, some of the “stuff” was still a revelation, in the sense that, it turns out, came from his pen. And collected in the framework of one show made the audience a great impression – from the frivolous in the view of many of the author Schlager trinkets Mr. Drobysh suddenly turned to the finale of the evening in one of the monumental pillars of the national stage. Therefore, PR has yet to work seriously!

However, of those, thanks to whom he became “famous and rich” to provide special needs were not. From his youth writing songs, the musician and composer always ambitious “waited for a big fish bite” because she was afraid “insensitive attitude to their music.” And “fish”after the bait, and even what! Alla Borisovna light!

But not Everything called timid of the author then “on the carpet”, she was another “minus” – to move dochu, to sculpt her image and reputation. “Light your love” was for Christina Aguilera another successful step in expressive creative evolution, and for Victor Christina was the “guiding star and lifesaver”. Then almost came back from being “broken husband” (former, not current!) Valeria, and the beginning of a new time in her life started Timer. Since then, the creative and life path of the “Holy Trinity” intertwined in a tight knot, and on the anniversary show all their joy was at a glance.

Of course, Stas Mikhailov, Grigory Leps, “Empress” Irina Allegrova performed the function of heavy artillery, ruidosonew the remnants of anyone’s doubt about the status, weight, relevance and importance of the author-producer-hero of the day.

Meanwhile, the celebrant admitted: “I never liked the genre of the duets, but all the time it happened. And I stuck the label is the “king of duets”!” That is, in the list of kings on the pop scene, so arrived. However, many star duets, which in recent years has really in many ways shaped the musical landscape of our pop Kingdom, has filled the stage storytelling anniversary show, almost epic drama.

However, the real discovery of the evening was Olga Sergeeva, the singer, who once did not even auditioned in “the Voice” – to the question about the equivalence of the so-called “promotion” and genuine talent. Not imagining a big star, she came on stage in everyday business, in the deep dress “on the floor” did not constitute even a hint of the usual pop frivolity, took the microphone and with such meaningful emotion, poignant drama and a minimum of three octaves were dying of “Thirst” that obvious was the presence on stage of the singer’s vocal and emotional scale Lara Fabian, Adele and Celine Dion combined. Quite a pleasing “import substitution”! Hall groaned and itched from the needles on the skin, and Victor Drobysh when it demanded an immediate record of the technical and artistic parameters of the artist to the record books, and in this case, the joke had a significant share of the truth.

The surprises continued for the night. The producer playfully figured, one of his proteges “provide” him a pension in the future, and it became clear that, in approaching advanced age with a youthful smile (smirk?) Joe, metro Drobysh is not easy and only starts to accelerate loss once PR. Flight attendants, tremble! It is good news. Sometimes a Scarecrow. But in any case it was entertaining, informative and instructive…


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