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Saturday, March 17, 2018

In the Tretyakov gallery found Marilyn Monroe in the arms of Stalin

On the third floor of the Tretyakov gallery in Krymsky Val has spread to the sculptures of the father of the Sots art Leonid Sokov. He brought tete-a-tete images of Soviet and Western civilizations, the “walking man” Giacometti with a monument to Lenin, Marilyn Monroe with Stalin, the bear with the “Vitruvian man” of Leonardo. To submit their 75-year-old master living in America, wanted as soon as he learned that his anniversary exhibition is taken to the main Russian gallery. He, like many, already do not expect from her boring tradition, having learned that if the Tretyakov gallery and linked with contemporary artists that speak their language bold, not afraid of experiments.

photo: Ksenia Korobeinikova

First meet in the newly opened courtyard gallery — truck in full size. It is a tribute to Malevich, the coffin with the black square instead of a picture of the deceased was carried on the hood of the truck. But the composition of juices — made of wood, so not like a hearse, and a hefty child’s toy. They, by the way, abound here: fancy monkeys, cats, owls, pigeons.

They look like animals, but far from the prototypes from the zoo, where the fence climbs often young, without a penny in his pocket, Leonid, to learn to draw birds. Having got the hand, he starts making modeling figurines animals for playgrounds. One of these — a goat — like creature Pablo Picasso. Its creativity Juices are learned from rare during the Soviet era books that brought his teacher Tsaplin familiar with Picasso.

photo: Ksenia Korobeinikova

The other masters, Giacometti, Juice borrowed the female Nude. The Swiss made a tiny girlish figures and put them in a matchbox. From Sokov, a series of female Nudes also made in small sizes, but that’s only because he cast them at home, on the knee. Subjected to censorship of the arts Council, in large format naked girls from lead was impossible to establish.

Critics and so-called artist village man, stroheim on the bench. But Sokov’s not broke, he went on Russian folklore, symbols of the Soviet Union to turn into a sculpture. Here in the door opening hang “Points for each Soviet person” with a frame in the form of five-pointed stars. With them side by side “a Device for measuring the nationality of the shape of the nose,” the wooden shirt and does the “Profile with a glass and a bottle.”

photo: Ksenia Korobeinikova
Leonid Sokov

Juices have outgrown the social direction, finding a replacement for him in politics. Was wisecracking, not vulgar, but a true satirist. The proof — Lenin develops wings Letatlin or argues with the exhausted man Giacometti, Marilyn Monroe in the arms of Stalin…

photo: Ksenia Korobeinikova

— Leonid Petrovich, today, you are not straitened in the limits of the social art?

— Sots-art — a temporary phenomenon, but that doesn’t make it bad. Many people mistakenly believe he is a political art, although it is primarily the destruction of socialist realism, without the formal violence, and with the help of the transfer of the principles of socialist realism in a different context, seasoned with irony. Many believe that the social art is over, because no more base of socialist realism — the Soviet Union. But the social art is alive, still alive, nourishing it absurd.


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