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Thursday, March 15, 2018

In the state Duma has determined that the MP called a crook

Deputies of the state Duma all-taki will forbid to transfer his vote to his colleagues in the attorney, and the ban applies to all meetings of the Duma Council, and committees, and plenary. Amendments to the regulations made by the leadership of the faction “United Russia”, October 17, approved by the relevant Committee. But no special penalties for truants is not available.

photo: Dmitry Katerinov

“MK” wrote about the initiative of Vladimir Vasiliev, Andrey Isaeva and Sergey Neverov, designed to make public which of the deputies shall vote in person and who virtual, passing by proxy the right to dispose of his card for e-voting friend in the faction. The draft resolution proposes to remove any mention of powers of attorney from the text of the rules of the Duma.

Now in the Duma Council (the body comprised of voting the speaker and Vice-speakers at its meetings, determines the agenda of the meetings), the quorum is based on warrants, which left the missing members, and voting in the powers of attorney equated to the “living” voice. The committees are entitled to determine whether to participate in the work of the absent, and in most of them it is possible. Except that in the Committee on budget and taxes counted only the real presence… In the plenary vote by proxy — the usual case, and information about how many powers are left to this day, is not disclosed.

In addition, the rules are widely interpret the concept of “good reason”, and it allows the voice to pass: this trip, and participation in the implementation of the instructions of the state Duma and Council of the state Duma, and “enforcement of civil obligations provided by the legislation of the Russian Federation” and illness, vacation, child birth, marriage registration, death of close relatives, other family circumstances, and even the mysterious “force majeure”. In the case of the amendments proposed “ER”, which inevitably, as winter, the only valid reason justifying the absence in the Duma, will become only “temporary disability”, that is, the disease.

However, as reported by “MK” Andrey Isaev at a meeting of the Presidium of the faction decided to further discuss whether to recognize a valid cause of “participation in the official delegations.” But in any case the Deputy is absent, even for valid, though a valid reason to vote can’t. But he will state if desired, its position on a particular issue in writing, it will be included in the transcript of the meeting and thereby manifest…

Apparently, to vote, United Russia will and other factions. Head of the Committee on labor and social policy Yaroslav Nilov told “MK” that the liberal democratic party supports the motion in the direction of restoring order. “It is unacceptable that the Chairman of the Committee controlling powers of attorney, and the hearing in person, there are two or three people”, — he explained, and excuses like “I left my card, and she voted against my will” will no longer work.

But, I noticed, Mr. Nilov, the deputies of the different load: “One thing the speaker, the leader of the faction or the head of the Committee, another ordinary MP. Sometimes in the days of plenary meetings, the President invites the leadership of the Duma and factions to their events, and meetings of government can be…”

The first Deputy head of Committee on labour and social policy Nikolai Kolomeitsev (CPRF) called the proposals “a PR-amendments” and recalled that it was at the suggestion of “ER” in the rules a few years ago, it was written right to transfer the votes by proxy for good reasons.

He told how he had raised this issue at the plenary meeting after visiting the meeting of the property Committee in the fourth convocation of the Duma (2003-2007), where 22 members of the Committee live sat only three. Mr. Kolomeitsev skeptical: “in six months you will see how again there will be people and will sit there the authors of this initiative…”

Skepticism of the Deputy based on rich life experience, nothing hinders to register in the morning, activating the card, and then leave her and go till evening. Or Vice versa: to appear in the hall only at 17.00, by the early hours of voting.

And you can do not appear: the MPs say that many people leave the card in jobs in the plenary hall for the night or even a few days. And a special problem is to write a card to a colleague the day before without any power of attorney, either, they say.

“That’s cheating!” said Mr. Isaev, hearing the well-known enumeration of the possibilities to circumvent the stringent requirements and assured that in fraction “EP” control for personal appearance will be exactly.

By the way, in the draft resolution says nothing about responsibility for the absence in the Duma events. The head of the Committee on rules and organization of work of the Duma Olga Savastianova (“ER”) told journalists that this issue was raised at the Committee meeting on Monday with deputies from the liberal democratic party and “CP”.

But most Committee members felt that enough of the law passed at the end of last convocation, which permitted the factions and committees to take the initiative ahead of schedule to deprive of the mandate of deputies systematically within 30 days obligations.

It is worth noting that this law is a sword of Damocles that can fall on the head of a negligent Deputy, and can not fall…


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