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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

In the room Dovlatov in Saint Petersburg settled migrants

The organizers of the celebrations of the 75th anniversary of the birth of Sergei Dolotova intend to buy it at the Museum of the St. Petersburg communal apartment, where he lived, on Rubinsteina street, 23, declaring a “national” fundraiser. Pre-purchase of an apartment will need 100 thousand euros. The main task — to buy two rooms, which was occupied by the family Dulatovich. Wishing to help this cause in the city enough, confident activists. Only here the apartment is already attacking realtors and con artists of all stripes, who have known the premises — your.

photo: Anastas Semenovich

Around the house and then heard the talk about Dovlatov. Entering the courtyard, you hear a fragment of another tour: “Dovlatova very long lived in this house. He left because he was not published…” In the yard constantly a lot of people: everyone wants to go “visit” to the writer.

I go to the front in the middle of the left wing, trying to call on the intercom in apartment No. 34, where he lived Dovlatov. Soon come two intelligent-looking women wishing to get into the house for the same purpose. “Here, maybe a journalist will come inside” — I hope they are.

photo: Anastas Semenovich

One of the tenants coming back from the store, opened the door for us. Dmitry, the owner of one of the rooms “apartments Dovlatov,” admitted to the correspondent that after the holiday “Day D” “comes a lot of people — realtors, crooks, everyone says they “directly from investors.” From the city authorities no one, officials still. And these crooks want there or a hotel, or hostel to do.” About the plans of the organizers of the “D-Day” to do in the apartment, the Museum and the amount of the purchase of housing up to 100 thousand euros Dmitry with his wife Natalia first heard from the correspondent of “MK”.

We speak the same Dovlatov’s kitchen where nothing has changed and has not been repaired since the time of the writer (or even longer, judging by the condition of the ceiling). Dmitry explains that that is why the Museum is here to do is very easy: do not need anything to repair, just to evict tenants.

photo: Anastas Semenovich

All rooms except the one opposite the kitchen, living tenants, mostly migrants. The couple say that in one of the rooms spelled out a Aslan, who illegally occupied the famous “common” area with a huge oven. It is positioned as the “Dovlatov”, although in fact the writer will simply there equipped area to work on a typewriter.

“This room is shared, it cannot be an individual owner — continues to Dmitry. — When I designed the privatization of their room, I saw the documents that the furnace, stucco, and all the rest of it — the state property”. Aslan did in the flat spot repair — for example, put tiles in the bathroom down the corridor and stated that the repairs he must “recapture”. So I decided to take the room as their own.

At home the inhabitants of Dovlatov’s “office” turned out to be not so simple. Finally, once again came to the apartment at the end of the day I’m knocking at the door “shared” room. No “rise” of cots and the crowd not knowing a word of Russian migrants, which frightened my colleagues, here. The middle of the room free, it is clean enough. Corner separated by a curtain, there sleep two people. On the threshold I meets the third occupant of the room is Gayrat.

— Tell us where you come from. Lived here long?

— I’ve been here for a year, came from Uzbekistan. We’re renting housing three, the other two are sleeping. Sometimes I leave home.

— And you know what that flat when he settled here? Read Dovlatov?

— No, I just came to work. Then I saw on the house a plaque, and learned. Dovlatov I have not read, but the holiday saw. That day I worked, came in the evening, in time for the concert.

— How do you like the idea of creating the apartment Museum of Dovlatov?

— Yeah OK, let it be a Museum. It will be necessary — we move, we’re here today — gone tomorrow…

However, the Museum can not speak yet. After extensive “public relations campaign” home for him literally fighting realtors. “After the birth Dovlatov does all this began — confirms another occupant of the house, who came to spouses to visit. — Realtors directly attacked the flats in the house. We have — I live in the far front two realtor literally had a fight over the apartment. After all, the current law, the one who buys all the utilities and apartment, gets a subsidy from the state. So they are trying to buy up all the room.”

The house is really good: old stock, front and back stairs in working condition, nice yard, quiet street Rubinstein, rests on Nevsky prospect, good infrastructure around. And the state, it would seem to be matter to him. But those same 100 thousand euros are planning to collect by the authorities, relying only on people’s love to the writer. “MK” contacted one of the ideologists of the “D-Day” Lev Lurie to find out the details about the organization of the Museum.

— Taken from the sum of 100 thousand euros and really there really to buy an apartment?

— Everything is absolutely real, and this idea appeared when they installed a memorial plaque in 2008.

Importantly, according to Lurie, to buy the first two rooms — those that lived Dovlatov to there could go to people interested in creativity of the writer. Fully same apartment of this magnitude to actually buy about a year, he said.


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