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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Experts have estimated versions of the murder.

The murder of the commander of Donetsk militia Arseniy Pavlov with the Callsign “Motorola” has caused a strong reaction. Put forward various versions of what happened and its consequences. In the Donbass and Kiev, commenting on the death of Motorola, noted that whoever was behind the assassination, it marks the end of the already fragile truce.

In Donetsk people’s Republic declared three days of mourning in connection with the death of one of the most famous representatives of the Donetsk militia commander “Sparta” Arseny Pavlov Colonel with the call sign “Motorola”. This is stated in published on Monday the message of administration of the President.

“Arsene was confident in himself and his people. He laughingly responded to previous assassination attempts on him”

On the death of Pavlova became known on Sunday 16 October in the afternoon. In the evening information was confirmed by the leadership of the DNI. “According to preliminary data Motorola died in the terrorist operation of the Ukrainian DRG (sabotage and reconnaissance groups). When returning home, in the Elevator worked remote explosive device”, – reported in the Ministry of defence of the Republic.

“An improvised explosive device. The volunteer himself was previously in this moment in the epicenter of the explosion and suffered injuries incompatible with life”, – reported “Interfax” an informed source in the DPR. As reported by the Plenipotentiary of the President of the Parliament – people’s Council DNI Dennis Pushilin, the explosion, which killed Motorola wounds of various severity level have received several people.

Note that the message about the death of the famous commander of the militia coincided with the outbreak in the southern districts of the DPR by attack of the armed forces of Ukraine (AFU). Ukrainian security forces with the support of the militants of the nationalist battalion “Azov” began the attack at eight o’clock in the morning after a mortar and artillery barrage. During the battle, the attackers were driven back, losing, according to the information of Donetsk, five killed and ten wounded.

Repeatedly tried to “bury”

Arseny Pavlov – one of the most successful commanders of the Donetsk militia. In Slavyansk unit Motorola led the fighting in the village of Semenovka, this area was considered one of the most difficult on the front. During the retreat from Slavyansk unit Motorola defended positions near the town of mykolaivka, covering the retreat of the main forces.

Also a unit of Motorola “Sparta” participated in the liberation of the Donetsk airport from the Ukrainian security forces in January 2015.

After the departure of the militias from Slavyansk and rebase them in Donetsk Motorola was awarded the highest award of the DPR’s army – the George cross. September 20, 2014 in Donetsk was awarded the order “For military valor” of the 1st degree.


Motorola has repeatedly tried to “bury” Ukrainian media, but this information is refuted every time.

The Ukrainian side regularly accuses Pavlov that he is allegedly involved in the shooting of prisoners. On 14 June it became known that Interpol refused the security Service of Ukraine (SBU) in search of Pavlova.

In February of last year, the SBU has charged 33-year-old Pavlov accusations under several articles of the criminal code. A month before he was included in the list of Russians, against whom sanctions of the European Union, under the number 135 and he is banned entry to the EU.

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko made a personal promise to prosecute Arseniy Pavlov.

“No you will not be spared”

On Monday, the head of the DND Alexander Zakharchenko said that he already know who is the customer of murder of Motorola. “At the moment investigative measures, which will enable us to establish not only the person who ordered, we have already know about it, and who performed this murder. No mercy you will not believe me”, – quotes words of the head of the Republic of NTV.

Previously Zakharchenko said about the murder of Pavlov the Ukrainian security forces and intelligence services. The head of the Donetsk Republic also said that the attack on Pavlov Kiev broke the truce established by the Minsk agreements and declared war on the DNI.


The head of the Luhansk national Republic Igor Carpenter also believes that the murder of one of the leaders of the militia DND indicates that Kiev has chosen the path of war.

“In the interest of the Ukrainian side there is no doubt”

In conversation with the correspondent of the newspaper VIEW each of Arseniy Pavlov, Deputy Director of the radio station “Radio Kometa – Donetsk” Pavel Semchuk, expressed confidence that it happened in part because that killed himself insufficiently serious attitude to their own safety.

“Arsene was confident in himself and his people, – said Semchuk. – He laughingly responded to previous assassination attempts on him. Of course, after they were made certain conclusions, but as said the Motor: “In this life nothing can be foreseen”. The only thing he really feared, it is for the wife and children.”

Semchuk does not even consider the possibility that the cause of the murder of Motorola could be a conflict within the DNR, as already hastened to declare various Ukrainian media:

“The fact that this was the Ukrainian side is interested, just no doubt. The murder of a person of this magnitude is a huge impact. In my opinion, customers of this crime were confident that, after him, in the army of the DNI will destabilize. But, I think they achieved the opposite effect – the murder only served to unite the citizens of the Republic, both military and civilian. After talking with the military, I realized one thing, the morale, on the contrary, only up.”

Have questions

“Hardly reports about the murder of Motorola appeared online, I have become one after another to call the brother, who is now at the forefront – said the newspaper VIEW about the resonance that caused the death of Arseniy Pavlov, the Russian volunteer DNR, writer, blogger Paul “Rasta” Kucherov (call “Shakespeare”). And the reaction that it was pretty heated.”

The interlocutor there is a large number of questions. “First, why the murder took place in the center of Donetsk, and if the Ukrainian sabotage group so free to move around the city and set off car bombs in homes, it may the military commander, makes sense to strengthen the control regime and not to molest the people in uniform, checking they have the necessary documents?”, – said the source.

Prevented several terrorist attacks

The political scientist, member of the presidential Council for interethnic relations Bogdan Bezpalko convinced that the murder of Arseniy Pavlov – the work of Ukrainian DRG.

“Before that, for several times they (the commandos) carried out terrorist attacks, often unsuccessful, prevented, including in the LC, to intercept the drones with explosives, – said Bezpalko in conversation with the newspaper LOOK. – So the question is, who benefits and who did it, I don’t have”.

With regard to the consequences, the expert does not think that death Motorola can affect the balance of power in DND.

“Before this, several times the saboteurs carried out the attacks, are often unsuccessful.”

Arseny Pavlov has played a major role in the beginning of the war, “but now after time in the DPR formed its own armed forces, fully professional, well trained, training which, incidentally, was engaged, and the Motorola. Preserved his unit “Sparta”. Perhaps it will be headed by not so famous people, but perhaps it will be even better for him in terms of personal security,” – said the analyst.

Emotional reaction

Zakharchenko’s statement about the Declaration of war Bezpalko believes emotional reaction to the death of Motorola, which are all very popular in Donetsk, which along with many other people, was a symbol of independence of Donetsk. “In this situation, each of the daily, nightly bombardments of Donetsk can be regarded as a Declaration of war. As a result of these attacks killed civilians, children. Any of the aggressive military actions, such as attempts to break through the front, which was recently reported Eduard Basurin – can also be regarded as a Declaration of war… I would say simply – the war is not stopped”, – said the analyst.

He noted that there is no large-scale operations, the storming of cities, of boilers, but the Ukrainian armed forces are constantly fighting a low-intensity, and DNR-LNR have to answer them, – the expert reminded.

Death Motorola profitable Ukraine

The political scientist, the founder of the Agency for strategic communications Vadim Samodurov said in comments the newspaper VIEW: the death of Motorola, which “was one of the most prominent leaders of the militia and one of the most popular media personalities in the whole history of Donetsk” can be “exploited by various parties.”

However, according to Samodurov, the most obvious version is the version of terrorist attack committed on Ukrainian DRG. “Obviously, the murder of Motorola will play into the hands of Ukraine. It destabilizie the situation in the republics, will exacerbate the contradictions between the various militias and groups in the management of LNR-DND. Besides, you can always speculate on the version that is supposedly the Kremlin protects the leadership of the Republic, getting rid of bright leaders,” he said.

However, tyrants do not rule out other versions of the murder, in his opinion, there is a probability that Motorola fell victim to internal conflicts.

The analyst, however, stressed that this murder will have consequences for the Minsk talks. “Motorola was not in the leadership of the Republic did not participate in political activities, did not take political decisions. His death will not affect global processes,” he explained.

“Neither side is interested”

In turn, the Director of the Kyiv center of political marketing Vasily Stoyakin not exclude that the murder Pavlova can be reasons connected with the domestic situation in the Donbass.

“This murder belongs to the category of those that will never be investigated until the end”

“This murder belongs to the category of those that will never be investigated up to the end precisely because of its political content, political implications. Neither side is interested in is to bring the case to the end,” – said Stoyakin the newspaper VIEW.

“Regardless of who has a hand in this, the Ukrainian side will tell that this is her remarkable achievement. Although, as a rule, the Ukrainian side is not able to follow a certain course,” said the analyst.

“If someone from the leadership of the DNI, for example, involved in the murder, of course he will be silent like a fish. So they will look for Ukrainian subversive group, regardless of was this group or not,” – said Ukrainian expert.

The analyst believes that the political consequences will be. “Despite all loud statements of leaders of the militia of Donbass in the previous situations they had not received any significant development,” said the source. He recalled that at Motorola in the background of the other leaders had no political ambitions, he’s not letting statements that could be interpreted in terms of the implementation or non-implementation of the Minsk agreements, and therefore “hard to imagine that his death has affected the promotion of the Minsk process,” said the analyst.

We’re one step closer to war in Donbass

Ukrainian political scientist, Director of the Institute of policy analysis and management Ruslan Bortnik also declined to release internal conflict.

Motorola “very well guarded, and to gain entry and lay a bomb in the Elevator is a difficult job that can not afford the Ukrainian DRG. The Ukrainian version of the DRG POPs up after killing each field commander in the Donbass, it’s the duty of justification,” – said Bortnik in comments the newspaper VIEW.

However, the source points to the negative consequences of the assassination of Motorola, believing that after Ukraine became a step closer to the war in the Donbass. “Russia will demonstrate that Ukraine is, in fact, went beyond the Minsk talks, and now the Kremlin a free hand. Negotiations have stalled, the conflict cannot be frozen, and sides looking for an excuse for his military completion,” – said Ukrainian expert.

“Zakharchenko, Plotnitsky, you’re next”

Note that the Ukrainian side announced its version of the murder – Kiev says that the death of Motorola is allegedly involved “terrorists.” “Terrorist Arseniy Pavlov Motorola destroyed. It seems that his own accomplices in the genocidal terrorist international. This is sad, but just the end of all these bastards on our Ukrainian earth”, – declared the speaker of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine Artem Shevchenko in Facebook.

However, in the Internet appeared the video, which may indicate involvement in the death of Motorola nationalists fighting on the side of the Ukrainian security forces. “Video recorded in Donetsk, where we were eliminated all known terrorist Motorola”, – stated in the video, one in four persons in masks and with weapons in their hands. “Zakharchenko, Plotnitsky, you’re next,” said another young man, and then all four made a Nazi gesture.

According to “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, the young people in the video are in the background of the flag of the national radical movement “Mizantropik divizhn” (banned in Russia). However, later in comments to television channel 112 Ukraine “official” representatives “Mizantropik division” has denied his involvement in the murder.

Denied the incident and in the group “Right sector*” – reported the press Secretary Artem Skoropadsky.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”


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