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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Compiled a rating of countries with the most friendly people

A group of researchers, under the leadership of William Copica of Michigan state University in East Lansing conducted in 63 countries study, which aimed to find out how supportive or, on the contrary, hard-hearted people live in each of these States. As a result, experts announced the most friendly inhabitants of Ecuador and to a lesser extent prone to sympathy of the citizens of Lithuania. Russia was on 53.

photo: pixabay.com

Experts were asked 104 to thousands of people in different countries about their attitudes — in particular, the willingness to empathize with other people or to try to understand their point of view. Many countries (including almost the entire African continent) are not included in the ranking due to the fact that they answered an insufficient number of people to create any real picture.

Overall top 10 rankings can seem quite strange. In addition to Ecuador, it includes Saudi Arabia, Peru, Denmark, United Arab Emirates, South Korea, USA, Taiwan, Costa Rica and Kuwait. Experts do not expect the top ten will get just three countries in the Middle East, despite the fact that this region experienced a huge number of wars and is often associated with aggression in General. Similar results scientists try to blame it on the fact that the research assistants were not trying to divide people’s attitude to fellow citizens and residents of other countries.

The most hard-hearted people, according to the rankings, I live in Lithuania, Venezuela, Estonia, Poland, Bulgaria, Finland, Slovakia, Latvia, Czech Republic and Romania. The researchers drew attention to the fact that this ten included seven Eastern European States, including all the Baltic countries.

According to experts, their findings can be considered applicable only to the present day, as the level of friendliness of the residents of a particular country may change significantly each decade.

A study published in the scientific publication Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology.


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