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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Called a simple way time to improve the shape, mood, sleep and sex

Experts from the U.S. state of Louisiana found that weight loss person is not always necessary to completely abandon your favorite dishes. According to scientists, in order to lose weight and improve your mood, sleep and even sex life, it is enough simply to consume 25 percent less food in General without changing your diet.

photo: pixabay.com

According to some media, conducted by researchers in the study involved 218 people, some of which are suggested to reduce the calorie intake by a quarter. While dieticians monitored the participants to ensure that the transition to a new mode of power will not cause damage to their health.The experiment lasted for two years, and during this period participants lost an average of 10 percent, and in “absolute” figures, this figure was 7.6 kg.

The weight loss was not the only consequence of the fact that the volunteers were eating less than before. Many participants also reported that they began to sleep better, and their libido has increased. Also people who are not pereodevshis for two years, at the end of this period, were less inclined to depression and rarely felt fatigue. Some members of the “control group”, not to change their dietary habits, two years later, by contrast, admitted that recently started sleeping worse.

According to the researchers, their findings can be considered even more curious given the fact that, at first glance, malnutrition should not improve, and worsen sleep and mood, but practice shows the opposite effect.

It is noted that the above go on a “diet” person, preferable not alone, and, for example, with family or friends, because in this case, significantly decreased chance to fall back and start again to eat the food in the usual quantities.


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