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Monday, March 19, 2018

Third cybernetic: can American hackers to destroy Russia for Clinton

When the Vice President of one of the nuclear powers threatens the President of another conducting cyber-attacks is alarming. Of course, it is most likely just a PR move of the American election campaign in which the candidate of the democratic party is using anti-Russian rhetoric. Joe Biden, saying that the US has the capabilities to conduct cyber-attacks against Russia, “Putin finds out at the right time”, apparently, just beat half of the field, Hillary Clinton. However, the Russian foreign Ministry said that it is a statement of concern. And whether in reality the American hackers from cyberstalkers to cause serious damage to Russia? This “MK” asked the leading Russian experts. And it turned out that the threat really exists.

photo: Alex geldings

Technically they can do anything they want with us, — said the “MK” Executive Director of the League of safe Internet Denis DAVYDOV. — Easier to list what they can’t do. Will not be able to run our ballistic missile or to cause a meltdown at a nuclear reactor. Because, thank God, our critical infrastructure are particularly closed networks that hackers are unable to get. Although there was a case when the United States is staged in Germany. They have introduced malware into computers used by the staff of the NPP, and then somehow pumped it into a standalone network management station. But that lesson is already learned all the conclusions made of it.

— And what was it arranged?

To show ally that it is not necessary to beat off hands. He explained, demonstrated that manipulation of its infrastructure. And then the Germans ran the national security Agency of USA and asked to bring order to his subject. Which was successfully done.

With us it does not work because we have similar objects is not just Russian, but even the hardware in these computers — simple. It does not understand American teams, even if they try to pass directly through the stick. There was a complete substitution.

But in all other areas it is not. 90% of our government agencies use server operating systems USA. The only Department in our country, which is relatively importozameschenie is the Federal service of bailiffs. Hardware they have is not yet ours, but software — simple.

Therefore, such threats should be taken very seriously. The Americans can send to the server all our public institutions is the “upgrade” that all computers there, just turn off. And phones too. They are able to disable all of our hospitals, which are also connected to their network and can be controlled from the outside.

The States have all the information on our officials. Because as they say not to use gmail — they continue to use it. And the national security Agency knows them inside out. All information is automatically read, matched and recorded.

Conclusion: we need to rapidly move towards import substitution.

— How much time it will take to ensure our national security from foreign hackers?

If roasted cock bite — all state institutions can be transferred to domestic software, reinstalling operating systems, for the month. The question is how to educate users and officials working in the new interface.

But now it would be more rational to say that just import substituting need faster than has happened so far. To avoid being disconnected. And to conduct some training on how the state will work in case if we’re still shut off.

It is clear that most likely the United States will not build us a mischief and to disable our infrastructure — because it is fraught with retaliation. In fact, we depend on technology less than Americans. And our answer may turn out to be much more sensitive.

— And can the United States leave us without electronic money, to make it impossible for credit card payments?

— Of course. They did it in Crimea with a click of a finger. They created the system we were connected to it, but the Creator can always disable it. It is important to understand not what they can or can’t. Need to know what we can do to minimize the risks and consequences. To avoid paralysis because paralysis is fraught with panic. Now we’ve done enough.

Internet expert Anton NOSIK does not believe that we shall receive the cyber attack:

“If we ever organize a cyber attack, no one, of course, about it in advance will not be prevented, about this and he says Joe Biden. Such statements are a good replacement of real action, the “policy of containment”. In a hypothetical situation in which the national security Agency strikes, say, the Russian government, in terms of the undeclared war it pretends that knows nothing about it and that it is our internal problem.

If one country declares war on another — this implies the possibility cybervictim disable any technological infrastructure of the enemy, both military and civilian. This means that the bumps may be applied on the technical modules related to the military complex of the enemy, and on the other hand, may be disabled, for example, transport infrastructure. I speak from experience of the Iraq campaign.

But if we are talking about a situation of undeclared war, that’s why American hackers to disable, for example, a plant, or underground, or make it so that you couldn’t remove his card money or be out in the Internet? What is success in this case will seek US? Combat task outside the military context are simply meaningless.

Statement is statement. Especially during the election time.”


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