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Friday, March 16, 2018

The power of darkness

They are capable of anything. You can destroy your own city. Appoint, anybody, anyone. Mocking the foolishness: Caligula appointed his horse a Senator of the Roman Empire. Ivan the terrible erected on the Russian throne some Bekbulatovich (11 months removed); cut Novgorod, Volkhov river was swollen with corpses…

And after more than four century Russia made him a monument.

Today “MK” publishes an article by historian Eugene Anisimov, published in the newspaper “Orlovsky Gazette” before the opening of the monument. Now it is even more important — their characters should know.

Crowned sadists, murderers — the monuments they put themselves in life. A statue of Stalin stood in every city in the Soviet Union, bust — in every school, portrait in every office…

But after death — especially after the change of dynasties, a monument to sadist that seems to be our unique record. At the same time it is a record of triumphant stupidity. Why is she madly in love with insanely cruel masters? Because they are her family. A stupid ruler inevitably ruthlessly cruel to his people. He had nothing to rule otherwise, as a force, a deadly fear. It is these qualities it is superior to all the clever, easy wins. They think to play chess, and he them — a knife in the back, poison in the tea.

Cruelty and ignorance are inseparable, like the jester of pop and admirers. When the eagle on the opening of the monument to the terrible speech uttered hung with iron trinkets Surgeon, felt suit, and all the paraphernalia, and it gave him a brilliant satirist (the satirist a simple no such a write).

SURGEON. From all Patriotic motorcycle brotherhood! From all the wolves of the Russian spring! Thank you for bringing that to the end! Despite all the cockroach races! I congratulate Orlovka with the acquisition of a new semantic symbol of the city.

He carried nonsense, like a character in the Comedy “election Day”. And — as in the film, no one laughed.

“Semantic symbol, motor Bratstvo Volkov Russian spring”… And “consummation” thanked the wolf for Governor of Orel. Who also writes speeches or brilliant satirist or a complete idiot.

Vadim POTOMSKY (Governor; that the terrible did not kill his son). Ivan the terrible once said the phrase: “I’m responsible for the death of his son because he didn’t give it to healers”. When they went on the road, and he got sick, they went from Moscow to St. Petersburg. His son had died. After that, he is very ill. Just don’t have time to cure.

Long, you see, was the road. More than a hundred years drove Ivan the terrible from Moscow to St. Petersburg. Clearly, during this time, and his children died and he himself died before he could bless, comrade Stalin.

The Governor said this at a press conference in TASS.

For the first time when I see and hear the full confidence that this actor brilliantly plays the Governor of the fool in the movie “election Day”. For a complete resemblance: in the movie, and tasso, no one laughed.

Photos from the opening and caused admiration: standing next to the Surgeon, Prokhanov, Kurginyan, the Governor, who thinks that at first Peter the great built Petersburg, and then went to Ivan the terrible, to the doctor.

We have Karamzin. The great historian is immeasurably above all who pushed speech at the opening of the monument. They are not embarrassed, they trample Karamzin, Pushkin, Kliuchevskoi, Tolstoy, Russian literature, history and culture.

Our opinion leaders (permanent members of the political talk shows on TV) speak like the characters are incredibly funny Comedy. But nobody laughs.

…The saints on the icons radiate a glow. It is believed that their soul shines, shines clear conscience.

If the human mind were illuminated, we would see that Russia is quickly darkens.


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