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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Putin spoke about the relations with the United States and the West showed a Fig

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin, being in Goa at the BRICS summit, told reporters at a press conference that Moscow is not going to affect the electoral campaign in the United States. He also said that American friends can expect anything, including cyber attacks. He touched on the process of settlement in Syria and Ukraine.

“I want to reassure everyone, including our American partners and friends — we are not going to influence the electoral campaign in the United States” – this statement made a few moments ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin during a press conference in Goa, where he had previously attended the BRICS summit.

Putin stressed that Moscow does not know what will happen after the presidential elections in the United States. According to him, Hillary Clinton chose an aggressive rhetoric, and Donald trump – called for cooperation. But Moscow assured GDP, welcomes those and others, if you want to work with us.

Putin also reasoned that although the United States is the leading economy in the world and a great power, but the country has many unresolved problems, such as huge public debt. In these circumstances, during the election campaign of the country have resorted to the tried and tested system distract voters from his own problems, said the Russian President. For this, Putin said, the government creates an enemy and to fight this enemy unites a nation. According to him, a map of Russia just the way it is now played in the United States. He noted with regret that for the sake of settling domestic political problems will be sacrificed Russian-American relations.

“I hope when this election is, debate this difficult period of political life in the United States, I hope that will have chances to restore relations of the Russian Federation and the USA”, — said the President of the Russian Federation.

“Russia does not want confrontation with the US, but the choice of partners”, – said the Russian leader.

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The President also recalled that in 2014 in preparation of the winter Olympic games in Sochi, the US helped Russia in ensuring security. Putin expressed gratitude to Washington for assistance. At the same time, commenting on reports in the American media about the preparation of the CIA cyber-attacks against Russia, Putin said: “Well, our American friends can expect anything”. At the same time, Putin noted that “the U.S. authorities for all the peeping and eavesdropping” and that’s about it, and before it was well known, and it is not a secret. “It spent billions of dollars, the CIA works, the NSA runs other services. There is evidence and recognition. And monitor not only their potential enemies, in any case, for those whom they consider as such, but also its allies, including the closest,” – said the Russian leader.

After Putin spoke on the situation in Syria. He noted that he had informed colleagues in the BRICS, about the situation in Aleppo. Russia, according to GDP, interested in what the Syrian settlement involved the largest possible number of countries, including France.

The Russian President also rejected the notion that relations of Russia and the USA collapsed over Syria. Those who think so are wrong, Putin said, adding that it all began with Yugoslavia (see the material “Why Churkin called 1973 the worst in relations with the United States”). At the same time, the Russian authorities are in constant contact with the Obama administration, said Putin. Contacts are continuing on all fronts.

Said the Russian head and the prospects of resolving the conflict in the Donbas: “we Hope not forever, and I hope all these problems will be solved as soon as possible”. He added, costica in Berlin on Ukraine would be relevant, if the experts will find specific steps to resolve. Then Putin commented on the words of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko about the fact that the process has stalled because of unresolved security problems in the Donbas. Putin believes that this is just an excuse not to fulfill the political part of Minsk agreements.

“Sanctions against Russia over Ukraine or Syria will not solve the problem. This is only a policy of containment of Russia and its development”, – said Putin. Later, when he asked the question whether Russia to soften the response to Western sanctions, Putin replied succinctly: “Fuck them.”

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