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Thursday, March 15, 2018

“Meat fashion” by Therr Maitz: nature took its

Team leader Anton Belyaev — not only a progressive musician, but a great storyteller, who manages punctually to surprise fans not only exquisite music, but no less delicious pranks and all sorts of graceful flourishes. To record a mini-album on the roof of Tokyo skyscraper? Easy! The result was the recent EP “Tokyo Roof” of 4 songs. Latest pearl clip My Love Is Like (“This is my love”), rich and eccentric video is not even on the verge of thrash. Shaped trash!

photo: youtube.com

In contrast, however, from the trash sample Cord Ko, hard and straight bullying these aesthetes much more refined. The musicians themselves defined the genre as “meat fashion” or “action Therr Maitz”. Lady Gaga should wash with tears of envy, with her “meat” dress on, knowing that to shoot the video guys allowed to flow 700 kg of this meat that when you view the clip at first dazzled, then sick, and in the final I want to do wild sex.

According to the artists, in history on the verge of absurd irony coexists with the idea of all-conquering love. For three and a half minutes unfolds spectacle and action, the capacity and saturation bordering on full-fledged musical category X, where thoroughly thought through every detail. Specifically for filming was built “supermarket” filled with products, labels and packaging design which was coined by a special creative team! There’s hundreds, if not thousands! Peas, corn, pork stigmas… the Idea is read from the first frame. Store and buyers, similar to Barbie and Ken, symbolize peace, limited by the bounds of the trends, stereotypes and clichés. “Community vegan-fashionistas who do not allow themselves anything superfluous and formulaic”, comment the musicians of TM.

From this “ideal” party is allocated the main character, a passionate and in contrast with the skinny Barbie buxom brunette. She, like everyone, slowly rummaging through the bundles of greens and vegetables Department of a healthy food, but something does not give it rest. Not happy about it, even cute Ken, tending to give an attractive chunk a bunch of parsley. Keen seeker the girl’s eyes suddenly focused on the rosy-cheeked bearded man, cheerfully split a meat carcass with a large knife in far the meat Department. The bearded man winks, and the girl trembled — falls in love with him without memory a half-turn. Look from the cloudy veil of passion and lust. However, to overcome a path to happiness through the supermarket, the heroine has to literally scatter a dozen Barbie and Ken, desperately blocking the way of healthy vegetables to meat is detrimental. Waiting for the lovers and one more test: with the onset of twilight, broken Barbie and Ken, getting up from the floor, turn into a zombie, but a happy ending awaits all: perky crumpet and a butcher enthusiastically danced the dance of the passion, others join him, turning into normal people. Down with parsley and dill, long live meat! Stereotypes and taboos are collapsing, the life and nature rejoice!

In the finale it turns out that everything had been a fantasy of the cashier, dreaming in the workplace. But in the last frame in the role of buyer has a familiar butcher, invitingly smiling at the dreamer. Everyone is happy.

Frontman Anton Belyaev, also “lit up” in the queue at the cash register, explains: “This is a story about a man who ceases to fit into the glossy world imposed by TV and magazine covers, where all are equally beautiful and good. The main character allows himself to not be like everyone else… It destroys the rules of the “plastic world” and break through to his love”.

The video was a good directorial debut of photographer Timofey Kolesnikov and copywriter Sergey Minadze, the producer became the leader Therr Maitz. The choreography put one of the mentors of the famous dance TV show Miguel together with Katya Reshetnikova, and Barbie and Ken were playing their wards. There were more than 100 people! The main role went to the singer of the Victoria Zhuk and drummer Boris Ionova who have shown in addition to known musical talent and remarkable acting ability. Selected for the video composition — a fun, dynamic, fresh and unusual sound. Background in the beginning of the video the song themselves as Therr Maitz “365”, and in the last scene of “Stupid” from their album “Sweet Oldies”. In the recording of the track used by thousands of choir fans with one of the concerts of the team.

Despite the ease of the video, comical story and a creative spirit, clip My Love Is Like can claim the laurels not only the brightest but also one of the most profound, philosophical, and even… protest of recent works in its genre. Because the “break the bondage “plastic world”, imposed by television,” it is not only about love, but, sorry, and undermining the System. Or we exaggerate?


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