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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Al-Qaeda threatens the world with new attacks

If in 2000 years of the incarnation of the terrorist threat on the world level, was created by Osama bin Laden network al-Qaeda, in the 2010s, the palm was intercepted by another group — ISIS. At some point, especially after reports about the elimination of Osama — began to seem that al-Qaida slipped away into the shadows, becoming part of history. However, experts are convinced that this group is still able to present the most serious danger.

photo: youtube.com

Bin Laden Jr. followed in the footsteps of the father

A few weeks ago the British newspaper the Times warned: al-Qaida (a terrorist group banned in Russia) is preparing to organize attacks in Britain and other European countries”.

Us intelligence has detected signs that operatives of “al-Qaeda” in Syria are plotting attacks against Western countries — about this newspaper the Los Angeles Times said on condition of anonymity, two sources in the US intelligence services.

While the world focused on the fight against another terrorist group “Islamic state” (ISIS, ISIL, DAISH is banned in Russia), created by Osama bin Laden network continues to pose a considerable threat, to neglect which clearly should not be. “Al-Qaeda” has regrouped, commented The Times, the former Deputy head of British intelligence MI6, Nigel Inkster, and quietly waits, when the “Islamic state” dodavit”.

Recently, the Internet was spread audiotape made by the son of the Creator, “al-Qaeda” Hamza bin Laden with threats against the West.

Unknown today, it looks like the offspring of Osama — he is about 25 years old, he lives probably in Pakistan. Camera lenses for obvious reasons he avoids. In August, Hamza bin Laden collapsed in his appeal to the Saudi authorities, describing them as “a great criminal thieves” and “agents of the Americans.” As his time came and his father Osama, exposing sharp attacks the Royal family of his native country for its close relationship with the United States. Bin Laden Junior has criticized Riyadh for the fact that during its intervention in Yemen Saudi military strikes and the militants “al-Qaeda”, which (like the Saudis) are fighting against the Shiite rebels-Houthis.

Previously young Hamza bin Laden has appealed to the terrorist attacks in London, Washington, Paris and tel Aviv.

According to experts, using the figure of bin Laden, Jr., al-Qaida hopes to restore his popularity by reviving the brand al-Qaida = bin Laden. Recall that, according to American official figures, Osama bin Laden was eliminated during a special operation in Pakistan’s Abbottabad on 2 may 2011 However, convincing evidence of the destruction of the Creator “al-Qaeda” was not given to the world that spawned many alternative versions of what happened with Osama.

The snake changes its skin

“While the “Islamic state” in the past year, loses his men and territory-based “al-Qaeda” in Syria, the militant group is growing in numbers, creating a reputation as the most ferocious forces fighting against the government of Bashar al-Assad, writes the Los Angeles Times. — This group, formerly known as “Frente al-Nusra” has expanded partly due to the fact that its militants opposing on the field of battle “Islamic state”, were rarely targets of attacks of aircraft of the United States and the coalition, said American officials”.

Recently, the group “front an-Nusra” renamed themselves “jabhat al Fateh al-sham (the Front for the conquest of the country of sham”) to distance himself from his notorious ancestor, “al-Qaeda”. Looks like the same case, when it is appropriate to recall the Eastern proverb about the fact that a snake changes its skin, but does not change the disposition. According to American intelligence, “the Front, Fateh al-sham” in Syria has up to 10 thousand fighters.

“We are not at war with “an-Nusra” we are fighting with DAISH”, — quotes Los Angeles Times spokesman the American-led coalition, Colonel Christopher Garver. (And this despite the fact that, formally, for the United States by this group as well as for Russia, Syria, Iran, Turkey and Saudi Arabia — is a terrorist.)

But for the well-known leaders of “al-Qaeda” is an exception. Not so long ago in Syria in Idlib province were killed by a blow from an American drone, one of the leaders of the group associated with “al-Qaeda,” Sheikh Abu al-Faraj al-Masri (aka Ahmad Salama Mabruk), who spent several years at home in an Egyptian prison on charges of involvement in Islamist conspiracy. Later he moved to Afghanistan. Ended up in the clutches of civil war in Syria, where he found his end.

ISIS and al Qaeda: a genetic link

Where are the boundaries between such groups as al Qaeda, ISIS, “Front EN-Nusra”?

— The origin of the grouping “Islamic state” is genetically related to “al-Qaeda” — says the President of the Institute of religion and politics Alexander IGNATENKO. In one sense it is the otherness of “al-Qaeda”. And you need to keep in mind that not al-Qaeda directly gave birth to the “Islamic state”, and there were several intermediate stages. First, in the beginning 2000-x years, from Jordan into Iraq was introduced a group called “Monotheism and Jihad”. It was a group of jihadist type, designed to fight against the then existing regime of Saddam Hussein. Subsequently, after 2003, the Americans and British invaded Iraq, this group at some point in the person of its leader, Abu Musawi al-Zarqawi has sworn allegiance to Osama bin Laden. And this organization, headed by al-Zarqawi became known as “al-Qaeda in Mesopotamia” (Iraq). In all respects, in Iraq there was a branch of “al-Qaeda”. Then occurred a series of transformations, and at some point the group took to your Costa Qataris. According to some reports, the Qataris bought it for $ 300 million. And the group became known as the “Islamic state of Iraq”. Then this “Islamic state of Iraq”, in a sense, ceased to be “al-Qaeda” and become a new, transformed into the “Islamic state of Iraq and the Levant.” It is not excluded that to its sponsorship, the supervision over him joined by other forces (for example, Saudi Arabia and Turkey). Still later, there is another transformation group begins to call itself simply the “Islamic state”. This is the organization which is all now dealing with. And this group of new type different from “al-Qaeda” in many respects. She is another story she was developing on the other line. This group has an important difference: she has something that was not “al-Qaeda”, it has a territorial dimension. It is a quasi-state, having all the attributes of state, including even minting its own coins (although in common parlance, of course, ISIS are the Iraqi pound, the Syrian Lira and American dollars).

Turned out, thus, two branches coming from “al-Qaeda”. A few years ago in Syria occurs in parallel, another group, calling itself “jabhat an-Nusra Li-Ahli al-sham” (“front for the support of the people of the country of sham”). Then the name was shortened simply to “dzhebhat an-Nusra” (“Front support”). This group originally consisted of al-Qaida, which was at that time settled in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, other Arab countries and were irrelevant. Initially this group consisted of foreigners and not Syrians — this is evident even in its name. They themselves took the role of people who want to support the Syrians in their struggle. In a sense, “Front EN-Nusra” was al-naidovski process — not in the sense that it was the oath taken Osama bin Laden or Ayman al-Zawahiri, and in the sense that the group consisted of veterans of the “al-Qaeda”. And, very importantly, had al-kaidashi symbolism: its banner “the al-Nusra Front” took the flag “al-Qaeda”. This is very important: they themselves are identified and offered all the rest to associate themselves with “al-Qaeda” and not with someone else! Sponsored and oversaw the grouping of the Saudis…

Life in suspended animation

— At the same time, — says Alexander IGNATENKO, “historical” al-Qaeda continued to exist — but in a strangled, almost in suspended animation. This was due to the fact that the sponsors of the new “al-Qaeda” wanted to end the negative tail that stretched behind the old “al-Qaeda” as the terrorist group, which was the largest and the 2001 terrorist attacks against the United States. This purpose of trafficking was brought Osama bin Laden. It is unknown whether he killed, his dead body has not been seen. This began to resist brother-in-law of Osama Ayman al-Zawahiri, who, most likely, is in the “AfPak” — somewhere between Afghanistan and Pakistan. This “al-Qaeda” is sometimes called “Pakistani” — the place of its dislocation. It remains. Apparently, the forces behind it, decided not to discount it. From time to time al-Zawahiri is saying, but he doesn’t have those opportunities that when Osama bin Laden was the “al-Qaeda” who committed a terrorist act of the century. But lately there are statements of one of the sons of Osama, who declares that he will continue his father’s work. This indicates at least that it is expected or already ongoing resuscitation “al-Qaeda”. Due to different circumstances — for example, due to the fact that the “new”, “al-Qaeda” all over you either implement the goals and tasks before them did not put their sponsors, and curators.

It is possible that the resource of “al-Qaeda” bin Laden Jr. and Ayman al-Zawahiri will increase. This may be due to the fact that “Islamic state” embraces all the different parts of the world. In particular, in the area dominated by the historic al-Qaeda: Pakistan, Afghanistan and the “AfPak” as the frontier between them. There is more active IG. Not everyone likes the increased IG thronging as “Taliban” and historical “al-Qaeda”. This disturbing sponsors of the old “al-Qaeda”, and she appears out of hibernation. In my opinion, we will witness the fact that she aktiviziruyutsya. Including in order to confront the “Islamic state”. All the processes of “al-Qaeda” among themselves in recent times come into conflict relations. In Syria there is a fight between the two “inobytii” “al-Qaeda” — “al-Nusra Front” and ISIS for control over territories.


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