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Sunday, March 18, 2018

The threat of Kiev to create a cruise missile caused laughter

“If there are any weapons, they fall apart on the go and in the air. So much comical in this regard”, – the experts regarded the bravura speech of Petro Poroshenko. Speaking on the occasion of the Day of defender of the Fatherland and of the Holy virgin, the President promised the country a shock drones, complexes of cruise missiles and a new artillery system.

On Friday, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko unexpectedly announced the creation of a new missile, space intelligence and strike unmanned aerial vehicles. The President spoke at the Sofia square in Kyiv on the occasion of three feasts – the Day of defender of the Fatherland, the Day of Ukrainian Cossacks and the Holy virgin. Recall that the defender’s Day in the Republic timed to the anniversary of the Ukrainian insurgent army* – this time celebrated 74th birthday.

“The plane needs to analyze the situation and partly to make decisions himself. This requires complex electronics, which the Ukrainians completely no”

“The scientists, designers, heads of defense enterprises received the overarching goal for the development and production of new missiles, cruise missiles, new artillery models, precision-guided munitions, unmanned aerial vehicles drum type, means of space reconnaissance, electronic warfare and things like that” – quoted Poroshenko, the newspaper VIEW.

The head of state stressed that “not everything that is capable of producing the military-industrial complex, we can afford it” and recalled the allocation for the purchase and repair of weapons next year, of 11 billion hryvnias ($440 million). However, this figure does not beat data, who the day before announced by the Minister of defence Stepan Poltorak. He said that the Ministry in the new year will buy weapons for 12 billion (465 million dollars). The Minister said: the military budget does not allow you to purchase all the necessary modern weapons, which could produce domestic defense industry.

“All have long been convinced that it wasn’t real”

“To talk about the fact that the President Poroshenko will be achieved in the foreseeable future, it is not necessary”, – said the newspaper VIEW expert on UAVs, chief editor of the portal UAV.ru Denis Fedutinov. According to him, currently only the US and Israel produce drones that can carry weapons on Board. This system of a Predator and Reaper. In addition, Israel, which until recently did not recognize the presence developed in the country armed drones, recently opened the information about the possession of such systems – for example, “Superhero”.

The Deputy head of the Center for analysis of strategies and technologies Konstantin Makiyenko also doubts that in the current state of Ukraine can create a high-tech system, it would take not only a huge amount of time and investment, as well as personnel and experience. “We need a test base, the test is expensive. They have the whole country engaged in empty declarations: either jump, or talk, or steal from ourselves”, – said Makienko in an interview to the newspaper VIEW.

The former head of the center of the UAV of the unrecognized Donetsk national Republic (DND) Alexander Zhuchkovsky also does not think that Poroshenko voiced real plans. “What prevents him from just to cheer up the audience with bravura statements? Poroshenko focuses on Western grants and assistance. The question is whether this will be true. This statement nobody will remember in a week,” said Zhuchkovsky the newspaper VIEW.

According to him, now in the armed forces of Ukraine are drones the American and Israeli production. “The data that we receive through exploration, saying that the drones used by the APU, manufactured abroad or assembled here with the help of foreign specialists, he said. They bring it in, and specialists are trained in Dnipropetrovsk, Mariupol. But to produce the drones on their own – especially drums – Ukraine is unlikely. It is able to produce only artisanal primitive UAV”.

Zhuchkovsky recalled that recent years have shown the inability of Ukraine to create something worthwhile out of weapons. “If there are any weapons, they fall apart on the go and in the air. So much comical in this regard. All have been convinced that it’s not serious”, – summed up Zhuchkovsky.

From industrial power of Ukraine into an agrarian

As recalled by military experts, for the use of drones is a highly efficient army, including an educated officer corps, and for such the production of the necessary high-tech production, a huge engineering school and a effective working staff, as cruise missiles or attack drones are considered top of the technology pyramid, the military industrial complex.

In particular, cruise missiles need guidance systems, space exploration, rocket engines, while the Ukraine produced only engines. For the production of missiles requires its own optics and advanced electronics, fuel of a particular type, whereas in Ukraine there is no need of the chemical industry. To launch missiles need a platform, which in Ukraine is also not left.

Poroshenko requires to create cruise missiles, but he in fact previously destroyed “Yuzhmash”, which was the largest Union in the factory of rockets and stayed on the Russian orders. In the last two years, “Yuzhmash” is, and his staff gradually fleeing to Russia. To fulfill his promise, the President must build a completely different economy is highly industrialized, while in fact the Republic is transformed yet into a great agricultural power.

First Vice-President of the Russian Union of engineers Ivan Andrievsky reminded the newspaper VIEW that “in Soviet times, the engineering school of Ukraine was highly developed,” she was the best among the Union republics and in some areas surpassed the Russian. Part of the potential is now lost – for example, the shipyard in Nikolaev completely lost, said the expert.

As the largest Ukrainian enterprise producing rocket and space technology and other high-tech products (“Yuzhmash”), which in its scope even reminded in Dnipropetrovsk city in the city, he is “severely damaged, but not completely.” “There are a lot of live plants that can produce aircraft and missiles,” admitted Andrievsky. However, the engineer recognizes that “Ukrainians are quite capable to create a batch of drones are high class”, but not themselves, and in close cooperation with Western partners.

Andrievsky said: if Kiev wants itself to produce drones, medium and small he can afford now, mainly thanks to the capacity of the plant “Motor-Sich”, but shock no. In addition, the drone will need a management system, which the Republic there. According to the expert, for the shock of the drone need a good glider, an effective system of management of the land and desirable – from space satellites, which Ukraine does not have, so they will have to navigate the American GPS. “The plane needs to analyze the situation and partly to make decisions himself. This requires complex electronics, which the Ukrainians completely missing,” he said.

“As for the new missiles, there is some doubt. They are something you can do in a very large cooperation with the US or the EU, under their direction, using its remaining capacity,” he said, adding that the full long-range cruise missile, the Ukrainians now can not do”. “The engines they did to “Pivdenmash” and can continue to do them there. But they don’t have the rest of the electronics, guidance systems, housing”, – concluded the expert.

Take the tank “for scrap”

Earlier, the head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on national security and defence Sergey Pashinsky was recognized that in fact military-industrial complex of Ukraine is actually worth, without orders, and the full potential is only in the total sale of the Soviet legacy. “We have no capacity. Our potential was: take from the defense Ministry, the T-72 or T-64 for scrap, making it to the armored plant repair and sell for 400 thousand dollars”, – he explained.

Pashinsky talked about the inability to create your own military plane “Elki” (a family of Czech training aircraft) that you need 3-4 billion dollars, which in the current year’s budget was not even close. “The state defense order for this year – a little more than $ 100 million. On any military aircraft in Ukraine we can talk?”, – complained the Deputy.

However, speaking in unison with the President and the NSDC Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov in honor of the feast called on Friday, the Ukrainian army “one of the most efficient in Europe.”

Kiev regularly and with great fanfare announces the development of new weapons, often they eventually end in embarrassment or even suicide. At the end of the summer the volunteer of the ATO Anatoly Tapolsky told about the testing of the new Ukrainian mortar “Hammer”, which is “falling apart at the first shot”. According to him, during a training exercise on the range “Wide all right” as a result of the bursting mines “Hammer” killed the commander of the mortar crew Sergei Ponomarenko.

New Ukrainian armored type “Gyurza-M”, which is scheduled to enter the fleet on 30 July, and has not been included – due to numerous flaws. And testing of the armored car “Patrol-B” cracks were found in buildings of two armored personnel carriers, which managed to drive only 400 and 100 km. However, Ukroboronprom called them “unique,” and reported a successful test of the “technology of welding armor steel”.

Much has been said about “tank for urban combat “Azov”. Spring testing was suspended due to poor quality optics instead of a special camera on an armored vehicle, as it turned out, set the “videoglazki” from the intercoms.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”


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