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Thursday, July 20, 2017

The Americans offered Mitsubishi together to develop stealth technology

Japanese company Mitsubishi has received a proposal for comprehensive cooperation of long-time partner – the American Loockheed Martin. It is a joint creation of the fighter-stealth the fifth generation, which is planned to supply the air force for 10 years. Japan could become the fourth country (after the US, Russia and China), which began testing its own fifth-generation fighter.

The group Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has received an offer from the American Lockheed Martin for the joint development of a fighter of darkness. “We have provided them with the necessary information (the project) in accordance with the August request. The Japanese aerospace industry has great potential. We are ready for comprehensive cooperation”, – quotes globaleconomy company Marilyn Hewson “Kommersant”.

“The combined resources of Mitsubishi, the American technology and Japanese perseverance will help the Japanese to create a fighter fifth generation”

These two concern when we have created together the F-4 and F-2, which now the defense Ministry of Japan plans to replace as obsolete. Now in service with the Japanese self-defense forces is of the order of 130 such vehicles. As a replacement is considered a fighter with a project called Advanced Technology Demonstrator X. the Final decision on the development is not expected before 2018, and commissioning in this case, it is not expected earlier than in 10 years.

Note that Mitsubishi in April, has already demonstrated his fifth generation aircraft X-2. Japan became the fourth country (after Russia, USA and China), which began testing its own fifth-generation fighter.

The prototype X-2 will be developed using various technologies of the future aircraft: stealth technology, as well as airframe and engine, which should provide an extremely high maneuverability, and other systems.

Losing the T-50 for all options

The exact characteristics of the prototype Japanese fighter fifth generation ATD-X Shinshin, Japan demonstrated, is still unknown. However, based on available Japanese resources, it was felt that the new Japanese fighter will give the Russian equivalent – the T-50 (PAK FA), according to parameters such as stealth, supersonic cruising flight speed, modern electronic equipment, including radar with AESA, all-aspect attack goals and maneuverability. Moreover, if Russia plans to supply T-50 into service in the next year, the Japanese fighter was transformed from a prototype into a real fighting machine much later.

We will remind that yesterday the commander of aerospace forces Colonel-General Viktor Bondarev said that in the next year VCS expect the first five T-50. “Next year we complete the testing”,- Bondarev was quoted by “Interfax”.

As you know, the first test flight of the PAK FA held on 29 January 2010 in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. PAK FA – single strike aircraft design which are widely used composite materials. According to open sources, he will meet the following requirements for videoconferencing fighter 5th generation supersonic flight without afterburner, low visibility to radar, optical, acoustic and other detection systems, maneuverability and the ability to make a relatively short take-off and landing. Flight performance of the aircraft has not been officially disclosed.

At the moment the only in service the fifth generation fighter jets are American F-22 Raptor and F-35.

The Japanese able to create such a plane

Deputy chief editor of the magazine “Arsenal of the Fatherland” Dmitry Drozdenko resembles that provided by the Japanese in April the prototype was General enough to judge some features of the future fighter of the fifth generation of the self-defense forces of Japan yet. You can only talk about the financial and technological capabilities of Japanese aircraft manufacturers.

“Let’s start with the fact that the air force fighter fifth generation must have a certain tactical and technical characteristics: the engine of this aircraft should be capable of maintaining a cruising speed of sound without using afterburners, the apparatus should use the technology-stealth technology that is a partial invisibility for a certain type of radar, and, finally, to have modern weapons. All other features are made by different manufacturers discretion. So, Russia adds to the characterization of the own fighter, even “super-maneuverability” – said Drozdenko newspaper VIEW.

As for the Japanese, according to the expert they have access to modern technology and the aviation industry of Japan since the Second world war has a huge potential, in addition, the financial resources they have is enough. “Given the fact that the American company Lockheed Martin has the technology of the fifth generation, to create a similar fighter Japan. The combined resources of Mitsubishi, the American technology and Japanese perseverance will help to create a fighter fifth generation,” he says.

Visible American “invisible”

Drozdenko also notes that to compare future miracle of the Japanese aviation industry with Russian and American counterparts difficult, especially that are in operation only American planes. “The next Chinese fighter, but I also would have called so far only flying Declaration. Besides, we should not forget the numerous stories with damage of the F-22 and F-35 when operating aircraft restrictions were imposed on the radius”, – said the expert.

The judge reminded: although the F-22 seems to be participated in U.S. operations in Iraq and Syria, but given how carefully the Americans about their recent technique, it is difficult to judge the real experience of their operational use. “Not by chance our commander HQs in Syria, are talking about “Western dreamer” in connection with the aircraft invisible. American fighters yet are psychological rather than fighting with weapons,” he said.

Drozdenko said that the stealth technology was created by Americans on the basis of Soviet studies, and allow aircraft to be invisible to radar specific system. “When it turned out that the use of other wavelengths and technologies of passive radar allows to make “invisible” visible, the US has withdrawn its first fighter-invisible”, – the expert reminded.



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