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Thursday, March 15, 2018


Why, in any circumstances, there is a unity of men and women? Oh, this is a highly complicated process! The path to each other in mysterious, unexpected and long.

I was going to the forest for mushrooms. Found a basket tucked away on the mezzanine. I have not used it, but remembered how it was acquired. A very long time. I was a child, went with mom to the South. Departing from the resort, we went to the Bazaar. Mom bought fruit (in Moscow such was not to get: hard ripe pears, huge apples, selected grapes). How to take them safely? Right on the market was chosen wicker basket is comfortable and roomy. When the fruit was eaten, not raised a hand to throw the trash in the trash. The basket is waiting in the wings for many years. And waited.

Going into the woods, I was put in the trousers belt. A wonderful leather belt, bought abroad. Oh, it was an adventure. The cruise ship actually docked in Cyprus. I and a friend (in the dark and hard drinking) went to buy a belt. Well remember how I was selected, tried on, doubted, and still bought it, although it was not really necessary but advantage: soft, comfortable, wide.

Mushrooms in the forest was abundant. The basket is quickly filled. Old and cracked, it creaked with my every step. This its apparently invisible to an emergency condition, I did not realize. She looked anywhere. And with a careless move I cracked the handle broke, mushrooms crumbled.

I was annoyed and confused: what to do? And then had a brainwave.

Trouser belt, I slipped between the bars of the basket. It wasn’t very comfortable, but bearable handle.

Walking along the path home, I thought: a long way gone two not meant for each other things to connect. From what distant point, they started moving towards each other! And surprisingly coincided.

Allegory liked it more. Did not want to break this harmonious pair, to break the link: cart and strap. But I foresaw: bin I no longer need. And the belt is still useful.

I acted as a rival in love. Of Doom. Destiny. In this case, cruel.


As a child he got lost in the crowd. Tightened with fear heart. Parents found him, comforted, caressed, and the fear dissipated. But the memory of terror remained.

Heard from the doctor the diagnosis in the mother, and stumbled with the heart. As the tide of her illness, the horror has not disappeared, it intensified, and the heart in anticipation of the imminent cold with grief.

Love, laughing, said out to his friend. Heart squeezed by a vise.

Father courageously announced that it will follow my mother. And my own son announced that he was tired and didn’t want to live. Heart goes limp limp rag.

One glass of vodka said: “We ever remember those days… Sitting in a wheelchair. Because we loved, made friends, had fun, it was great!” After these words, the heart warmer, but at the same time on the bottom pursuers of the blood inside the pump was a clot of gravity.

At the sight of the miserable beggars in the chest through pain. This never happened before. And at the sight of small children there were heart failures. The doctor shook his head: “How is it, in your opinion, can flutter? To stumble? To compress and decompress? And grow cold? And go limp rag? The number of cuts and obtekanii severely restricted.”

The car

The first left the car dad. He sideways pushed his way to the door, waved goodbye with his hand and left.

Then prepare for the mother and also began to move to the exit.

Around tightly, shoulder to shoulder, swaying in time with the slide on the rails passengers. To some, he had become accustomed. To suck it up. All of them little by little rassredotochit disappeared, yielding place to new. Some of the ones included looked nice, and even attractive (this applies primarily to girls). One of them, he flirted, but she stopped liking him, and he turned his attention to another.

Men in General showed hostility and aggression. The most enjoyable of this vicious pack said:

It’s amazing how we’re matched. Lucky was found, and with a sad smile withdrew.

A gaggle of children surrounded him in the freed space.

— Dad, dad! — they shouted.

He stroked their heads and smiled gratefully.

The car was empty. Appeared fresh pretty girls, but didn’t look at him, flirted with their peers. He felt inexplicably ceases to be relevant to what is happening, falls among those who retain the briskness and vivacity, behind the regulars of the wagon of the hostel.

Did someone give it to him. He pogorechilsya, then sat down and felt relieved: legs while standing stiff, back is buzzed.

Looking out the window at the flickering scenery, thought: “Quickly fly pictures. They are all different and at the same time again.”

Perhaps he dozed off.

Grown-up children (his or others) clapped on the shoulder, laughed, shouted in his ear:

— Shouldn’t you? Let the others sit. Wreck!

Is this treated?

Think were ready to grab the breast, lift, push.

He, grunting, stood up. And made his way through the dense throng. Remember: just hustled for the exit father.

He managed to get used to this car clanking, creaking, podrachivaya and also the aged.

Did a farewell wave of the hand not knowing who. Someone who remained.

The queue for health

The hospital building was a long queue. Here, we introduced a new form of service: comprehensive provision of health. People came to obtain guarantees of the future nepodvijnosti ailments and certificates for longevity. From the study, where the results certified by the seals of the documents, heard the hacking cough, loud shmygina nose.

The first queue marched into the premises of a businessman surrounded by bodyguards, he drove to the hospital in a white Mercedes. Soon the rich man came out — still accompanied by machine gunners, however, not such gallant, as before, he visibly turned pale and, without saying a word, plunged into their luxury cars. And departed.

Next to the Cabinet headed by the famous athlete. Branded tracksuit smoothly fit his slender figure. Muscular athlete came out dejected, his lips trembling.

The third fluttered to the oasis health beauty a movie star. Fluttered and battered bird.

— A disgrace! — wail of the fourth client after a short stay in office. — I still have to go to the dentist! Hacks!

Waiting worried.

— How? Isn’t wholesale? Not in the same alignment?

Road worker in the phosphorescent vest said:

— I’m on night shift!

And stepped inside.

It was unloaded on a stretcher by two orderlies. One of them coughed. Another blew his nose into a large handkerchief. Questions lying on the stretcher could not answer because he was in prostration. The crowd roared and broke into the open door. In the corner was a plastic anatomic skeleton, and no one else.

Caught up with the nurses. They answered evasively:

— Today, the technique is now completed. Noise should not be. It will do nothing. The experiment is being finalized. The doctors at the conference — just for this reason.

— But what what you improve? — wail of vespassianity.

The present printing form is not necessary, — with disarming frankness replied coughing a nurse. — Not provided count “the exception that proves the rule”.

The old lady in a headscarf became ill. She sank to the stone floor and began to fan hem:

— What are the exceptions? — whitened lips she muttered. I have a few things. I came for one hundred percent guarantee.

— All of you on hundred percent healthy, and calmed the old woman, and those who have not yet fainted, the second migaldi nurse. — With the exception of those ailments that are not listed in the newsletter really. These individual, cannot be cured an annoying exception, these amendments and will be included in the main document.

The thief in the law

All day he sat at a plastic table local cheburek. Before him stood two plastic cups. In one was water, another — chacha. Occasionally he shouted with host institution — he refused to go into debt.

I watched them hassle. And sympathetic to both. But the man with the plastic cups and dark glasses interested me more.

One day he spoke to me:

— How you doing, bro?

I became sparingly to tell. Some things may be the vacationer?

— Sunbathing, swimming.

He said

— I don’t like big cities. Because the donkey is here.

I mentally composed a romantic story about him, about how he went to jail, became a prominent figure in the criminal world and now in the pleasure while away the days at the resort.

Once in čeburečnye entered student. Or maybe a student? Anyway, he was obviously young. About something whisper to “thief in law”, he made a troubled face, it is important nodded. The boy got the money. Authority waddle got up and went to the counter. The man filled a plastic can of beer. The thief paid off, took the canister and returned it to the boy. It was clear: his simple work, he received a percentage, took a bribe.

The owner was satisfied, because part of the debt was repaid. The boy was happy, because he is a minor, the alcohol would not let go. Kingpin was pleased with the earnings, but slightly embarrassed all the same it is not a level, not the level of the king of the criminal world six of the Teens and knock off melochishku for circle violation of the law.

Most of all I was disappointed. My imagination was too bold, too beautiful.


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