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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Scientists have named five reasons why reading is good for health

Not all believe that people who devote a lot of time reading books, thereby benefit their own health. However, some research indicates that entrepreneurs live longer and feel better than those who consider themselves far from this hobby. In particular, this year to such conclusion experts from Yale University, proved that people who read more than 3.5 hours a day thereby reduce the risk of early death by 23 percent.

In this study, American experts said only the relationship between love of reading and life expectancy, but the nature of this relationship help us to understand some of the work previously published. Based on them, The Huffington Post presented a selection of five main reasons why a person should read more. Some of these reasons are quite logical, while others at first glance may appear rather strange, but upon closer inspection also have quite the sense.

First, reading enables a person to get rid of stress, thereby indirectly protecting it from about 60 percent of all common illnesses. In particular, the stress at 50 percent increased risk of stroke and a 40 per cent risk of heart disease. In 2009 experts from the University of Sussex, came to the conclusion that reading books reduces stress levels by 68 per cent less effective in this respect was even walking in the fresh air and relaxing music.

Secondly, the books allow the human brain to a later age to operate “full force”. With age, cognitive ability people decrease, and sometimes it takes that severe as Alzheimer’s. In 2013, scientists from rush University concluded that people, a lot of reading or some other way to “stimulate” your brain, to a lesser extent likely to develop dementia. Subsequently, these results were confirmed in several other studies.

The third reason allows us to understand why a person should read “paper” books or, in extreme cases, use devices with electronic paper. The fact that people a lot of time conducting in front of a computer screen or constantly looking at the screen of your smartphone, thereby worsen the quality of their own sleep. A study demonstrating this relationship was published in a recent issue of the journal Social Science & Medicine. At the same time, bedtime reading ordinary books, as noted by various experts, promote healthy sleep and a more seamless transition from being awake to sleeping (especially if to turn a book at night in a kind of “ritual”).

The fourth benefit of reading books, can be called the most unexpected of them — as shown by several studies, such pastime hones social skills. At first glance it may seem that keen readers often try to “hide” in the book worlds of live communication, thus becoming even less prepared for it. However, as shown by some scientific work, in fact, the fans to read much more aware of the key to understanding the detail that other people can think not like they, believe in the other and dream about each other.

Finally, reading simply makes a person smarter. In particular, this is evidenced by the discovered in 2014 law, according to which the better seven year old child knows how to read, the higher the probability that he has high for their age measure IQ.


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