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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Scientists have learned about the comet that jeopardizes life on Earth

After about 10 million years after the Earth disappeared, the dinosaurs, the planet collided with another celestial body — a comet or an asteroid. This event caused a sharp warming and nearly provoked another large-scale extinction, says a group of scientists representing Institute Renesselaer in Troy.

photo: pixabay.com

Previously, experts were already aware that about 56 million years ago, temperatures across the planet over a short period of time rose by 5-8 degrees Celsius. This, in particular, led to massive migration of animals and influenced the further development of life on Earth in General. Interesting this period and the fact that in times of global warming, its study is of particular relevance. However, still the question of what triggered the increase in the air temperature in the distant past remains open.

In the new study, experts are suggesting that the answer to this riddle can give the glass balls of molten rock, they discovered on the coast of new Jersey. The chemical composition of these granules has allowed scientists to suggest that they were formed 10 million years after the extinction of dinosaurs in the fall of one meteorite. The second possible version of the catastrophic eruption of the volcano is not consistent with the fact that water makes up only 0.03 percent of “balls”. In case, if they had a volcanic origin, this percentage would be much higher, but with a “shock” version of it is consistent, scientists say.

Their study, the scientists presented in the journal Science. Prior to this, the professionals shared their insights during the annual meeting of the geological society of America, held in Denver, but at that stage, the study drew a mixed reaction from other scientists. However, the publication in one of the most prestigious to date scientific publications significantly adds weight to the theory offered by the researchers.


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