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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Putin and Lukashenko decided to force NATO to respect the CSTO

The leaders of Russia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Belarus and Kyrgyzstan gathered at the annual summit of the CSTO in Yerevan, has expanded the list of calls that require an immediate response unit. In addition to terrorism, extremism, inter-ethnic and inter-ethnic conflicts, he made threats emanating from the West, the unilateral deployment of missile defense, promote the concept of global impact, as well as the “color revolutions.”

photo: kremlin.ru

Vladimir Putin and President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan.

Because of the known reasons for Armenia is not the most convenient member of the Organization of collective security Treaty (CSTO). Even without loud statements of the summit in this country is fraught with complication of relations with Turkey and Azerbaijan, which the other members of the Alliance consider to be their partners and friends.

No accident in Yerevan suspected that the cold Nursultan Nazarbayev, caused him to personally attend the meeting is of obvious signs of “diplomatic illness”.

“It’s a trick, in order not to anger their Turkic-speaking friends,” – say the Armenians, Recalling that after the April conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh that Nazarbayev has insisted on the abolition summit in Yerevan.

However, other members of the Alliance, from the point of view of the inhabitants of the small but proud Republic, also behaved not very good. “I, too, allies!, – frustrated shakes his head in Yerevan named Samvel, – no One stood up when the Azeris attacked our brothers. On the contrary, everyone rushed to call Baku and Express your support!”.

However, public sentiment did not prevent the President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan to be traditional Caucasian hospitality and a big meeting with your colleagues, including the Kazakh Prime Minister Bakytzhan Sagintayev, who replaced Nazarbayev.

First, the leaders of the CSTO gathered one-on-one to discuss the most complex and, as expressed, Putin aide Yuri Ushakov, sensitive issues. It is primarily the international situation, which, according to experts, identical to the “cold war” and is fraught with the beginning of the Third world.

First, the CSTO has never positioned itself as a global player and not trying to compete with NATO, insisting that deals with the safety of their own countries and not interfere in the Affairs of its neighbors. However, the ambitions of Russia forced the Alliance to “show your teeth”. At the summit, it was decided along with terrorism and extremism to include in the number of calls requiring an immediate response, the CSTO, the threats emanating from the West – in particular, the unilateral deployment of missile defense and the organization of “color revolutions”.

“We noted that the CSTO is no one wants to admit – especially NATO. If we ask them they never recognize. Need not ask and force!”, – rumbles Alexander Lukashenko. However, what means the Alliance intends to achieve international recognition, he explained, noting that for the beginning it is necessary “to formulate good priorities.” Vladimir Putin, contrary to the usual publicly at the summit is not performed, at these words, nodded.

The second thorny issue on the agenda that directly affected the feelings of the owners. Some time ago the President decided that the leadership of the CSTO every three years should be rotation in accordance with the letters of the Russian alphabet. Thus, last fall the post of Secretary General, which is more than 10 years he is Nikolai Bordyuzha, had to go to the representative of Armenia. However, such a prospect frightened of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, who in the midst of the confrontation between Russia and Turkey further aggravate the situation, and he left at the head of the Alliance for another year. Now it has expired, and in the Yerevan summit of the leaders of the CSTO again came the “moment of truth”.

Serzh Sargsyan is prepared for colleagues a list of candidates for the post of Secretary General, which included former Ministers of defense of Armenia Seyran Ohanyan and Harutyunyan, as well as former chief of staff of the RA armed forces Yuri Khachaturov. All of them are directly related to the armed conflict in Nagorno Karabakh. A Minister until 2007, and even served as commander of the NKR defense army. It is not surprising that the Kremlin is in advance predicted a long debate. “The question about the General Secretary is very sensitive, warned Yuri Ushakov, He requires a special discussion in the closed mode”. After two hours of intense discussion, the presidents left to journalists empty-handed. “The question of the Secretary-General agreed to remove from the agenda” – a barely audible muttered into the microphone Serzh Sargsyan, without explaining the reasons of such unpleasant for Armenia. He said that the next round of negotiations on the nomination of the Secretary-General will be held in December in St. Petersburg.

Following the meeting, the leaders of the CSTO signed a large package of documents (according to “MK”, more than 20), indicating the prospects of a military Alliance.

The main of them – the decision of the collective security strategy until 2025. The worsening of the international situation forced the CSTO members to strengthen the provisions relating to the strengthening of the defense capabilities of member States, improve the combat readiness of their armed forces and increase military-technical cooperation within the bloc and with foreign partners. (By the way, simultaneously with the NATO summit in Yerevan was opened the first in history international exhibition of arms and defense technology).

In addition, adopted a statement on combating international terrorism and extremism, and formed a single list of organizations recognized as terrorist by all members of the CSTO.

Armenia insisted on a separate statement on Nagorno-Karabakh, which refers to the inevitability of a peaceful settlement of the conflict. However, in the Kremlin too believe in compromise. “Was first bright moments, but then the negotiations came to a standstill. I would not say that we are optimistic about the settlement of this conflict in the near future”, – admitted to journalists Yury Ushakov.


Relations between Russia and Turkey. Chronicle of events

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