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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

“Our great President”: the Surgeon, Prokhanov and Kurginyan opened a monument to the terrible

The opening ceremony of the monument to Ivan the terrible in the eagle from the start did not go according to plan, pausing for about half an hour. Then it turned out that it did not come with the most status of expected guests the Ministers of culture and education of the Russian Federation.

photo: youtube.com

The press service of the Vladimir Medinsky and Olga Vasilyeva explained that officials have found cases in other cities, but without the famous people ceremony left: the replacement of Ministers became the leader of “Night wolves” Alexander Zaldostanov, nicknamed “Surgeon”, a writer Alexander Prokhanov, Director and founder of the movement “Essence of time” Sergei Kurginyan. Also, the city was visited by the Deputy of the state Duma from region Nikolay Zemtsov (“United Russia”), known as the coordinator of the “Immortal regiment”.

They are all in different expressions expressed support for the opening of the monument to the terrible — the first in the history of the country, as the figure of the king is not even on the monument “Millennium of Russia” in Veliky Novgorod, the economic power which destroyed Grozny, killing thousands of its citizens and the elite.

Training as the actual ceremony, accompanied by the Imperial black-yellow-white flags, traditionally a symbol of Russian nationalists. Next to the square where the equestrian statue, the traders sold and other “statist” attributes: mugs with images of Alexander III, with inscriptions “Crimea is ours”, the same Imperial flags, etc. To the opening of the sculpture was made and the appropriate paraphernalia: t-shirts and souvenir plates with the types of the new monument.

Near the monument to Ivan the terrible in the eagle already selling themed Souvenirs pic.twitter.com/kIg0yNfryt

— Seva Boyko (@sevaboiko) 14 Oct 2016.

The ceremony, which began the theatrical part of the symbolic Foundation of the city (previously from the speakers in the square broadcast a recording of the Opera “Ivan the terrible”), soon turned into a series of speeches to guests.

So, the Surgeon said that “on behalf of all wolves Russian spring” thanked the Governor of the region Vadim Patomskogo for completed dealing with a monument, which did not prevent even the “cockroach races”.

According to Kurginyan, the opening of the monument to the people said “no denigration of the great things that we did.” He was supported Prokhanov, who said that terrible, although “rested in the Lord, but lives in our spirit.”

However, the true meaning of the monument revealed the Governor Potomsky, who said that last Ruricovich on the throne not only “kept the Orthodox faith” and “not allowed to encroach on our territory”, but also worthy of comparison with Vladimir Putin: “Our greatest, most powerful President forced the world to respect Russia as well as it once did Ivan the terrible”.

After these words, and held the official opening of the monument.

We will remind that earlier today the Minister Medinsky said that the number of victims of the reign of Ivan the terrible made 3 to 7 thousand people, and considered these figures are insignificant for its time (note that only in Veliky Novgorod Grozny were killed from 4 to 15 thousand).

The Deputy Zemtsov expressed confidence that the monuments are terrible now will begin to appear throughout Russia, as they expect and in Siberia, and in Astrakhan: at all attached to them territories. The politician has ignored the capital of Tatarstan — Kazan. He added that Grozny is a halo, and he “was killed as his wife and children.”

Earlier, the Governor Potemski expressed doubt that the terrible killed his son: according to officials, he died of illness during the journey with my father from Moscow to St. Petersburg.

Note that the previously postponed because of the protests of the residents of the installation of the monument (it is located opposite the Spectators) as a result of power timed to the Orthodox holiday of the intercession of the virgin.

The monument was opened pic.twitter.com/qXtOOL0T7v

— Seva Boyko (@sevaboiko) 14 Oct 2016.


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