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Friday, February 23, 2018

Musicians are invited to see “Hercules”

The first festival of musical theatres “See the music” is now in Moscow. Has no analogues theatre forum allows the public to see performances of regional theaters and appreciate their professional level. In a country with “distances of the huge size” is a real event. Moreover, among the performances is a very extraordinary work. Among them – the Opera “Hercules” by Handel Bashkir Opera and ballet theatre.

The initiative of carrying out of festival “See the music” belongs to the Association of the Music theatres, which includes over fifty of the largest collectives of Russia. The paradoxical title “See the music” borrowed from the dialogue Balanchine and Stravinsky. During the six months from September 27 to November 4, the Moscow theatres provide your scene guests. Forty-four performances in the program – covering all genres: Opera, ballet, operetta, musical. The scale of the project can be evaluated only by imagining that each theatre goes on tour the choir – the person 50, and then 70, an orchestra of one hundred, the ballet troupe of plus 50, well, the little things – the soloists and conductor. And all this multiplied by the number of teams.

On this basis, it is clear that the final gala concert at the Bolshoi theatre, which will declare all the theatre participant, will end only in the morning. It was then that prominent figures of musical theatre and will be awarded the “Legend”.

In a multihued poster of the festival the performance of the Bashkir Opera “Hercules” takes a special place. First of all, because Opera Handel – a rare bird, even on the Metropolitan stage. Not surprisingly, the theater “New Opera”, which once showed this performance was full of curiosity of the public – both professional and Amateur part of it – was extremely high. We have to admit that in our culture, yet there is not only tradition, but even a developed school performance of Baroque Opera. Attempts at authentic performance, playing on historical instruments, vocalizing in a special manner, of course, made repeatedly and with varying degrees of success. Last season, the stage of the Bolshoi theater appeared in Handel’s “Rodelinda” staged by the English creative team (Handel, after all- an English composer, anyway). And now – Ufa “Hercules.” The performance, which showed that creative courage combined with talent and professionalism, takes the highest barriers.

On the stage of the ordinary, perhaps even a poor apartment. Old furniture, a simple TV, boy playing game console. It is a modest dwelling Deanery (Larisa Akhmetova), wife of Hercules (Jan Lease) and their son Gill . Waiting for your husband/dad. And he’s still in business: can the exploits of the war does, and maybe something else does. For example, cheating on his wife with some nymph. While Deianeira is singing his Aria, there is time. And now, Gill (Sergey Sidorov) has matured and gathered in a way: he, too, expect great things. However, there are some great? We see the lives of ordinary young people, not gods, not even demigods. Standing on a raised platform along the back of the choir are dressed in tunics that are changing right in front of the audience depending on the story situation – celestial blue, warlike red, neutral beige. Chorus, as in Greek tragedy (Opera written by Handel for the plots of Sophocles and Ovid) commented on the action, but does not violate the obvious: the characters – simple people who are jealous, quarrelling, intrigues, love, hate, suffering, revenge.

Welcome, it would seem, familiar to Baroque operas, as a rule, written on mythological or historical subjects. Today they decided to migrate or in the conditional present, or in alien space. However, the decision of George Isahakian was not so straightforward. The second act, in which the accomplished artist and received divine forgiveness, returns to action in a mythological reality. At the same choir, being a commentator, looks quite modern people in colored t-shirts. But the domestic story continues to develop: today’s “characters-replicas” of Hercules, his wife, his son and brought them from the war captive Joly (Dilyara Idrisova), are on stage in parallel with the mythological heroes.

So gently and persuasively, the Director builds his concept: the lives of the people – the projection of the divine; mere mortals think, feel, behave like gods. And that accent is very accurate in the interpretation of Baroque art in contrast to the romantic, Wagnerian, for example, which is the opposite story: the gods behave like people.

Conductor Artem Makarov, who, not “PR” itself as a “autentica”, just picked up and played this great music, as expected, is the work of a true professional and a fine musician. Artists, of course, was not easy. To sing Baroque jubilatio – difficult vocal task, which requires serious immersion in the style and technique of singing. What brand did the Creator of the role Ioly dilara Idrisovoj, which was struck by the extraordinary beauty of tone, with a precise style and flawless vocal technique.


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