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Monday, March 19, 2018

Clinton is provoking China to an open confrontation

Now the grievance of the passions in the American election campaign is not just Russia. Accusations of excessive sympathy for Russia became an important part of the accusations against Donald trump. The latest WikiLeaks leak could show current against another country – China – another candidate, Hillary Clinton.

The unacceptability of trump for the greater part of the American establishment is that it is opposed to USA was a tool of globalization, carried out in the interests of supranational Atlantic elite.

“North Korean card will be used by the Americans against Beijing with the same degree of sincerity that Iran is against Russia”

So trump called “a useful idiot” for Putin and dangerous man – and that’s exactly why trump ill those who believe that America as a state is still possible to negotiate the transition to a multipolar world without a major war. After trump traditionalists, globalists and indiatlantic around the world, including Russia. Even if he can’t do anything to change, let them at least try. But trump scare not only Americans. Trump himself spoke very harshly to the Chinese, promising to change the trading relations with this country. In fact, trump has threatened China with trade war, because how else to call huge duty on imports from China, which he promises to enter?

Therefore, in China trump is not love – that is, they do not like Clinton, but I consider it a lesser evil.

Although during the election campaign Clinton tries to intercept trump the slogan of protection of the American manufacturer and national trade interests:

“China illegally flooding our market with cheap goods, steal our trade secrets, manipulates its currency, unfairly preferences its state-owned companies and discriminary American company”.

So she said this spring – adding that will force Beijing to “toe the line”:

“I know how they operate, and they know that if I become President, they will have to toe the line because we are going to once and for all to ensure equitable treatment, or they will lose access to our market”.

But all of this can be attributed to the campaign rhetoric and the fight against trump. But the correspondence of Clinton advisers, released on Friday by WikiLeaks, shows Beijing, who of the two candidates really aggressive against China.

As stated in one of the documents, in 2013, Clinton, discussing North Korea’s nuclear-missile programme, said:

“We are going to encircle China with a ring of PRO. We are going to place more ships of our fleet in this area. So the Chinese, decide: either you get them under control, or we will have to consider defenses against the DPRK”.

On the subject of Clinton recently said publicly a month ago, she has threatened China’s buildup of American missile defense system in far East region if Beijing will have on Pyongyang’s pressure to suspend its nuclear tests. Then she said that China would hate it if the US would strengthen its presence in the region and therefore China needs to ensure that the DPRK nuclear program:

“The growing threat from North Korea requires not only changes in strategy, but an urgent effort to convince the neighbors, above all China, that it is not just a U.S. problem”.

Clinton then said that at the moment in front of US much more possibilities to exert influence on China and North Korea than before, and promised to use all of them, from negotiations to sanctions.

It would seem that we are talking about one and the same? No – leak, WikiLeaks, Clinton says that is going to encircle China with a ring ABOUT and strengthen the presence of the U.S. Navy off the coast of China: that is, to move to the open military and geopolitical containment of China. The presence of the DPRK nuclear bombs and ballistic rockets are only a pretext for increasing American military power, and Beijing is well aware. Just like in Moscow always knew that the deployment of American missile defense in Europe is not directed against Iranian missiles, but against Russia. China, like Russia, has spoken out strongly against announced this year by Washington and Seoul plans to deploy South Korea’s newest missile defense system. Now it turns out that Clinton considers it necessary to surround the whole of China missile defense system. As they say, thank you for your candor.

Disclaimer about the fact that this will be the case if Beijing can persuade Pyongyang to abandon its nuclear and missile programs, one cannot cheat. China has no ability to dictate anything North Korea – and in General nobody in the world could not force Pyongyang to abandon the weapons of deterrence. For the North Koreans the existence of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles is the only guarantee that the United States and South Korea will not attack them. And neither Moscow nor Beijing will ever convince (and not be seriously convince) them otherwise, that is that the US does not want to eliminate the dynasty. North Korea fought with the US – and for all the past with the war more than six decades Washington has not given her reason to doubt of their hostility.

Version that in Washington really believe that the Chinese could “take control” of North Koreans, of course, has a right to exist. But in this case, you need to recognize that American analysts do not understand anything in Chinese-Korean relations. And although there is a clear example of complete ignorance shown by the us leadership in relation to the assessment of the consequences of the occupation of Iraq (and Afghanistan), yet in this Korean case, it is necessary to proceed from the fact that we are dealing with a well-designed part of the strategic plans of the US against China.

So the North Korean map used by the Americans against Beijing with the same degree of sincerity that Iran against Russia. The position of the Clinton at the same time not surprising. Beijing has received apparent confirmation of what already knew – that the US-led strategic containment and encirclement of China, and after coming to power, Clinton “expand and deepen” this policy. US is already 70 years old keep China from East and South-East. The chain starts from us bases in South Korea and Japan, then go to the Union United States Taiwan and the Philippines, and then the us Navy just plowed the sea along the Chinese coast. The South China sea, the Americans are trying to make a point of increased tension between China and ASEAN countries.

In recent years, the States raise rates in the Pacific region. And everyone understands that the conflict between China and the US will determine the weather in this hemisphere in the coming decades. The question now in another – ready United States to switch to the open phase of the policy of containment of China, that is, to declare him “the second Russia”? Of course, no, no, Washington wants as much as possible to play with Beijing in the dark, not laying the cards on the table. In the United States and so have not realized before the implications of the policy of blockade of Russia. The horror of realizing that the main result of their attempts to isolate Moscow was the acceleration of strategic convergence between the Russian and the Chinese, the Americans have yet to experience.

But the reluctance to move to an open confrontation with China does not mean that Beijing will start first go to a high-pitched tone in relations with the United States. The point is not that China is afraid of us plans on missile defense or increase of the Navy. In reality, the US cannot place a missile defense system, no one, except South Korea and Japan, and the growth of the Chinese Navy are such that in ten years, Beijing will be full squadrons all the surrounding sea.

Then more importantly – how soon China will realize that the Americans have no choice but to move to an open geopolitical confrontation, he will act on pre-emption. President trump may be, and declare a trade war Beijing – but China is much more worried about what President Clinton believes that she can surround China. That is not even the China and Eurasia where Russian and Chinese will stand back to back.


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