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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Warm relations Poroshenko and Saakashvili have cooled relations between Georgia and Ukraine

Supporters of Saakashvili, who moved after his boss in the Ukraine that brought the Kiev authorities apologize for the “treacherous” behavior of the Georgian delegates in PACE. They have shied away from voting for the anti-Russian resolution introduced by Kiev. Immigrants caught under the patronage Poroshenko and Saakashvili in high positions, have become a constant irritant to spoil relations between Georgia and Ukraine.

Former Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine David Sakvarelidze (which in 2008-2012 he held a similar position in Georgia) apologized to Ukrainians for the absence of their compatriots in the Ukrainian vote on resolutions in the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.

“My sources believed that Saakashvili the President of Ukraine was advised by the Americans. It’s sure that this was a personal initiative of Poroshenko

Ally Saakashvili said that the refusal of the Georgian delegation to support Ukraine expresses the opinion of the ruling party “Georgian dream”.

“To my great regret, and even I dare say, shame, learned today that the Georgian delegation, consisting of deputies from the ruling coalition, Bidzina Ivanishvili, did not support the Council of Europe resolution against Ukraine…” – wrote Sakvarelidze on his page in Facebook.

In turn, according to the edition “news-Georgia”, the delegation from this country was absent during the voting on the Ukrainian resolutions on 12 October in the hall. Recall, PACE supported are important for Ukraine, the documents in which Russia recognized as the aggressor who started the war in Ukraine.

“The betrayal of a strategic ally”

The lack of four Georgian MPs from the ruling “Georgian dream” in the meeting room of the PACE during a vote in Strasbourg on the anti-Russian Pro-Ukrainian resolution caused a new debate on the significant reduction in the level of confidence Tbilisi to Kiev lately – after Ukraine orphanages, was given a job and citizenship to ex-President of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili.

That is the policy, who is at home is wanted on four articles of the criminal code and who is facing up to 11 years in prison for abuse of power, ruthless crackdown of peaceful demonstrators and the defeat of the TV company “Imedi”, the organization of beating of the opposition MP and corruption.

One of the leaders of Saakashvili’s party “United national movement” MP Sergo Ratiani called the non-participation of the Georgian parliamentarians in the vote “a betrayal of strategic ally, a betrayal of the strategic interests of Georgia, which will cost the Georgian authorities”.

According to him, such behavior of the Georgian delegation “shameful” and grist to the mill of Russia. However, this opinion does not reflect the General sentiment.

Official Tbilisi is offering not to dramatize the situation. Experts also reminded of the failures of Kiev in relation to Georgia, which became the root cause of the disorder. By the way, over the last four years, after to power in Georgia came the “Georgian dream”, the Ukrainians in the PACE nearly always supported the positions of Saakashvili’s party.

Now, why did the Georgian deputies was not in the vote?

“Met with the Swiss”

One of the representatives of Georgia in PACE Zviad Kvachantiradze blamed on the Ukrainian colleagues: “the delegation of Ukraine had to be more organized and active in the consolidation of supporters in the vote, including I mean and the Georgian deputies.”

However, he posted a photo of Nadiya Savchenko, who called it the “female heroine” and noted that at her request, Georgian MPs before the vote, worked hard together with the Ukrainians on Pro-Ukrainian resolution. Kvachantiradze said that in parallel agreed with Savchenko refusal “ugly practice” of the Georgian-Ukrainian relations in PACE, when priority was given to inter-party cooperation the representatives of the two countries, not the public interest.

And at the time of the vote, as explained Kvachantiradze, the Georgian delegation met with the Swiss colleagues. You have to understand that the relations with Bern at all levels and venues for Tbilisi vital. After the war of 2008, Switzerland is a mediator between Russia and Georgia.

“Therefore, we were not in the hall – continues Kvachantiradze. – At the Committee hearings we also endorsed all the Ukrainian amendment, and the resolution was put to the vote in the supported us.” He also said that the Georgian deputies of the fixed support of the resolution in writing. So he suggested not to “speculate” around the Strasbourg vote.

The Minister of refugees Sozar Subari, commenting on the passion of non-participation of the Georgian delegation to vote in PACE, said that this occurred “for technical reasons” and no reason “to link to this tails.”

However, it is well understood that the smoke without fire does not happen.

The intervention of Odessa in the internal Affairs of Georgia

Tbilisi has repeatedly made it clear to Kiev about his offense and was urged not to sacrifice the level of bilateral relations for the sake of one person – Saakashvili. Before the parliamentary elections on 8 October that the party of ex-President again miserably lost, Ukraine and Odessa in particular, where the motto is fluent Georgian politician, in General, became the springboard for the development of scenarios for destabilization in Tbilisi. It was there that Saakashvili held a meeting with supporters, discussing all sorts of revolutionary plans.

Become more outspoken Georgian officials in their comments after they have no obligations to remain silent for the sake of political conjuncture.

Thus, the recently retired former Minister of defence of Georgia Tina Khidasheli, said that going into the post of defense Minister to visit Ukraine on a visit, but did not protest. She explained that she did not wait for an apology Kiev about another provocative statements of the Odessa Governor in her country, so I decided my trip to cancel.

We will remind also that recently the Secretary of the President of Georgia for foreign relations Tengiz pkhaladze invited the chargé d’affaires of Ukraine Georgy Nazarov expressed dissatisfaction with the intervention of Odessa Saakashvili in Georgia’s internal Affairs. “Unacceptable interference in the internal political processes of Georgia officials of another state,” said Tengiz pkhaladze.

“Warned about the “Saakashvili factor”

What threatens the relations of Tbilisi and Kiev and who is to blame for what is happening? In an interview with the newspaper VIEW head of the “Institute of development strategy of Georgia” Petre Mamradze stated clearly that “the decline in relations personally blame Poroshenko”.

“I have good contacts in Kiev. When it was first announced Saakashvili, many of my sources thought that it was the President of Ukraine was advised by the Americans. But now it is already sure that it was a personal initiative of Peter Poroshenko”, – Mamradze says Petra.

According to him, “the Georgian government warned the Ukrainian side that the emergence of Saakashvili will be undesirable for bilateral relations. Moreover, warned that the factor of Saakashvili will turn out bad for the Ukrainians themselves. But Poroshenko says no, prefer the friendship and maybe some joint business with Saakashvili’s relations with Georgia. And this despite the fact that between Ukraine and Georgia not only has a Treaty on friendship, but on mutual aid, which shows how high was the level of relationship!”.

“However, apparently, a resource Saakashvili in Ukraine dries up. Not behind mountains that day, I’m sure, when Poroshenko will have to make decisions at the expense of Saakashvili. The peak of popularity of the Governor of Odessa passed, keep it there – a more expensive,” says Mamradze Petra.


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