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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Trampota and transmi

Let Donald trump again began to lag behind Hillary Clinton, but a record number of viewers/listeners (100 million!) the presidential debate we have here on long island, at Hofstra University, half an hour from my house, became a blockbuster solely because of the participation of trump’s political parvenus, the impostor and the brawler, which, in the words of the poet, attracted the love of space, hear the call of the future. Plus the expected October surprise, which began already in September in a wide range from new York to publicly swoon Hillary Clinton to the terrorist acts in Minnesota, new Jersey and Manhattan, and what still awaits us in the remaining month and a half? I would refer to Kierkegaard — fear and trembling, attributing these words to one of the contestants, and to the alarming tension in the country and the world.

What is now obvious: Hillary Clinton is opposed to not only the Republican candidate, but a dynamic, abruptly changing the situation is quite different now than when she started, it seemed, victorious campaign for the White house. Has changed not only the world around has changed — physically and mentally — she. In short, without going into explanation, it has something to lose, but Trump has nothing to lose. This is his advantage as an outsider. Most importantly: he is not to touch, as in “twenty-one”, to avoid vertigo from termproxy and, as the Americans say, not to sweep yourself feet, trump the great master. That’s right: Mr. goodwrench. For there is no greater enemy to man than himself. Especially if that person is the trump.

That’s why none of the scientist, journalist or futurist will not dare to stake its credibility and to predict the outcome of this unprecedented and grueling, attrition (especially for Hillary), the presidential race. And because I’m in this vibrating, fluid situation where predictable is that the unpredictable, decide to turn off the political highway on the side of the trail — linguistic — in the hope to entertain the reader and at the same time to distract from the fight for the White house. Although atleka and again we need Donald trump — he’s never boring.

Campania Naum Telesina

And I will do so with the prompts and visual signal of my old, with the St. Petersburg times, friend Nahum Alesina, who now lives at once in two States, Georgia and Florida. Geek high purity, and therefore very successful gentleman here we have, in America, with fifty different patents, some with names that give me bursts of an inferiority complex, but with remarkable not just surviving, but also aggravated it in the immigration sense of the Russian language. Distance to the ocean from our original homeland and steep linguistic isolation in codeasily environment, let him in it like a fish in water, not only excommunicated and not weaned him from the language of Alma mater, but quite the contrary, what I’m going to provide irrefutable evidence. In connection with trump — his powerful invasion not only in American but also in other languages, including Russian. To the extent that we can talk about TransAsia world age — so much went into it of new words from the root “tramp” or parodic, slightly distorted paraphrase.

And it’s true, the name of his extremely successful — short, lapidary and only, not only its carrier, which, being eccentric and egocentric, strongly sticks out his superego, assigning your name to everything that was created or bought from the Trump Tower in the heart of Manhattan on Fifth Avenue to other buildings across America, as well as casinos, hotels, Golf courses, airplanes, and so on. and so on. I verbs that Donald trump is a modern twist, “Mr. Twister, businessman and banker, owner of factories, Newspapers, steamships, decided at leisure” — no, “not to go round the world” — significant adjustments to Marshak — take it higher-to become President of the United States, or — in the terminology of another Russian poet Velimir Khlebnikov — “Chairman of the globe”.

Composed by my St. Petersburg-Florida-Georgian explanatory dictionary of other so called “Trampoline and transmi” and an attempt by inertia, as well as fairness and balance for the sake of writing a sequel to “Clintonia and clintonism” was much less successful, due to the lower effectiveness of both the names “Clinton” and both of its carriers. Well, Yes, “Billary Clinton” — is that the only punning game with dual abbreviation of the name of two politicians — a former and perhaps, the grandmother in TWAIN said, the future.

“My goal was not clouded common sense and commercial interest with English and Russian letters and words: how the word “trump” can fit into the Russian language, the author writes in an ironic Preface to his “trump-tolkoviy”. — I began to fit the Russian letters to the rhizome “trump”, thus extending its semantic field, giving “transman” some interpretation. Then I got this game my friends and they sent me a wonderful. I hope that Trump our contribution will be counted in the judgement of the Nations (elections), and we — for the development of the Russian language in the American environment.”

English trump is a pretty complex word: trumpet (hence trumper trumpeter), trump (and this is played up differently “Is our Trump trump?”), trumpery — tinsel (“Is Trump trumpery?”). However, russkoyazichnii pronounce and write English/American Trump as a “trump.” In reverse transcription in English turns Tramp. Tramp in English but also has several core values, including, for example, “stomp”. And here already the jokes have advanced new Americans of Russian origin, such as “Trump, tramp Hillary?”.

Lowered driven by Naum Zeleninym circle puns based on the slang meaning of the English trump. Claims against the author, I have no humor often falls below the belt and doesn’t mince words.

But it’s time to move from a bilingual to a purely Russian word formation, where not all equal, but come across real gems — thank Nahum Celesio his comrades, and they supported his initiative and, using the world wide web has made an enormous contribution to his collection.

Trump tararam!

Let’s start, however, with camouflaged Russian obscenities. What is not a euphemism, if it becomes a meme and included in the Golden Fund of the Russian idiomatic language? Very selectively:

Well, trump with her (him)!

Trump your mother!

Tramp-ass — mindless supporter of trump

Paternity, mottramite — to tear off, to defeat an opponent (eg. in a dispute, fight).

Trampus — a) genitals trump; b) the opponent is trump, for example., “Forty trampus arrested after the rally”;) kiss trump sex, trump, for example. “Trampus me, trump, trampus!”; g) the results of the election if trump loses; d) promises trump, eg. “forty barrels trampus”.

Trenwick — a diminutive of “trampy”; here need a reminder: Senator Marco Rubio during the debate hinted at the small size of the penis trump.


Trump as a measure of the politically incorrect, in which trump accused his opponents. One trump two trump and so on.

Traplike — figurative, verbal, physical, slap trump

Trappatoni (ironic, mocking) an apology from trump, which you get with him

Wormley — a supporter, a believer in trump party rallies (like “Church-going”)

Zatrapezny view — unlike transantiago. Transitny — impressive as trump

Sacrament — dinner companion — a supporter of trump

Trampler — a staunch supporter of trump is dedicated to Trump; eg. “order of tamplierov”

Transacton — a) mass electorate trump; b) office workers trump

Tranist — an active supporter, a fan of trump

Trampedach — a consistent supporter of trump

Tripotent — impotent supporter of trump

Trampota — chatter bot Trump, talking in the style of trump; “do trampota”. The same values of trampauline

Trump tararam — speech trump, the hype around the trump

Tramp! — great!


Hot! In the sense that in the “Explanatory dictionary of transmov” I found the word, which is to me a direct or tangential relationship.

Trumbology — the science of trump, which barely can be attributed to our Elena Klepikova Moscow the book “Donald trump. The battle for the White house

Tampawady — the Trump, which is can be attributed to us with Lena Klepikova

Transm — views, philosophy of trump and transmi — aphorisms trump (see the last section of the aforementioned book called “Jokes from Donald trump”, which shows his chosen maxims. Across temperly.)

Already used trampage political luck trump: public fainting Hillary Clinton to the terrorist acts that increase the rating of trump without any effort on his part.


Of course, that the mutual affection trump and Putin could not be the subject of verbal surveys, Putin’s former fellow countryman of Leningrad Naum Telesina. However, rather objectivist, non-judgment fun without the banter. Judge for yourself:

Trumpetist — combines policy trump & Putin

Trampolinist — a supporter of the Union, trump and Putin

Trampolin symbiosis, the friendship of presidents. Relationships trump and Putin or President (if) “reset” of relations between their countries.


Finally, the curtain, rampinini, subjunctive, hypothetical jokes and puns on the occasion of the victory of trump in the presidential election. Of course, from different points of view: trepanation and mestranol, that is tranportation:

Tremoleda — victory trump in the election

Trumpesni — the festival trump if he wins

Trampled — lunch in honor of the inauguration of the trump

Trumpalaike — on the principle of “Reaganomics”: the economy after the alleged arrival of the White house trump

Trumpery country Trumpery — US presidential cadence of trump (if it happens)

Victory trump from the opposite point of view:

Trumpets — any peak event, a stalemate “yell help” in assessing a fierce opponent of trump. Eg. victory or defeat of trump and, accordingly, the state of the U.S. after the election: “All of us trumpets!”, “Trumpets snuck up on me”, “Country trumpet!”

Well, the wait is long before the execution of the desires of some and fears of others — nothing at all. During this time, the reader has the opportunity to fill the “Explanatory dictionary of trump” his own discoveries and revelations.



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