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Saturday, March 17, 2018

To the Nobel prize it’s time to treat it like it deserves

The Nobel prize, convince us, – the main award of humanity as its most talented representatives. Despite the fact that in the part which is not related to exact Sciences, it’s just a prize of Western civilization to those who have become a reference point for globalized humanity. It is not clear why the rest of world civilizations this should be interesting.

The prize in literature singer Bob Dylan with the words “for the creation of a new poetic expression in the great American song tradition of” caused surprise on the part of the audience: did the Nobel prize does not claim to certain universality, globality?

“The Nobel peace prize and literature – Atlantic propaganda tool in the most literal sense of the word”

Why for contribution to the American song tradition award, and in French or Russian – no? Questions, of course, is naive, because the us is global in the understanding of those who awards prizes. Similarly, strange to resent the fact that the peace prize is now being given to the President of Colombia Juan Manuel Santos for the conclusion of the agreement on the cessation of the civil war – and gave the commander of the partisans Timoleon Jimenez, nicknamed Tymoshenko, without whose efforts nothing would have happened. And certainly not given to Raul Castro – who was chief mediator in the negotiations.

The Nobel prize has long been are on a par with the Olympics, UN, “Oscar” or “Eurovision”. It is a symbol of a common humanity aspiring to a bright future of globalization. That is the project undertaken by the Atlantic elites. Of course, awards in the field of chemistry or physics have a direct relationship to real-life achievement award of scientists, and the fact that most of the laureates live and work in the West, is a natural consequence of the fact that in the US and Europe are concentrated (especially after the collapse of the Soviet Union) leading centers of scientific research. But there are humanitarian award, literature and peace prize.

Them since 1901 awarded special committees – Swedish for the first and Norwegian second. The awarding of these prizes was initially absolutely zapamietane. For years they are generally given only to representatives of European and American politics and culture. Until 1973 the peace prize was awarded to only one person not from the United States and Europe, Argentine diplomat and lawyer. Among the prize winners for literature up to 1957 there were three non-Western author – Tagore Indian, Russian Bunin and Argentine Mistral. 50 x lipemia began to broaden their horizons, and in full politically – hence, parsnips, and even subsequent Sholokhov (as an attempt to mitigate the political effect of perturbing the Moscow “anti-Soviet gesture” with the prize for “Doctor Zhivago”).

In the last decade with her award to take into account the principle of diversity, highlighting those regions where they have not had their winners, and the importance of providing writers, ideologically close to the values of multiculturalism and tolerance. Or those whose work or social activities is relevant in the moment, the political “note.” Last year’s winner of the author – from this number.

The peace prize is given more direction. Along with politicians, have contributed to the resolution of conflicts (e.g. Arab-Israeli), it is obtained dissidents (before the Soviet, and then Chinese) and – increasingly often – organizations or people that promote the main themes of the global agenda of the Atlantic: “For the non-violent struggle for the rights and safety of women and participation in peace process” or “the study of the effects of global climate change caused by human activities, and the development of measures for their potential to prevent.”

With the latest wording of the award in 2007 was received by the former Vice-President Gore, that did not stop two years later to give it to Barack Obama, who served as President only a few months. The Nobel prize is interesting to track the direction and path of globalization, but in any case the Atlantic is a tool of propaganda in the most literal sense of the word. But it is positioned like all the tools of globalization, of course, as the world, reflecting a kind of global opinion.

But if the award “Oscar” is a purely American event, simply served and promoted as “the main event in the film world”, and in the Olympic games formally all countries are equal, although everyone understands that in reality govern the Olympic movement representatives of the European and American elites, in the case of the Nobel prize much easier. Laureate for literature determine the 18 members of the Swedish Academy, designed to keep the purity of the Swedish language, and the peace prize – the Norwegian Nobel Committee, which forms the Norwegian Parliament from the Norwegian politicians.

That is the Scandinavian award, hyped to the global scale. It is clear that the Swedish writers awarded at home the honorary title of academician, unable to understand the merits of hundreds annually nominated for the award applicants. They are guided by a certain average obschezapadnuyu opinion about “what the writers we need,” flavors of modern Western society and political expediency, which suggest to them in both Swedish and supranational Atlantic elite. That’s all fine – but what is world literature and the cares of Russians, Indians, Chinese and even 90 percent of humanity?

With the peace prize, the winner of which supposedly determine a few of the honored veterans of the Norwegian policy, things are even simpler. This is a pure discussion of one of the clubs, which combined global and supranational Atlantic elite. This year it would be nice to give Gorbachev – to never doubt that we appreciate his departure from Eastern Europe – and now it’s time to celebrate “Doctors without borders”. Real world events certainly affect the choice of the “main fighter for peace” but only in the way that best globalizers.

How to deal with it? Of course, we can arrange your prize, aspiring to global status, such as existed in Stalin’s Soviet Union (later renamed the Lenin) peace prize, or established six years ago by the China’s Confucius Prize for peace for “the promotion of world peace with the Eastern point of view” (her second winner was Vladimir Putin).

But better to just treat the Nobel prize as it deserves: that is, as to the opinion of the Atlantic elites, wrongly claiming the status of a global elite. And this attitude will be the most correct and most obvious proof that the Anglo-Saxon attempt to impose on humanity its own scenario of globalization has failed. Because nobody lives in that they offer the matrix with its “universal and objective” evaluation criteria as humanity as a whole and its individual representatives.


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